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Lack preferred - 0%

cinedracusio, June 9th, 2007

What do 1349 lack? Further, what do bands like 1349 lack? Except the black metal, they lack everything, as one can figure out while listening to this.
I tried to make out non-norsecore riffs and ORIGINAL aspects in this demo, but it takes more than a non-kvlt person like me to find this stuff original. It takes a guy fallen asleep to approve of this being non-repetitive, innovative etc. The "evil" riffs that raise the unpleasant and un-whatsoever image of a diluted Darkthrone (first three tracks are plain distorted dog/horse/bullshit with similar riffs, and the fourth is a mid-paced punishing doomy slab of flatulence) are the most embarassing. Then comes the vocal part which does not do any harm, but any good either, because it is the archetype of the black metal croak and nothing more.
The third and best aspect is Frost's unbeatable, flawlessly undiscernible (but precise!) drumming, keeping the same bang-bang-blast-smash scheme over and over again. No clever fills to be made out of this, no nothing at all.
For the rookies, this would be pure mana. A guy who listened to a decent dose of black metal like me would write this review, so you can deduce my opinion. Those who are die-hard black metal fans didn't ever hear of 1349, trust me.