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The finest works of a very happy power metal band. - 87%

TadakatsuH0nda, January 21st, 2013

I've personally never come across a band quite like Seven Seas, without question one of the happiest power metal bands I've ever heard (Or seen, I mean just look at them! They look so happy!), though there had never been anything ground-breaking in their discography, they always managed to churn out rock solid metal with the usual crazy Japanese take on things. When listening to their discography in order from early releases to their final release being Imagination, you can actually hear the chemistry between members growing from release to release building up to their best works; their final two albums. But anyways, that leads us here, Parallel World, arguably one of the higher-end Japanese power metal albums out there.

The album features happy, high-energy power metal in songs like Glory Days, Inside, and Lost, brilliant little melodic guitar solos throughout, as well as higher range vocals from Marshal K as always. One complaint about these tracks and the others, a very common one, is the lack of noticeable bass, nothing huge, it would have just been nice to hear. Another nice little addition to the album are the one to two minute instrumentals scattered throughout, used to set different tones as they lead into various tracks, and though they're filler they serve their purpose while still sounding good.

The other tracks on the album such as Toroi and title track Parallel World are just straight up badass in my opinion, Toroi opens with an epic little keyboard/violin intro leading into drums, a little guitar intro and the main verse. The song also includes one of the better solos from guitarists Eita and Prince YO-, dual guitars, again extremely melodic and with Eita's tapping technique only adding to the solo in a positive way. (Eita is the more noticeable of the two as YO- usually is the rhythm guitar while she does all other guitar wankery between verses.) And to finish off the album is the semi-ballad Sky, a bit more J-Rock oriented than anything else they release, not a bad song though.

Overall, this album Parallel World along with their final album Imagination are the best works of the band in pretty much every category, from stronger vocals to guitar solos and even just band chemistry in general. I would recommend Parallel World to any fans of the Japanese metal scene, or fans of melodic power metal, but taking note that vocalist Marshal K isn't the most powerful metal singer out there, but again he fits the image of this band in particular perfectly, and the members mesh very well. I give this album an 87/100, it's truly top notch Japanese metal along with the typical Japanese craze.

Parallel World

Minor edits June 16, 2014