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Decent Horror-Adventure VGM - 60%

null99, January 26th, 2012

I found out about this band by a fluke, and I am interested in hearing music from lesser-known countries as long as it suits my taste, so I decided to give this a listen...I was really expecting something different. Any hints of metal appear in only 'Al Sadma Al Mutakerera' and 'Beyn Anyaab Alkawabes'. The former is heavily synthesized, with the drums better left out, and even the guitars make me wonder if they were played with a MIDI controller. Eventually the song transitions into 16-bit-era VGM supported with programmed double-bass kicks. The following track shows glimpses of doom in its riffs, and has sort of a spacey atmosphere. After two-and-a-half minutes, "spooky" string synths come from nowhere and give way to some keyboard tinkering.

What remains are pretty decent instrumental ambient horror soundscapes. Mostly resembling the background music of Black Mirror II or Scratches (aka 'Cellar Of Rats') for the PC, there is also some of the spacey-ness of the D2 soundtrack (for the Dreamcast), and some of the synths, especially the timpani, sound like it came right from Super Castlevania IV.

Many bedroom projects just want to get something out there without taking the time to better find their own sound and polish off the rough spots. Avoid software-drums at all costs! Although, this may be due to the legal restrictions of the country of origin (drums = metal, so drum kits banned?). I doubt this little EP will please anyone looking for funeral doom, but it was an unexpected surprise for me, ignoring some of the weird parts. But for what it aims to be, it falls flat. This release seems more appropriate for Cold Meat Industries' catalog. I'm assuming this band made it into the archives based on their more black metal material (which I've yet to listen to).