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Graves of the Archangels

Dead Congregation

Release date:
February 1st, 2008
Nuclear War Now! Productions
12 reviews (avg. 89%)
1. Martyrdoom 05:31   Show lyrics
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2. Hostis Humani Generis 03:13   Show lyrics
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3. Morbid Paroxysm 02:44   Show lyrics
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4. Vanishing Faith 03:40   Show lyrics
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5. Voices 04:43   Show lyrics
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6. Graves of the Archangels 08:04   Show lyrics
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7. Subjugation 01:11   Show lyrics
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8. Source of Fire 05:01   Show lyrics
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9. Teeth into Red 09:28   Show lyrics
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Band members
A. A. Bass
T. K. Guitars (rhythm)
V. V. Drums
A. V. Guitars (lead), Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Ketalohelvete Cover art
MkM Lyrics (on "Source of Fire")
Zoe K. Photography
A. V. Photography
A. A. Bass
T. K. Guitars (rhythm)
V. V. Drums
A. V. Guitars (lead), Vocals
Ketalohelvete Cover art
MkM Lyrics (on "Source of Fire")
Zoe K. Photography
A. V. Photography
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Cat. # ANTI-GOTH 080

Ekopack CD, self-financed, limited to 150 copies.
Jewelcase CD limited to 7000 copies.

LP version with a printed inner sleeve & 24″x24″ poster, limited to 800 copies on black vinyl.
Die-hard version limited to 200 copies on white vinyl with a patch and sticker as bonus.

2nd LP version released in 2009, limited to 1000 copies (800 black, 200 clear vinyl).

3rd LP version released in 2012, limited to 250 copies on brown vinyl (US Tour exclusive).

PIC LP split release by Nuclear War Now! Productions and Nuclear Winter Records for the NWN! fest vol. III in 2012.
Limited to 177 copies with regular jacket, printed innersleeve and poster.

Tape version by Nuclear Winter Records, limited to 300 copies.
Repressed in June 2013 on brown-goldish tapes, limited to 150 copies.

Forged in Hell 2006-07.
Band photos by Zoe K. & A.

The choirs used on the album are actual Greek Orthodox hymns to the Archangels.

The sentence from the intro is part of the Trisagion, standard hymn of the Divine Liturgy in most of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. English translation:
Holy God, Holy Strong, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.
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