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Link Search is back. / 2005-01-31 19:02

I put back the missing file. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Link Quick search is down. / 2005-01-31 14:12

Sorry about that, a mistake on my part. It will be back up later today (at around 17h30-18h00 EST). For now, use the advanced search or the "Browse" list.


Link Problem fixed. / 2004-12-31 06:08

The host has fixed the problem described below, very quickly for a change. ;)

I apologize for the inconvenience this bug caused. Everything should be fine now.


Link Database errors: please read / 2004-12-31 05:58

Some of you are probably getting tons of database errors at the moment. It's because a PHP setting has been changed without warning by our host, which broke several scripts.

Please be patient and withhold any update or submission until the host fixes the problem. I will post a message when it will be so.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Link Kvlt Kiddies / 2004-11-13 21:33

A disturbingly frequent occurence lately is about people in bands who contact us or our staff to delete their band(s) from the Encyclopaedia.
The reasons rarely vary; it's invariably because these people want to be so damn tr00 and "underground" that they try to wipe out their existence from the Internet (although we had one exception of one person who was actually embarassed by his bands...). Sorry kids, but you do not have a copyright on information, and you cannot stop people from talking about you on forums and being listed on various websites. If there are mistakes in your page(s), we will gladly correct them, but we won't delete them just to satisfy a petty whim.

Here's a tip: if you don't want to be known (on the Internet or otherwise), don't record music. Don't release it publically. At best, record your ultra-kvlt demo tape and give it to the penguins - I'm sure they won't remove necro underground points by spreading information on the Internet about you.

The FAQ has been updated in this regard. From now on, we will direct anyone who makes such a frivolous request to the FAQ.


Link ATTENTION HOTMAIL USERS / 2004-11-07 17:35

We frequently receive emails from people who try to register with Hotmail and don't appear to receive the confirmation email to complete their registration.

I'm not sure if Hotmail filters our automatic emails as junk or what, but we would like to suggest two things:
1) Avoid using Hotmail addresses, as they seem problematic (note that this is only a recent occurrence, as we have plenty of users who registered with Hotmail before);
2) If 1) is really not possible, make SURE you check your bulk mail folder for the activation email (should be listed as being from "Encyclopaedia Metallum"), as chances are that's where it is.

Note that there should be little to no delay between your registration and the sending of the email; as soon as you sign up, within a few minutes the email should appear in your Inbox (unless Hotmail, or our own site, suffer from server problem; then it might take longer). If it doesn't, check the bulk/junk mail.

If you still have problems, try to use a different email address. We have been doing manual activations so far but we keep getting new ones everyday and it's just getting a hassle.

Thank you for your comprehension.


Link Reports / 2004-09-26 19:20

I have received complaints from the moderating staff that some people keep on reporting the same problem more than once.

Not only is the lack of respect for the priority rule disturbingly frequent, but reporting more than once the same problem does *not* help us. Keep in mind that as I type this, there are nearly 500 reported bands (for approved bands, that does not even count the flagged pending bands) in the queue - add the several misplaced priorities, and it takes time for us to get to the error you reported. That does not mean we deleted it, and even if we did (usually because it's wrong or pointless), re-submitting it will only alienate us further.

Reports are there to help make this site better and more accurate. However, it seems this feature is getting even more abuse than the band submissions. Please consider this, and just try to imagine what it's like for a moderator to see three times the same report submitted at a few days interval. Just have patience, lest we lose ours.



Link POINTLESS CHANGES / 2004-08-28 16:16

Okay, this has gone long enough. From now on, anyone caught making worthless updates on band logos and photos will lose a significant amount of points. Repeat offenders will be DURSTED.
There is NO NEED to constantly switch back and forth between the logos or photos for some established bands such as Burzum, Slayer, Anthrax, Nokturnal Mortum, or whatever. The ONLY acceptable reason for such updates are if the image in place is of truly poor quality.

Usually the most recent image is the best option, but if a suitable, older one is already in place, which best represents the band, THERE IS NO NEED TO CHANGE IT. Doing so will be considered point whoring, and will not be tolerated. And yes, we will catch you, make no mistake about it. We appreciate all forms of valid contributions, but this is not one of them - it's useless, frustrating to the other members and the visitors and the moderators, and wastes our bandwidth (since every time a new image is uploaded, bandwidth is consumed), which is already tower-high.

Please use some common sense. Because if the problem continues, I will have to lock any form of image update and only moderators will be able to change them. I truly do not want to do that, as some image updates ARE legitimate, but leave Varg's picture alone already!


Link Calling all Veteran contributors / 2004-06-05 23:58

It seems that recently, Myrrthronth and Century Media updated their site structure, and most of our external links to these sites are broken.
It would be very nifty if the Veterans with too much free time (I know there are many of you ;) ) would hunt down the broken links and update them (NOT delete them, unless it's really completely gone from the original site). I've fixed the few I've encountered so far, but I'm sure there are others, as we have many bands listed on Century Media and Myrrthronth.



Link AOL part deux / 2004-05-13 16:56

Forgot one thing: I was recently informed that the AOL problem has been solved. At least one person using AOL told me he received a notification email, so the problem seems to be fixed.

On the other hand, if any AOLer still has problems receiving notification or registration emails, let me know so that I can at least put a disclaimer or warning for the others.

Of course, it would just be ideal if everyone stopped using GayOHell... :P


Link Re-releases / 2004-05-13 16:53

There is a point I need to make that seem to elude many of you.

The rule about re-released albums are very clear, yet it's still often broken, sadly. On the other hand, something that people seem to misunderstand even more, is that re-releases of Video/VHS on DVD are ALSO not permitted, unless the DVD has a truckload of new special additional features that could make it as a stand-alone release.
For example, I recently deleted the "Sacred Hearts" DVD for Dio, because it was already there as a VHS. The DVD re-release info should only be on the additional notes of the initial VHS.

Thank you for respecting this rule.


Link Please... / 2004-04-29 17:54


Read the rules. It's not allowed, period. Also goes for worthless re-releases. Just don't do it.


Link Attention AOLers / 2004-04-24 23:05

It seems that some idiots reported our domain to AOL as being spammers - why anyone would file a spam complaint against us is anyone's guess, as we don't even run a newsletter service nor do we send any unsolicitated bulk emails - therefore, AOL blocks all emails sent from the domain. If we try to send an email to someone on AOL, or to reply to an email sent to us from someone on AOL, it bounces back to us.

This also includes the automatic emails sent by our scripts, such as the confirmation email upon registration, or the optional email notifications regarding the status of submissions. In other words, you won't be able to register to our site if you use AOL, nor will we be able to contact you. We receive your messages, but cannot even reply to them!

We requested a feedback loop so that AOL fixes the problem, but if they keep on blocking us there is little else we can do. I don't know whose fault it is, but apparently AOL thinks we're spammers and is blocking us. Well then, fuck them, and to all the AOL users - just use a better provider anyway, it's for your own good. ;)


Link How come I lost X point? / 2004-03-16 21:33

Ok people, STOP sending me e-mails asking why you lost points, I HAVE NO CLUE. There are many mods on the site, and I have no way of knowing what they do or why. If you lost a large number of points, it's most likely Boris' fault anyway.

If you really need to know and are not afraid of public ridicule, go ask on the suggestions and complaints board, that will at least provide some entertainment.

The FAQ has been updated regarding this.


Link Reports... / 2004-03-10 21:54

Well, as some of you most likely noticed, a feature for the reports has been implemented, allowing the member to select a priority level for reporting the mistake / info to fix, in order to facilitate the moderators' task.

Unfortunately, that feature seems to have been an utter failure. Even though we have been very explicit in asking the members to be reasonable in selecting the priority levels, WAY too many of you still select the highest priority for nitpicky, worthless, or otherwise unimportant data. Why? For fuck's sake, is it that hard to read a couple of guidelines and follow them?

The purpose of the priority is not so that you can try to get *your* flagged band looked at before the others, but to sort the flags for the moderators - right now there are around 50 reports for the active bands only, and the list was much larger only a few minutes ago (as I just checked a whole bunch of them).

We're going to start taking action against members who are too fucking dumb to read very simple and explicit guidelines. I mean, if the mistake you wish to report isn't cited among the examples, then a misunderstanding can occur, but most of the time it was something explicitly listed as LOW priority being reported as high priority - why?

Fortunately not every member is clueless, and some have been very helpful - we thank you. The others, wake up, or we'll just start ignoring you, or (gasp) downgrade your score.

Thank you for understanding and making our job easier.


Link New server, finally! :) / 2004-02-21 20:41

Hello all,
We have finally completed the server move! So if you read this message, you are on the new server and everything should work normally. If someone you know is telling you that they still see the "Temporarily closed down" message, then the DNS change simply hasn't propagated to every router yet, but it's a matter of a few hours at most, so no worries.

The site appears to be significantly faster - at least for now ;). We'll see how it goes in the next few days, when the traffic goes back to normal. Also HellBlazer optimized the script for parsing the {\link Bandname} syntax, so even band pages with a lot of links (such as Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Emperor, etc) should still be just as fast as the rest.

Let's hope the smooth server performance will be consistent in the days to come now. Thanks for your patience everyone, and enjoy the new server!


Link Faster site? / 2004-02-17 20:38

Our host told us that they installed a MySQL optimization software on the server, which would improve the speed and overall performance. We'll see how well that really works, feel free to give feedback if you notice something significantly better in the next few days.

On an unrelated note, I've also added a feature for reporting bands: you now have to select the priority of the report, depending on how important the mistake is and how quickly it should be fixed. The reason for this is that we have a very long queue of reports to shovel through, and some mistakes which need urgent correcting are often among a list of trivial, nitpicky corrections, such as pointing out a band member also played in some other band.

We expect your cooperation with this, so thanks in advance. \m/


Link Rule update / 2004-02-12 17:39

Added a new rule under "General", regarding additional notes. Nothing major, but it had to be said I guess.

And it's not an update, but I would like to particularly stress the rules #5 and #7 for submitting bands. I cannot help but notice that they are the most ignored ones, despite being the most important. I seem to reject twice as many bands as I approve some lately - is it because people are running out of real metal bands to submit?

Way too many bands labeled as "thrash", "death/thrash", "progressive thrash" and the likes actually happen to be all-out hardcore or worse, mallcore. Enough already!
And even more recurring is the problem of people submitting bands with ZERO proof of existence. Not only NO link is provided - which is very annoying to the moderator, because we have to do all the Google searching work ourselves - but when said Google search yields absolutely no results, you are quite simply pissing us off and wasting our time, not just yours. You might not care about wasting your time, but we do.

Please, to every newcomer, READ the rules. Stop submitting bands that formed in 2003. Stop submitting bands with no information on the Net (unless you're so eager to have it accepted that you're willing to rip the demo to mp3s and host it for us, or even ship us a demo, or something) or that only 3 people have heard of. Stop submitting bands that might have a mention of playing a gig somewhere on the Net, but that has no mention of recording and releasing any material. Stop submitting bands which ARE recording a demo, but have not released it yet - WAIT until they do!

Another frustrating thing for moderators: avoid if at all possible, submitting bands who have a homepage with little to no content. If we have our doubts about the band's validity, we will want to hear it - the band's homepage then MUST have working sound samples (nothing is more frustrating than finally finding something only to get an error 404 page in Dutch!). is dead for good, IUMA's server performance appears to suck even more than ours, so forget about those.

I write this because I know everyone keeps wondering why the approval process is slow and frustrating. These are some of the reasons why. We hope you understand, and ignore these warnings at your own risk.



Link So I changed my mind... / 2003-12-18 10:41

Let it be known that I can change my mind, and that I can admit to being wrong. Hopefully this will also stop the incessant begging, whining, death threats and so on that I keep receiving (okay, maybe not the last one...hehe).
So after someone helpfully provided me with thirty songs or so to help me make up my mind, I have decided to allow...

*drum rolls*

The Scorpions! in the Encyclopaedia. Being more or less familiar with the band before, I always considered them a little too borderline, but hearing more songs made me change my mind about them. Moreover, it will make many people happy, I'm certain of it! But keep in mind that it's not the number of people for or against it that changed my mind - it's just a predictable side-effect. A thousand Korn fans would never convince me, after all. No, it is because now I actually feel they belong here. I've always been a little ambivalent about them, after all. (Note that there are two more bands which I am still undecided, and which may yet make it - wait and see...)
I'll probably accept the first submission I see, so please don't all rush to add it, if you see it in the queue already forget about it.
And don't thank me - thank Speedking (from the board) for providing the songs on his FTP.


Link Moving out... / 2003-12-05 22:14

We are right in the middle of moving, so we will probably be offline for the whole week-end. For the next week we still have Internet access at work, but obviously we won't be able to do much for the next few days, so I thought of giving you the heads-up about that. Not that it'll change much, but oh well, see you all soon.


Link Band submissions are open again! / 2003-11-24 11:47

So yes, you can finally submit bands again (I can already hear the cheers in the distance!).
There is just a new thing to take into consideration now: you can never have more than 5 bands waiting in the queue at once. Meaning, if you submit 5 bands now, and one gets approved, you can submit one more, but never more than that.
This is to prevent the all-too common flooding of band submissions experienced by all the moderating staff in the past. This is not a temporary measure, in fact, it's here to stay, so those mass-submitters (you know who you are) are going to have to live with it.

We apologize to the rest of you who just wanted to submit a band or two, but couldn't, for the past few months. This wasn't really your fault, but the drastic measure was all we had left. You can go right ahead now.

Thanks! \m/


Link Yet another new rule / 2003-10-10 14:31

Okay, enough with the upcoming albums. When an album gets announced, some of you are eager to add it. Fair enough, if all the information is released and is confirmed by several sources, including the official band website.

I have deleted albums with incomplete or erroneous tracklisting several times, and we often get reports of errors in upcoming albums because people added them before the information was 100% official. So, STOP doing that, people.

The rules have been updated to reflect this new policy. Break it at your own risk.


Link Attention ALL members: Guidelines Update / 2003-10-08 12:24

In the previous message, it said that generic updates did not give points anymore, thanks to point whores abusing the system. Since this was a truly unpopular decision that stirred debate on the forum, we decided to bring it back. A good point was made that it was unfair for those who truly made an effort to upload better images or add lyrics, for example.

So, it's back. However, I urge every participating member to read the updated guidelines about the point whores. From now on, "Point whoring" is breaking an official rule and we'll have no tolerance for it.


Link New stuff / 2003-10-02 20:36

You can now check a preview of all the submitted info for the bands on the pending list, so you can see if it's a band you know or not, the links that have already been submitted, and such. We welcome any report that can help with the approval process, with a great preference of course for links to mp3s, but any helpful info or opinion you can provide is appreciated.

A lot of the bands currently on the pending list have barely any info at all, and it's often quite hard to even find references to them on the net. If you know anything about those, please submit it soon otherwise we'll have to reject them due to lack of info.

As some of you might have noticed, we have recently stopped giving points for minor updates, due to too many point whores making a shitload of insignificant updates just to rack up a big score. You still get points for submitting new bands, albums and reviews of course, but not for updating info.


Link 10,000 bands! / 2003-08-17 17:44

Remember last year when I said such a number was "mind-boggling"?
I guess I shouldn't be surprised we reached the 10,000 bands milestone so soon, barely over a year after the site's launch. Safe to say, no other metal website can boast to have such a large database.
And this was only possible because of an enormous group effort. Thanks everyone! \m/


Link Server problems / 2003-08-09 14:57

Sorry about the recent downtimes, there were problems with our host's server getting hacked. Hopefully the situation is resolved now.


Link Guys, please... / 2003-08-06 11:52

There are now over 700 bands in the queue. Some of the users keep submitting band after band... Can you PLEASE stop for a little while, so that the staff can process your submissions? It won't hurt to wait, and it will make the queue load faster and save bandwidth.

There is no need to pillage other sites to flood us with your submissions. Most of you who do that already have a very high score, so I'm guessing it's for the completeness that you keep on submitting. Which is nice, but this is getting a little out of hand - we have our hands full already. The new feature of letting others view the queue and flag bands helps, but not by much.

So - for those members who already have hundreds of submissions waiting already (you know who you are) - why don't you take a little break? You submit faster than we can approve. If this goes on, I will be forced to temporarily disable band submissions. I don't want to do this, but 700+ is a little extreme already...


Link Attention all members! / 2003-07-29 12:11

We realize that the approval process has been pretty slow lately. This can be in part blamed to the slow server of the past week, but also due to the fact that the submission list is really, really huge (nearly 600 band submissions waiting as I speak - no kidding!).

So we have been thinking of some solutions for this problem. You can now view the list of pending bands, so if you want to submit a band, please make sure it's not on that list already! And more importantly, if you happen to be familiar with some bands on the list and you want to comment on them (e.g. "Don't accept that, it's some goth rock band like Sister of Mercy!", "I have their debut demo, it's Megadeth-style thrash, you can accept it", etc.), then please go right ahead and send us your reports.
However, please don't report bands that YOU submitted yourself (we'll know :P), unless you want to correct a mistake you think you might have made.

Note that reports from anonymous visitors will not be trusted as easily as those from Veteran users, especially if the information is vague and/or if no source is provided.

Remember, this is to help the moderators, but also yourself and other members, as we are aware some of you get impatient to see your submissions processed. And now, there is NO excuse for you to ask us "did you approve my band yet? I submitted it two weeks ago!" - you can see for yourself.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Link One Year Anniversary! / 2003-07-13 02:17

Today celebrates the one-year anniversary of the Encyclopaedia Metallum. One of our veteran contributors, VileRancour, suggested to have a new logo to mark this event, and offered to draw one for us... We thought it a nice idea, so here it is! We really like it (not that the old one was bad... thanks Redmage! For those newbies who want to see what it was, you can always take a look here), and we hope you do, too.

Even after one year, the band submissions keep coming and coming... It seems there will never be an end to it! How long 'til the 10,000 bands mark, you think? To think that not so long ago, just having 2000 bands was impressive to us...

We've had to deal with all sorts of people ever since we started, both bad and good. So a nice fuck off to all the asshole trolls who tried to mess with us, and a huge thank you for everyone else who contributed in ways big or small. You have made this possible. \m/


Link Slight change in moderating staff / 2003-07-10 21:10

Esoteric recently resigned as Metal Lord for personal reasons. We'll miss ya man, you certainly knew what to do and how to deal with controversial issues! \m/ He has decided to stay as forum moderator and administrator, at least, and his input is always valued.

So as a replacement, please welcome our new Metal Lord chaossphere - reasonable, knowledgeable, yet with little tolerance for bullshit, he seemed an ideal choice to us. Incidently, Esoteric approves of our decision for his replacement. Welcome aboard!