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Mandrake Root

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Specialised in:
Heavy/Thrash Metal
Founding date :
First Blood
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Formed in 1985, Mandrake Root went on to sign and release material from several notable and influential Japanese groups including Hellen, Gargoyle, Precious and Terra Rosa among others.

The label closed down in 2009.

Mandrake Root various artists releases:
V.A. Make it Shine Vol.1 1995.00.00
V.A. Make it Shine Vol.2 1996.10.25
V.A. Make it Shine Vol.3 2000.12.25
V.A. All Night Jappy Party 1997.00.00
V.A. Little by Little and Bit by Bit 2003.02.14
V.A. Hush! Vol.1 1989.03.00
V.A. Hush! Vol.2 1989.11.00
V.A. Hush! Vol.3 1989.12.00
V.A. Hush! Vol.4 1990.04.30
V.A. Hush! Vol.5 1994.10.10
V.A. Hush! Vol.6 1995.00.00
V.A. Under the West 1994.00.00
V.A. Make it Shine Video Vol.1 1995.00.00
V.A. Make it Shine Video Vol.2 1996.00.00
V.A. Make it Shine Video Vol.3 2000.05.10
V.A. Make it Shine Video Vol.4 2001.06.10

Mandrake Root promotional releases (Not sold to the public):
V.A. Mandrake People 1997.00.00
Concerto Moon & Sleazy Wizard 1997.00.00
陰陽座 - がいながてや2002.00.00
陰陽座 - 百鬼降臨伝 2002.01.10
陰陽座 - 百鬼降臨伝 (DVD) 2004.02.14
陰陽座 - 百鬼降臨伝 (DVD) 2007.07.25

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