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Black Vomit Records

P.O. Box 20584
55104 Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Black / Death Metal
Founding date :
Online shopping:

Black Vomit Records Website    moc/oohay//sdrocertimovkcalb

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Owned by Shemhamforash.


Not to be confused with Black Vomit.

This is the complete Discography of Black Vomit Records:

B.V 001 Black Angel – Beyond From Beyond TAPE
B.V 002 Necrowitch - Into The Temples Of Nar Matarru TAPE
B.V 003 Baphomet’s Blood – Blood Vomit & Satan TAPE
B.V 004 Istidraj – Blasphemous Ritual TAPE
B.V 005 V.A – Bestial Necromancy TAPE
B.V 006 Almighty Sathanas/Blasphemophagher/Tyrants Blood – Tyrannous Mutations Of Sathanas CD
B.V 007 Black Mass Ritual - Black Moon Sacrifice TAPE
B.V 008 Shub Niggurath & Necroccultus - Inverted Dimensions TAPE
B.V 009 Catacumba - Birkat Ha-Minin TAPE
B.V 010 Bestial Summoning/Heretic - Splitting Skulls For Satan CD
B.V 011 Almighty Sathanas/Sargatanas - Black Liturgies Of Sathanas/I Observe From Under 7'' EP
B.V 012 Rotting Christ - Non Serviam LP
B.V 013 Necro Schizma – Discography CD/LP
B.V 014 Nebiros - Guerreros De Lucifer LP
B.V 015 Genocidio - Genocidio LP
B.V 016 Almighty Sathanas - Tisha B'Av 7'' EP
B.V 017 Rotting Christ - Thy Mighty Contract LP
B.V 018 Sentenced - Shadows of the Past LP
B.V 019 Absurd - Discography '91-'92 CD/LP
B.V 020 Interment - Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy LP

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