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Metal newbie

Joined: Sun Mar 12, 2006 10:57 am
Posts: 187
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:59 am 

stuffs below for trade. Some items are on-hold but freel free to ask. PM or email azharizalzainal AT yahoo.com

A Mind Confused - Out Of Chaos Spawn 7”EP
Abigail - Fucking Louder Than Hell LP
Abigail/Morrigan – Split LP
Abigail/Nekromantheon – Split 7”EP
Abigail - Sweet Baby Metal Slut Die Hard LP
Abominator - Nuctemeron Descent LP
Angel Of Damnation - Carnal Philosophy DLP c/w tee “L” size
Angel of Damnation/Don Juan Matus – Split 7”EP
Agathocles/Smegma - Split 7”Ep
Against Empire/Iskra – Split LP
Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs (Gold Edition)c/w tee “M” size
Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs (Grey Edition)
Anthrax - Fistful Of Metal LP (ask condition)
Annthenath/Frostmoon Eclipse - Split 7"EP
Audio Pain/Dead To This World – Split 7”EP
Ares Kingdom - Return To Dust LP
Arghoslent - Hornet Of The Pogroms LP
Arghoslent - Galloping Through The Battle Ruins LP
Arkona - Zeta Recteculi LP
Asphyx - Echoes Of Abomination 7”EP Boxset c/w Tape (Black Vinyl)
Attacker Bloody Axe – 7”EP
Athotorgh - Promaster Dieyana Test Press LP
Atomic Roar - Warfare Merchants LP
Atrox - s/t 7”EP
Arckanum - Antikosmos 7"EP
Autopsy - Dance Macabre DLP
Autopsy – Horrific Obsession 7”EP
Awakening – Swimming Through The Past 7”EP

Barathrum - Legion of Perkele
Beatrik - Journey Through The End Of Life
Behemoth –Historica Boxset
Belial - Never Again LP
Bethelehem - Dictius Te Necare Pic LP (Red Stream version)
Beyond Dawn - Longing for Scarlet Days 7”EP
Black Crucifixion - Promethean Gift LP
Blind Witch – Witch’s Wettish Wing LP (Sealed)
Blizzard - Pure Filth and Mayhem LP
Blizzard - The Return Of Pure Filth and Mayhem 7”EP
Blizzard - The Roaring Tank of Armageddon LP
Blizzard - Hellish Rock n Metal 7”EP
Blizzard/Witchburner - United Forces Of Raging Metal War Split 7”EP
Bulldozer - Alive In Poland LP (Ask for condition)
Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss LP (Back on Black)
Burzum – Filosofem LP (Back on Black)

CBU/Raag - Split 7”EP
Cerebral Fix - Tower Of Spite LP
Cerebral Fix - Life Sucks And Then You Die LP
Ceremonial Execution/Borigor - Split 7”EP
Children of Technology - It's time to face the doomsday LP
Children Of Technology - Chaos Mutant Hordes 7”EP
Circle Of Ouroborus - Knives Beneath 7”EP
Circle Of Ouroborus – Islands LP
Circle Of Ouroborus – Streams LP
Coaccion – Amordazado 7”EP

Darkness - The Demos Boxset
Dead Congregation - Purifying Consecrated Ground 10"EP
Deceased/Crucified Mortals – Split 10”EP
Deceased - The Blueprint for Madnesss DLP
Deceased - The Premonition 7’EP
Death – Leprosy LP
Death - Spiritual Healing LP
Deicide – Deicide LP (Re-issued)
Defuntos - Um Sofrimento Distante 7”EP
Demilich – Nepithe LP
Deathwish - Demon Preacher LP
Destruction - Sentence Of Death LP
Destruction - Infernal Overkill LP
Destruction - Eternal Devastation LP
Destruktor – Nailed LP (Poster missing)
Disrupt - Million Die For Money Making 7”EP

Enslaved – The Wooden Box
Enshadowed/Vulturine - Split 7”EP
Essensz – Metaphysics LP
Excavation - Psychotic Possesion 7”EP
Exodus - Faboulous Desaster LP
Exordium Mors – Verus Hostis A Hymn to Fire 7”EP
Exhumed/Ingrowing - Split 7”EP
Excruciating Terror - Legacy of Hate 7”EP
Extreme Noise Terror – A Holocaust In Your Head LP (Head Eruption Rec)

Fleshgrind - Murder Without End LP
Fleurety – Min Tid Skal Komme DLP
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Retrofornicator 7”EP
Fester - Winter of Sin LP
Fester - Silence LP

Global Holocasut - Unequal Justice 7”EP
Goatlord - The Last Sodomy of Mary Die Hard DLP
God Forsaken – Dismal Gleams of Desolation LP
Graveyard/Deathevokation – Split 7”EP

Hades - The Dawn of the Dying Sun LP (FMP)
Haemorrhage/Impaled – Split LP
Hatred - Winds of Annihiliation 7”EP
Hellbastard - Ripper Crust LP
Hirilorn/Manitou - Split 7”EP
Human Waste - Fran Generation Till Generation 7”EP
Horned Almighty - Devils Music LP

Impiety - Tormentors of Nagoya LP (Sealed)
Impiety - Tormentors of Kota Bharu LP
Impiety - Tormentors of Kota Bharu LP (Test Press)
Imperial - Aux Crepuscules LP
Impurity – The Lamb's Fury LP
Incarrion - Unveil Southeast 7”EP
Inferno - Thrash Metal Dogs from Hell 7”EP

KAT - Noce Szatana/Ostatni Tabor 10"EP
Karnarium/Bestial Morckery - Hail Occult Master Split 7”EP
Kuolema - Noise From The Sick City 7”EP
Kusoof - Hilal Hubal 7’EP
Kratornas – Hollow Ground Destruction Pic EP
Kreator - Terrible Of Certainty LP
Kreator - Out of The Dark LP

Lado Obscura - Senhor Das Trevas 7”EP
Lethal - Annihilation Agenda LP
Lethal - Deliverance 7”EP
Lemegethon - Demonic Hellhounds 7”EP
LIK - Bestrade Strofer LP
Living Death - Metal Revolution Pic LP

Macabre - Drill Bit Lobotomy 7”EP
Machetazo - Horror Grind 7”EP
Make A Change Kill Yourself - II LP
Malicious Disfirgurement - 7EP
Mayhem – Deathcrush LP (Back On Black)
Merciless Death - Evil In The Night Pic LP
Merciless Death - Real Of Terror LP
Mr Death - Descending Through Ashes
Municipal Waste - The art of partying Pic LP
Municipal Waste - Massive Aggressive LP
Mutilated - Demo LP
Mortiis - Desperate and Decadence 7”EP
Morbid - Year Of The Goat Boxset
Morbid - Ancient Morbidity MLP
Morbid Angel – Domination LP (first press)
Morbosidad/Sadomator – Split 7”EP
Morbosidad/Perversor – Split 7’EP
Morningstar – Before The Dawn 7’EP
Morrigan - Welcome To Samhain LP
Morrigan – Headcult DLP
Mystifier - Baphometic Goat Worship Boxset Die Hard Clear Vinyl *without tee

Nave – II 10”EP
Necromantia - Crossing The Fiery Path LP
Necros Christos - Triune Impurity Rites DLP (first press)
NME - Unholy Death Pic LP
Nocturnal Graves - Satans Cross LP (first press)
Nocturnal Graves/Hellspirit - Split LP
Nocturnal Graves - Necromancer Pic EP
Nun Slaughter - Blood Evil 7”EP
Nun Slaughter/Crucifier - Split 7 Ep
Nocturnal - Violent Revenge LP
Nocturnal - Arrival Of The Carnivore LP
Nocturnal – Tormentor DEP
Nocturnal Evil/Burning Winds - Split EP

Octinomos - Fuckhole Armageddon LP
Osculum Infame – Quwm 7”EP

Pagan Rites/Nocturnal – Split 7”EP
Pentacle - Under The Black Cross Pic LP
Pek - Worship and Obey 7”EP
Perversor - Cult Of Destruction Die Hard LP
Penakluk - Api
Potrait - The Murder Of All Things Righteous 7”EP
Purgatory - s/t Demo 2001 7”EP

Rammer/Maniak - Split 7”EP
Revenge - Victory Intolerance Mastery LP Die Hard
Revenge - Infiltration Downfall Death Pic LP
Revenge – Retaliation Doom Eradiction 7”EP (white)
Root - Hell Symphony Pic LP
Root - Temple Of The Underworld LP
Root - Revelation LP


Sadistik Exekution - K.A.O.S Pic LP
Sadistic Intent - Ressurection+Demo 89 LP
Sabbat – Karisma LP
Sabbat – Envenom LP
Sabbat – Sabbatrinity LP
Sammohan – Sammohan 7”EP
Sathanas - Ripping Evil 7”EP
Satanica - After Christ LP
Satan's Host - Metal From Hell Pic LP
Satanic Threat -7”EP
Scalare - The Wine Of Satan 7”EP
Shining - I Within Deep Dark Chambers Pic Lp
Shining/Den Saakaldte – Split 7”EP c/w tee size M
Sixx - The Sister Devil LP
Slaughter - Surrender Or Die Pic LP
Speedwolf/The Hookers – Split 7”EP
Speedwolf - Denver 666 7”EP
Splitter/From The Ashes – Split 7”EP

Tiger Junkies - D-beat Rock n Rollers LP
Tiger Junkies - Sick Of Tiger 7”EP
Teitanblood - Seven Chalices LP (first press)
The Bottler Of Lazy Doom Band/Children of Doom – Split 7”EP
Throneum - Deathmass of the gravedancer LP (die Hard)
Totten Korps - The King Of Hell reclaims his throne LP
Toxic Holocaust - Hell On Earth LP
Toxic Holocaust/Bludwulf - Speed n Spike Vol 1 – Split 7”EP

Villains/Fingernails – Split 7”EP
VON - Satanic Blood Angel DLP
Vond - Havard Von 7”EP
Victimizer - Communist Crusher 7”EP
Victimizer - The Final Assault LP
Victimizer - Ressurected Abominations LP

Witchburner - German Thrashing War Pic LP
Witchtrap - No Anesthesia Pic LP
Witchtrap - Witching Metal MLP
Witchtrap/Revenge - Split EP
Witches Hammer - Stretching Into Infinity LP

Xysma - Fata Morgana

Zavorash - In Odium Veritas LP

1. Nuit Noire – Lunar Deflagration (?)
3. General Surgery/TCME – Split CD (Razorback Rec)
6. King Diamond – The Eye (Roadrunner) Remastered Gold Disc
8. Kreator – Past Life Trauma (Rock Records)
10. Golden Dawn – Masquerade Digipak (Napalm Records) (sealed)
11. Dimmu Borgir/Old Man’s Child – Sons of Satan gather for Attack (Hammerheart Rec)
13. Mangled Torsos – Godless (Morbid Records)
14. Orphanage – Driven (Nuclear Blast)
16. Sabbat – The Dwelling (Iron Pegazus)
17. Obligatorisk Tortyr – s/t (Osmose Prod)
18. Saram – Sinners (Gate of Horror Rec)
19. Pegazus – Wings Of Destiny (Nuclear Blast)
20. Ha Lela – Pabudimas (Eldethorn Records)
21. Atomic Death/Bloodstone – Hellish Nuclear Destruction (Blood Of War Rec)
22. Manes – Vilosophe (Code 666)
23. Pyogenesis – Unpop (Nuclear Blast)
24. Gamma Ray – Blast From The Past DCD (Modern Music Rec)
25. Arckanum – Kampen DCD (Necropolis)
26. Bolt Thrower – Those Once Loyal (POP)
27. Visceral Evisceration – Incessant Desire for Palatable Flesh (Napalm Rec) Re-issued
28. Vinterland – Welcome My Last Chapter (No Fashion Rec)
29. Anaemia – The Second Incarnation Digipak (Endtime Rec)
30. Atrox – Orgasm Digipak (Code 666)
31. Katatonia – Last Fair Deal Gone Down Digipak (Peaceville)
32. Mortiis – The Grudge (Earache) Limited Edition
33. Dominion III – Life has ended here (Napalm Rec)
34. Promethean – Gazing the invisible (Avantgarde)
35. Mordicus – Dances from left (Temple Of Darkness)
37. Vulga - Mayhem with Mercy (Afterlife Records)
38. Rator - Possesed
39. Bazzah - Death is All I see (Nebiula Prod)
40. Argonist - Time to change (Ache Recs)
41. Vortex - Colours Out from the Emptiness (Psychic Scream)
43. Panikos - Eclipse I (Southern Hellish Productions)
44. Deathevokation/Mandatory/Kingdom - Split CD (Obliteration Recs/Time Before Time Recs.)
45. The Mission - Masque (Vertigo)
46. Sanitys Dawn - Chop Chopper (Shredded Records)
47. Gruesome Stuff Relish - Last Men In Gore (Motosierra Records)
48. Otyg - Sagovindars Boning (Napalm)
49. A Mind Confused - Anarchos (Near Dark Productions)
50. 7 MON/PTAO - Split CD (Bizzarre Leprous)
51. Razorback The Horror Hive Comp CD (Razorback)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:34 am 

How much for Amesoeurs?
Black Metal RARE CDs for sale or trade:

Wanted Vinyl:
http://v2.metal-archives.com/board/view ... =6&t=79119

Metal newbie

Joined: Sun Mar 12, 2006 10:57 am
Posts: 187
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:43 am 

Arghoslent - Arsenal Of Glory LP

Metal newbie

Joined: Sun Mar 12, 2006 10:57 am
Posts: 187
PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:06 pm 

Xasthur/Black Circle - Split 7"EP
Agressor - Towards Beyond LP (Korean pressing)
Poison - Further Down Into The Abyss DLP (Black vinyl)
Dodheimsgard - Kronet Til Konge Pic LP
Running Wild - Gates to Purgatory LP (Noise)
Living Death - Metal Revolution Pic LP

Metal newbie

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Posts: 187
PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 12:07 pm 


Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 8:45 am 

LP received in great condition, no problems at all, very reliable! Recommended seller!

Thanx a lot!

Metal newbie

Joined: Sun Mar 12, 2006 10:57 am
Posts: 187
PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 12:14 pm 

TheBlackSwan wrote:
LP received in great condition, no problems at all, very reliable! Recommended seller!

Thanx a lot!

Thanks a lot!

Updated list

Metal newbie

Joined: Sun Mar 12, 2006 10:57 am
Posts: 187
PostPosted: Mon Mar 18, 2013 6:54 am 


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