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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:47 pm 

June 15th 2013



While this will be seen as futile by many, I've decided that it should still be made public. For the past months/years there has been a rampant lack of professionalism here regarding postings made on this website and elsewhere, specifically the "trash talking"/juvenile attempts to destroy the reputations of others for things that are simply useless. I will not explain the torrent of behind the scenes related personal/mental health issues that led to this behavior however I do wish to offer sincere apologizes to any such persons who felt offended by something posted here/elsewhere. This unprofessional behavior has never been in the image I have wanted this label to be seen in and note that changes are been implemented here that will hopefully eradicate this in the future. If there are specific parties that feel that any specific grievances have been made against them that aren't absolved by this posting they may reach out to me directly if they feel a need to do so.



B.H.O.L 22 Vinland Special Services "Cemetery Without Crosses"

This is a folk/bluegrass/ambient track I made in 2011. It sounds like unlike any of my other works and is for the most part devoid of noise entirely. I felt that this did warrant some kind of release as it was to be the tombstone of my musical endeavors.

B.H.O.L. 23 Vinland Special Services/Cosmic Breath "Hanoi Hilton/Five Pointed Snow Mound"

This recording showcases the true power and spirit that can exist on split/collaboration recordings. My tracks on this and the ones by Cosmic Breath differ greatly from our usual styles and the final result has to be listened to in order to be believed. With roots in power electronics and industrial black metal this recording branches out into several different musical genres and is simply "Avant-Garde" in every aspect of the word. The VSS folk/patriotic musings collide with Cosmic Breath channeling the essence of H.P. Lovecraft. At times echoing everything from electronic music, jazz, tribal and bluegrass music this is a hazy surreal recording that will forever stand as a mark of excellence in both bands already abstract discographies!

Both of these recordings are here in limited numbers, if you need copies for your distro it is suggested you get them from Brotherhood of Light.


Seeing as I've gotten a bunch of requests to do this, I've made a Winter Solace mailing list/newsletter. I've never been huge into these myself but people have been telling me they check the website everyday to see if new products are in so now they don't have to do that. There will also be special discount sale offers discussed through there.

In the future once this is established, I will be using this as the primary method of informing people of new releases/distro stock etc. So if you feel inclined to do so please make sure to add your e-mail by going to the contact page of the website.

The box to submit your e-mail to is this page.


The upcoming releases page has been updated to further showcase what will be released here soon and when. There will be a bunch of Xerox titles released soon, and I've gotten test tapes back for the upcoming pro tape titles. Expect great things soon!


It would seem I have met another kindred spirit wandering around the internet. I'd like everyone to check the releases I have from the label Occult Mountains in the new arrivals. It would seem this label has unearthed a plethora of new & unknown raw NSBM bands. I was talking about some of these on Facebook yesterday as some of these are worth looking into, specifically the "Anti-Semitic Poetry" split between Aryan Werewolf & Astral Legions. I only got 2 or 3 of some of these so if there is interest I'd act fast as some of these were pressed in runs of 14 copies etc.

One side note, the Axis of Evil split with Reek of the Unzen Gas fumes is still in stock and has been for sometime. It was filed under the Experimental section. I've since moved it to the black metal portion of the distro list. I'm getting low on these so if you wanting some let me know.

NEW DISTRO ITEMS (* Recommended)

Black Metal Tapes

*Aryan Werewolf/Astral Legions "Anti-Semitic Poetry”
Count Shannath/Neit/Whispersorrow "White Skin/Black Metal"
Count Shannath "Anti Social Dogma"
Peisithanatos "Poisoned Dreams and Obscure Memories of Sorrow"
*Right Wing Messiah "Replace The Bible With Mein Kampf" (Slow Punk/NS Music with just bass & vocals)
*Svb Imperivm "Desjudaización Espiritual (Por la razón de los fuertes)"
*Tank Genocide "Fascism is our Ideal"

Experimental Music Tapes

AG14 "Demo" (Ambient/Folk - Sounds like a music box)
Fuhrer Anon "Aufstieg" (NS Trance)
*Vinland Special Services "Cemetery Without Crosses" (bluegrass/ambient) Sample
*Vinland Special Services/Cosmic Breath "Hanoi Hiltion/Five Pointed Snow Mound" (Avant-Garde/Industrial/Various)


Metal newbie

Joined: Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:11 pm
Posts: 309
Location: United States of America
PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:22 pm 

July 12th 2013


Solace140 - Insane Hour "Cacophony of the Nihilistic Mentality"

The type of music on this tape isn't the kind usually released by this label and I'll be honest when I say I know little about what genre this actually is. Harsh Noise based industrial music influenced by NON & Stalaggh that is layered over nowave/punk rock sounding similar to The Locusts, chance era Nurse with Wound, early Swans & The Birthday Party. Sickening broken music vomited out for people who hate everything.

Solace146 - Dunkelwhite "Rehearsal 2009"

From forgotten Nordic paradise of Iceland hail Dunkelwhite playing NSBM akin to the olden days of Scandinavian sound. Howling maniacal vocals, shredding raw guitars and refined atmospheric driven drums come together to recreate the sounds that brought us all here. Simple tapes, simple xerox this release is a black metal demo junkie's wet dream to be kept in print forever as this is destined to become a future classic akin to White Wolves Kommando, Storming Hate, Goatmoon and the Finnish (not the Italian one released here years ago) Ymir.

Solace147 - Estonian Synagogue Destruction "Narwa!"

This recording is absolutely delirious and will send chills to your bones. Slow haunting funeral/death doom influenced metal music is layered under ominous Theremin atmospheric sounds to make for a simple yet complex EP that is a must for people seeking to push beyond the norms of extreme music. Exploring themes of Estonian military history, modern satire, anti-pornography, humor & Estonian folklore. This will infuriate and confuse many, but will entrance all that seek to understand it. Winter Solace is proud to showcase this new line-up from the band who are already working on a full-length album and looking for opportunities to collaborate with other individuals.

Solace148 - Cosmic Weapon of Thule "NS Techno"

NS/WP techno music is a fun little side ordeal that this label somehow wound up being a vehicle of. This sub-genre has been host to all kinds of strange folk, and CWoT is no exception. There debut album is a complete turn in the proper direction from the happy accident that was the "Kugelblitz" album (which was more noise then anything else) and showcases the bands new style. 2 30+ minute trance sound landscapes in vein of Jean Michel Jarre & Klaus Schulze and one short song akin to Kraftwerk. One of the tracks on here is the sound from the first album reworked with electronic compositions to be released in a way that was envisioned by the band.

Solace149 - Klontaveum/Protocols "Glory & Hope/Fa"

An hour long dark monolith of low frequency driven drone & noise music. Reflecting dark caves and fire with manipulated piano, siren and guitar sounds this split tape will trap the listener within a moody, slow hopeless world. Klontaveum is a new project from the US while Protocols has made numerous releases on Winter Solace, The Thule Society & Mein Kampf, once of which being a full length spanning 6 CD-r's. Only for those who like absolutely ominous and dreary music!

Trades with other distributors are possible, if you run a black metal label please wait until the next releases are out before asking for a trade.


I got a bunch of new items in from Hateful Productions in Brazil. That country still reign's supreme at creating raw satanic black metal like no other. Samples from a lot of these have been posted almost all of these are unknown and in small numbers dating back to the early nineties. From numerous different styles of black metal.

Also arrived are limited imports from the mighty Darker than Black/Merchant of Death. All of these obviously have the full support here from myself. Besides having CDs of Kaevum & their other band Nordvrede I have in stock the CD split between The Helheim Society & Vendetta Blitz, which which is one of the earliest fusions of black metal and industrial music that has simply been ignored for many years. Some copies of the Satanchist pro tape EP have been stocked as well, while somewhat unknown this project is a collaboration between members of Der Stürmer, Ewiges Reich & Dark Fury mixing belligerent black metal with rocking RAC/80's metal solos.

Some copies of the new Brotherhood of Light releases by the band LLYR are in stock. I would highly encourage everyone to check the Undying Solider tape specifically. It really shows the foundation their collectives later works are built on.

Many new releases from Werewolf Promotion in stock. Including tapes of Dark Ages, Flame of War, Pagan Hellfire & the final releases of Frost. Also in stock from there is an experimental noise release from a band called "[Saturn]" which I guess I'm the official US distributor of, scathing minimal noise rehearsals from various Polish artists with similarities to Atrax Morgue, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Protocols etc.

NEW DISTRO ITEMS (* Recommended)

Black Metal MCs

*Behalf Fiend "Journey Mystic To The Knowledge of Occults Secrets"
*Black Baptism "Warriors The Burn The Cross"
Black Valley Forest "The Conquest Begins"
Cryptic Lorn "Storm of Satan's Fire"
*Dark Forest "Sodomized by Depraved Goat"
*Dunkelwhite "Rehearsal 2009"
Elitism "L'Odeur Des Deportes"
Enslaved "Promo Tape 1991" (Nema Bootleg)
Flame of War "Long Live Death!"
*Frost "Berserkr's Hallucinations"
*Frost "...Neant..."
*Gloria Excelsis Satani "Solidão do Anoitecer Eterno..."
Gradus Pentalpahe "Evil Pure Essence"
Hiems "Celebrating the Essence of Void"
Immortal "Immortal"
Into the Black Forest "Destroying The Humanity With Black Metal"
Likvann "Vredeskrik"
*LLYR "Heathen"
*LLYR "Undying Soldier"
Matrimonivm "Streetz Ov Phy-Ladelphium"
Navjarmaaher "The Fangs of the Shining Night"
Pagan Hellfire "On The Path to Triumph"
Para a Glória de Teu Nome Lúcifer "Maximum Perverssum"
Poprava "Prichod"
*Profanus Philosophy "Reflexoes Infernais"
*Satanachist "Crown of the Black Sun"
*Severe Storm/Slavecrushing Tyrant "We Will Drown The Dawn with Blood"
*Thou Supreme Art "Son of Ayperos"
Winter Deluge "As The Earth Fades Into Obscurity" (NZ heathen BM with ties to blood of the moon)

Non-Metal MCs

*[Saturn] "[Saturn]"
*Cosmic Weapon of Thule "NS Techno"
Dark Ages/From The Bogs Of Aughiska "Holodomor/Am Gorta Mor"
*Estonian Synagogue Destruction "Narwa!"
*Insane Hour "Cacophony of the Nihilistic Mentality" (Experimental Industrial Rock)
*Klontaveum/Protocols "Glory & Hope/Fa" (Drone, Noise)


Caçador de Almas "Vigário Maldito" Sample
*Kaevum "Kosmos Erwache" ($10.00)
*Kaevum "Natur" ($10.00)
*Nordvrede "Monument Viktoria" (Digipack $12.00)
Satanic Honor "Destroying for Satan's Glory"
*The Helheim Society/Vendetta Blitz "Fenris/Vendetta" (Industrial Black Metal/Industrial) ($7.00)

for samples etc


Metal newbie

Joined: Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:11 pm
Posts: 309
Location: United States of America
PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 9:00 am 

August 17th 2013

Solace101 - Rodna Zashtita/Aryan Kommando 88/Nachtkrieger "Day of the National Socialist Uprising"

Angry. Intolerant. National Socialist. As the title would suggest this is NSBM propaganda. A split showcasing the present, past and future of this label. Rodna Zashtita (their debut full-length album is released now too and discussed below) come from Bulgaria and pick up where bands like 88, Gaskammer & Paganblut left off and the tracks from this split complement those on the album as the band evolves. Aryan Kommando 88 is dead, the band ended in 2012 and this release is their last stand in their one man war against political correctness, raw NSBM akin to Aryan Terrorism & Totenkopf Kommando. Nachtkriger are the future, coming from the same Canadian stable as Frost & Der Misanthrope (however not the same guy) the two tracks presented here showcase the sounds of their upcoming full-length album & other productions here. Raw black metal from Canada with a slight atmospheric edge.

Solace102 & SolaceCD003 - Sunchariot "Warrior of the Winds"

The Brotherhood of Light have become the US living reincarnation of Blazebirth Hall. Bands such as Lascowiec, Svetovid, Sunchariot, Surt, Cosmic Breath & their numerous others have taken the sound and influence of Forest, Branikald, Nitberg & company to the modern era of underground music. Sunchariot is the solo black metal project from one of the individuals behind the movement, and this pro tape/CD album is a pillar in the stronghold they have built. The BBH trademarks have been mixed in with influences from some of the more moody USBM hordes Agalloch, I Shalt Become, Falls of Rauros and to a degree Xasthur & Levianthan. A complex and haunting listen that is a look into the deranged mind of a patriot, a self portrait of madness and possibly the first and only American Nationalist black metal band. Winter Solace is proud to showcase this to the world, and march forward into a new era. Essential for fans of BBH, Agalloch, Darkthule, Zgard, Na Rasputje, Lascowiec, Pagan Hellfire & numerous others. A masterpiece of both perfection and imperfection that is both forward and backward in time.

Solace119 - Massenhinrichtung "Go Beyond Gist"

More people need to care about this band. Belorussian Nationalist Black Metal akin to "To Mega Therion/Morbid Tales" Celtic Frost with a heavy Slavic musical influence. Massenhinrichtung stands out from the numerous galley of artists in the world because they are one of the few groups I've met that care about the music first and disregard all the scene nonsense. A great attention to detail & songwriting with an individualist perspective. Also still in stock is the tape of their split with Belorussian horde Raven Throne.

Solace120 - Yggr "Demo I"

This demo is simply a masterpiece of black metal for the fans of Horna, Goatmoon & other such Finnish company. Made by one of the main people involved in Hautakammio, which is now signed to Darker Than Black. I'd say more but this is one case where I think you should just listen to the sample and check for yourself. Pro tapes.

Solace121 - Jewish Juice "Fourth Reich"

Jewish Juice will someday be kings of black metal and prove why the Italians are a special pillar in the black metal genre. Fitting right in with the traditional Winter Solace entourage JJ proves that a future does exist for black metal and it screams out from the unknown. Taking the melody and structure of bands such as Mortuary Drape, Master's Hammer, early Root, fusing it with the Belligerent aggression of bands such as Dark Fury, Der Strumer, Grand Belial's Key & Argholsent with hints of Malevolent Creation, Cryptopsy (None so vile era) and at times Pestilence. A complex listen that is much more then "raw production" & corpse paint.

Solace124 - Кархарот (Carcharoth) - Переосмислення (Upheaval)

This Carcharoth is from the Ukraine not Spain. 2 tracks of traditional black metal styled after many numerous underground Brazilian tape based bands is mixed with electronic & neoclassical sounds. A pleasntly odd listen that is not afraid to jump back and forth between musical influences.

Solace125 - オキシコドン (Oxycodone) - ヒドロコドン (Memories)

This is what dying sounds like. オキシコドン or in English, Oxycodone is the main noise project of Viktoria Isa Mengele. Sourced from human voices this release is at times ambient, at time noise, at times drone, at times trance and always Avant-Garde. This album is probably one of the strangest things yet to come from this label and is a must have for all lovers of abstract sound. For fans of HNW, Sunn O))) (this release however is not drone or contains Guitars), Onomatopoeia/distorted spoken word, the works of Runhild Gammelsæter and overtone chanting. Calm dark gloomy music for meditation and building patience.

Solace131 - Aryan Assault/1389 "The Rise of Aryan Defiance"

After some time in silence Aryan Assault returns for a split demo with 1389 (see below) that is a perfect symbol of the blend of styles that have come to find a home under the Winter Solace banner. Blasting NS industrial music taking nods to such nods as Swans, Imminent Starvation and Dødheimsgard parred with raw NS black metal akin to 88, Via Dolorosa, Holocaustus & Ildjarn.

Solace134 - Dread "Ghost Roar"

Winter Solace has been known for the release of many different styles of music and Dread is a perfect symbol of all of those styles mixed together. An international project with Russian noise empress Viktoria Isa Mengele and well known french underground artist Luc Mertz that is unique and a different direction for their other numerous works. Taking dark brooding noise and mixing it with Slavic atmospheric/folk sounds without washing it in the industrial attitude. In short this is the music of Summoning, Nokturnal Mortum, Khors, Ygg, Velimor, Gnaw Their Tonuges, Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Mourning Beloveth & Skepticism blended together with Tribal & Trip-Hop music by robots. Over 90 minnutes of absolute cold grave music, that is very difficult to explain with words.

Solace137 - 1389 "1389"

Vozd Jovan Pogani has been making raw black metal under the names of 1389, Goat Evil, Black SS Vomit, Porok and numerous others for years. Hailing from Republika Srpska, this music is the epitome of the raw black metal sound this label was known for years ago and now stands alone as the last of a dying breed. This labels following has spoken, and per you request the music of the 1389 has been signed to this label with open arms. This self titled tape is a compilation of the numerous demos recorded between the years of 2008 & 2012 salvaged from "Mp3 collectors" and given a worldwide release at long last. Featuring covers of Evil (Bra), Darkthrone & Ildjarn this music is mandatory for fans of Via Dolorosa, Holocaustus, Totenkopf Kommando, 88, Gaskammer, Lord Foul and the eary days of Norweigean & Brazillian black metal.

Solace144 - Rodna Zashtita "Mogashtestvoto Na Balgarskiya Duh"

Remember when we cared about Bulgaria? It seems that one more band has come from Sofia to carry the torch. Rodna Zashtita's debut tape only album is at long last released. Analog NSBM in vein of Absurd, 88, BBH, Lascowiec, Kristallnacht, Via Dolorosa, Bilskirnir etc. Simple and yet complex at the same time with a production value to match the gritty fog of war found on many early Russian era NS albums. The sound this label was built on has come back at long last. Also, the tapes from me are dubbed with the uncompressed audio not the mp3's that have been circulating as an 100% unauthorized upload that was leaked without the bands consent. Bulgarian Nationalist black metal against time!

Solace150 - Ilsa Koch/Doodshoofd "White Birdman!/Massagraf"

I would like to send my humble thanks GXHE (of NaziSSexNoise & National Socialist Harsh Noise Wall) for being absolutely fucking retarded, otherwise I never would have made this amazing collaboration with the Dutch right wing noise project Doodshoofd. Ilsa Koch is the name I make instrumental electronic/noise music under and the tracks "White Birdman!" & "Big One" are pieces made as follow up the styles I explored on the debut full length, styled after Maurizio Bianchi, N, Mauthausen Orchestra & Conrad Schnitzler. Doodshoofd (dutch for Death's Head) play rather adventerous analog pedal based Harsh Noise Wall echoing of Torturing Nurse, Emil Beaulieu, Richard Rameriez, Mutant Ape etc. Also included on here is a mighty once in a lifetime collaboration track where Doodshoofd material is sourced and distorted (similar to the Ilsa Frost EP) to make one long track that could be interrupted as Equinoxe being injected into a Harsh Noise Wall.

+++++++++++ OTHER INFORMATION +++++++++++

Thanks to continued problems which make no sense all orders/trades to Germany must now be sent registered. Due to the high postage cost of this it is suggested that people in those countries that wish to acquire WS releases find them from a European distributor.

The equipment used to copy music to tape here has been upgraded to equipment that has editable recording levels and tapes are now copies onto type II chrome tapes. Many orders will still contain type I tapes until the supplies of blank ones here has been exhausted. I am hopeful that this will eliminate many (but not all) of the problems that have plagued this label for years. Returns for issues related to an inferior source, sound quality or otherwise are still not accepted and will be met with hostility.

Due to numerous expenses related to the cost of blank bulk media the prices of all tapes has been raised to $5 USD and the standard prices for CDs have been raised to $7 USD. The listing on discogs will eventually be switched over however if you find it listed cheaper on the WS discogs page, show me and I will charge you that price. While this is unfortunate the end result (in regards to tapes) will be a higher quality product and for customers outside the US less items will need to be ordered for postage to make sense.

Trades are again possible however due to the now higher cost of doing trades unfortunately (and it makes me sick to have to do this) trades will be more selective now. If you are offering us products by bands I don't wish to support, in styles of music we don't distribute or stuff that I simply can't find any information on to promote here then I will have to decline. Keep this in mind when presenting your offers. Most pro tape releases are going to be officially distributed by labels (it will vary depending on the title to be fair to everyone) in Europe and that will be the end of it. Industrial/noise/electronic releases are probably all going to be distributed by a label specializing in said genres once one is found. CDs right now will be played by ear.


I got a box in from the label "Ydnirgal Prods" in Argentina. Inside said box contains more material from Blackend/Sludge outfit Hellige (I'd also suggest people into similar stuff look at the the Blood Folke tape) and numerous other releases from this abstract label releasing post black metal, drone, noise etc..

Also in stock is the abstract animated noise/NS industrial release by lolicore pioneers The Guanoson and a new group called Aryan Semen. This propaganda is for the elite only and is a fist in the face of what has come to be defined as "music". Distorted static meets pulsing industrial blasts. Absolutely not for children! Samples of Aryan Semen can be listened to here.

Two new tapes are in from my new friend in Spain who runs the label Blood & Soil productions are in stock. Samples can be checked below Caedes Castus is atmospheric pagan black metal and Sonnenrad is raw NSBM with Noise wall intros.

NEW DISTRO ITEMS (* Recommended)

Black Metal MCs

*1389 "1389"
*Aryan Assault/1389 "The Rise of Aryan Defiance" (Industrial/Black Metal)
Blood Folke "Blood Folke"
Caedes Castus "Descendance Into Navia"
Hellige "Hellige" (Still sealed in special envelopes)
*Jewish Juice "Fourth Reich"
*Massenhinrichtung "Go Beyond Gist"
*Rodna Zashtita/Aryan Kommando 88/Nachtkrieger "Day of the National Socialist Uprising"
*Rodna Zashtita "Mogashtestvoto Na Balgarskiya Duh"
Sonnenrad "TotalitAryan Intolerance"
The True Mierdum "La Pelota No Se Mancha...Se Sacrifica Por Satan"
Vahévahian "Vishabakagh" (post-black metal)
*Yggr "Demo I"
۞ "۞I" (Black Metal/Noise)
Кархарот (Carcharoth) - Переосмислення (Upheaval)

Non-Metal MCs

*Dread "Ghost Roar" (Noise/Trip-Hop/???)
*Ilsa Koch/Doodshoofd "White Birdman!/Massagraf" (Electronic, Noise)
Sarghuma Incoxis "Peste" (Ambient/Noise/Drone)
Silence in First Degree vs. Kenji Siratori "Wicked Translation for the Stomachache Paranoia" (Ambient/Experimental)
*The Guanoson/Aryan Semen "Die you Jew!/Deutsches Samenbank" (Lolicore/Noise/Musique Concrète)
*オキシコドン (Oxycodone) - ヒドロコドン (Memories) - (Ambient, Drone, Noise)


*Sunchariot "Warrior of the Winds"


Abominación "Encarnación Suprema De La Maldad"
C.R.U.E.L. "Witches Danze to me, come to die" (Abyssum side project)
Grima Morstua "Grima Morstua" Sample (would move to the Drakkar label)
Various "ZM 100 - A Celebration" (Industrial) - $3.00. 2 CD-r Comp of music from this label. No English info and I have no idea what any of the bands are, comes into a wooden cork box.

For samples etc.


Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:21 am 

October 6th 2013

I have been extremely busy these past months so this update has been long overdue however I can assure people that I have been hard at work preparing for eventual new releases in December/January. The distro update below is going to be without the usual ranting and raving that goes with these things as I simply haven't had the time to listen to a vast majority of what has shown up here. People who need more then samples off the internet should follow the Winter Solace facebook page where I'll promote these whenever I do get around to it.

Black Metal MCs

Aesir "Wotanism"
Angoisse Vice & Rale "The Reign of Perversion"
Anti Life "Bem Vindos Ao Comeco Do Fim"
Blasphemia Prophetica "Antichristian Reconquest"
*Boreal Wind "Ultima Thule"
Caedo/Thornwire "Caedo/Thronwire"
Cursed Scrolls "Dunkel Hexenkunst"
Darkened Winter "Rise of the Pagan Flames"
Darkened Winter "Raiders of Northland"
Darkened Winter "Yggdrasil: Journey Throughout The Nine Worlds"
Darkened Winter "Gates to Eternity"
Dying in the Woods "Съкровището на Ревуля"
Einsatz Kommando "The Forest Call"
*Flame of War "Transcendence"
Groma Glas "Sons of the Northern Ice"
Groma Glas "Awakening of Europe"
Groma Glas "Under The Invisible Light of the Black Sun"
Grotesque Master "Grotesque Master"
*Hermitage "Hammer of Purity"
Imperial "Chaos"
*Karpathia "Urheimat - Volanie Havranov"
*Karpathia/Perterricrepus/Igric "Elegies of Endless Horizons"
Matrimonivm "The Oath Of The Black Cum”
Night's Blood/Bitwa/Kraina Wiecznego Mrozu "Słowiańskie Miecze Gromu"
Occult Vomit "Anti-Human Devotion"
Panzerfaust "Desolation, Hatred and Despair"
*Panzerjager "Panzerjager"
Rex Anglorum "Obsess"
Sacrificio Sumerio "Sangue E Horna"
Skull Face "It's Your Fucking Mind!"
*Svetovid "Nature's Fury"
Tank Genocide "Dunklen StraSSen"
Tank Genocide "Ein Kampf, Eine Waffe, Eine Losung"
Tank Genocide "Grave Insanity"
Tank Genocide/Occult Vomit/Abject 666 "Split"
Tank Genocide "War Metal Satan"
Thanatomania "Mykonismus" Sample
Ulven 88 "Ulven 88"
Vojchij Krest "Live 14.03.2009"
White Bastard "L'au-Dela"
White Bastard "Infideles"
White Bastard "Oeil Pour Oeil"
Zagharos/Tank Genocide/Aryan Tyrant "Blitzkrieg 2013"
v/a "Black Metal Patagonico Vol. 1"

RAC/Hatecore MCs
White Devils "Nowy Lad"
White Devils "Machina Zaglady"
White Devils "Manifest Oporu"
White Devils "W Nas Stali Hart"
White Devils "Armia Krwi"

Experimental/Industrial MCs

[13:75+0:11MLD] "Pulsar" (Ambient)
Goat Thron/Sealed in Blood "Nekrotyczny Rytual"
Goat Throne/Sealed in Blood "Heerwegenian Voice From the Grave Vol. II"
iNsCissorS "The Veratrine Evangelicum"
iNsCissorS "Orbis Terrarum Requiem"
Rust on the Ax/Sealed in Blood "Heerwegenian Voice From the Grave Vol. I"
Sealed in Blood "Coemeterium"
Sealed in Blood "...Jestes Na Zawsze Pomnikiem...."
Sealed in Blood "Streams of the Boundless Elements"

Black Metal CDs

*Jar "Panavannie Pahanstva"
*Wędrujący Wiatr "Tam, Gdzie Miesiąc Opłakuje Świt"
Winds of Hyperborea/Benares "Jebac Zycie"

Noise/Experimental CDs

*Emil Beaulieau "Dedicated to Masami Akita"
*K2 "Molekular Terrorism"
*Violent Onsen Geisha "The Midnight Gambler"


Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:22 am 

November 3rd 2013

This update has been long overdue, however many problems here have delayed this. I came back from my trip last Sunday to a whirlwind of issues here. The label is changing again for the better as my love of extreme music is returning after some years of being clouded. Please keep up with the label via Facebook to see samples of the upcoming releases I am hoping to put into production in December.

++++ NEW RELEASES ++++

Solace112 - Der Eiserne Besen "Der Eiserne Besen"

This is a reissue of their tracks from the "We Are Patriots" split tape from 2011 as a stand-alone EP. Delusional Swiss neo-folk music with low-fi production.

Solace113 - Der Eiserne Besen/Estonian Synagogue Destruction "Omega Speedmaster Riding the Solar Winds"

Two new DEB tracks that land somewhere in between noise, neo-folk, techno & ambient music. ESD pick up where the "Narwa!" EP left off and continue to flesh out there strange sound based on wailing Theremin music and instrumental noise rock/black metal.

Solace132 - Ilsa Koch "Hard Boiled"

This EP is a collection off electronic music I wrote for compilations that were set up by unserious/disorganized labels. Sampling big band, computer jazz/classical music and adding rhythm to take some steps beyond the recent split release ("White Birdman!/Massagraf" w/Doodshoofd) and the upcoming recorded/delayed album to be released early next year.

++++ Other Label News ++++

Seeing as people have explained to me that they aren't aware of what has been released here, what we have etc. I have gone in and hopefully simplified the distro section and added in extended descriptions of Winter Solace (& Related) releases. I have also changed the color of all the links to samples so people can understand now that those can be clicked.


This buyer has been blacklisted for failure to pay for his order or respond when I asked why I hadn't been paid yet.

Quaestio Aeternus (q.aeternus777@gmail.com)

This label has also been blacklisted for his failure to send his items first as agreed upon for a trade some months ago. Thankfully no items were lost here and I wasn't ripped off, however it would seem we must also resort to this to get people to understand that they should not agree to do something here and never do it.

Martin Turcotte/Atramentum Productions - http://www.atramentumproductions.com

++++ In Stock Now ++++

Very limited artist copies of the Vinyl DLP 10 year anniversary compilation by the label Sabbath's Fire is in stock here now. These were my artist copies as I submitted a Vinland Special Services song to this to celebrate the existence of a great label run by a great friend. Numerous black metal bands contributed to this which is what I'm sure more people will care about anyways. We also have in stock the new tape releases from this label including the project of Lugubre members known as Tarnkappe,tape reissues of all the Vultyr albums and a tape of Deuteronomy from Greece. I also got some copies of the Ostos/Odeleggar split.

Other imports from Legion Blotan are in stock and some random odds and ends I found in stores on my trip through Iowa have been added to the Winter Solace Discogs Store.

Many CDs from Darker than Black have been added, some of these are in single copies only as I was selling them on discogs (because I only had one copy and selling them there is easier so I don't get a bunch of idiots asking me to hold stuff) before Sergi White Noise Dada felt the need to have a leftist tantrum on that site. I also have a copy of the Black Magic SS EP he released there that somebody sold to a head shop in Iowa. I'd suggest Zgrad & Hautakammio, the others I haven't listened to yet.


NEW DISTRO ITEMS (* Recommended)

Black Metal MCs

Deuteronomy "A Great Blessing"
Forgotten Chaos "Victories Among the Damned"
Montsegur "Under The Banner of Witchcraft"
Nazi Zombie Invasion "Resurection 1 & 2"
Rimethurses "II"
Satanhartalt "Sigeleas"
Sump "Cursed Means"
Sump "Demo III"
Sump "Live in Yorkshire"
Sump/Obey "Sump/Obey"
Sump "Old Butchery"
Sump "Ways to Pass Into Death"
Sump/Cryptic Salve Band "Live In Tilburg"
Tarnkappe "Tussen Hun En De Zon"
Vanyar "Triumph of Vanishing"
*Vultyr "Bleed for Vultyr"
*Vultyr "Leviathan Dawn"
*Vultyr "Monument of Misanthropy"
*Vultyr "Philosophy of the Beast"
White Medal/Slægt "Them Thut Fear T'Wolf/Lysets Død"

Noise/Industrial Tapes

Alo Girl "Gently Before She Dies"
Der Eiserne Besen "Der Eiserne Besen"
Der Eiserne Besen/Estonian Synagogue Destruction "Omega Speedmaster Riding the Solar Winds"
Ilsa Koch "Hard Boiled"

Metal CDs

Dantesco "We Don't Fear Your God"
Elderblood "Son of the Morning"
Eldrig "Urlagarne"
Exile "Hatenight"
*Hautakammio "Kukaan Et Opasta Teita Pimeassa"
Kolovrat "Hail Russia"
Kozeljnik "Null: The Acheron Of Multiform Negation"
Lechia "Akt Woli"
Lord of Depression "Demo(n)s of Hell...ATTACK!"
Menegroth "Gazourmah"
Menegroth "Das rote Werk"
Moravská Zima/Slavigrom "Moravská Zima/Slavigrom"
Pantheon "Aryan Rebirth" (DCD)
Permanent Midnight "Under the Blood Moon"
Sights of War "For I Am...”
Storm Breeder "The Knave"
Stormheit "Kvenland”
White Medal "Guthmers Hahl”
*Zgrad "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset"

Noise CDs

Nicole 12 "Substitute"
Nicole 12 "Playground/Lolita Love"
Nicole 12 "Black Line"


Various "Rising Form the Ashes (Tunes for a new Hope)"
(Contains tracks rom various bands such as Grinded Nig)


Black Metal

Black Magick SS "Symbols of Great Power" ($10.00)
Odelegger/Ostos "Odelegger/Ostots"
v/a "10 Years of Unholy Fire" dLP ($20.00)
(Exclusive material from Kaevum, Bilskirnir, Evil, Necrostrigis, Defuntos & VSS) 2 copies in stock only).


Nicole 12 "First Dance of the Spring"

Misc Items

Army Surplus Bag ($10.00)
Click here for photo. Metal rings/clasps. Solid for cosplay, stage show, military merch collector, promo photo types of usage.


Nietzsche "The Birth of Tragedy" - used, english, paperback. $5.00
Nietzsche "Thus Spoke Zarathstra" - used, english, paperback. $7.00

"The Morning of the Magicians" - Louis Pauwels & Jacques Bergier
Occult/Thule Society/Lovecraftian text. Paperback. Rare. ($12.00)

Please go to the winter solace website for samples of the music


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:25 am 

Two new tapes in stock.

Oath Of Cirion "King Of The Dragonthrone"

This is an old album of some killer DIY fantasy black metal from Finland. One of the people in this would go on to be apart of the more well known band Wyrd. Long OOP demo that gets the highest recommendation from myself. A sample can be checked here.

Satanchist "Crown Of The Black Sun"

This demo tape is pretty much speaking for itself in Germany and the rest of Europe. Hatecore influenced black metal featuring members from Der Stürmer, Dark Fury & Ewiges Reich. Probably the last copies on US shores for sale as my copies of these were left sitting in a box for discogs. A sample can be checked here.

Very limited numbers of these in stock and I am also down to very limited numbers of both Reek Of The Unzen Gas Fumes tapes.

All the second hand tapes and CDs were added to the discogs store. Some CDs may be added in a few days/weeks.


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PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2014 9:45 am 


Numerous new releases out now

SolaceCD006 & Solace154 - Krowos/Malepeste "Mysterium Coniunctionis"

This CD and/or pro tape release is a split between 2 new bands from Italy and France that takes this label into the realm of traditional black metal.

Krowos come from Italy, and have a peculiar method of doing things. Musically they play a rich darker black metal found with a focus towards bass guitar/funeral doom territory without the monotonous bleak cacophony. Like Nastrond, Inferno or Bethlehem with a vocalist similar to the Japanese Sabbat.

In the past years the French have reshaped the black metal landscape. Malepeste follows that path, however in their own fashion. Simple straight forward lyrics/concepts meets a hauntingly sophisticated sound heeding influences from bands like Mare, Deathspell Omega, Dødsengel, Antaeus and Urfaust.

Sample Track - Krowos "Revelation Of The Vases"
Sample Track - Malepeste "Lascivious Thoughts"

SolaceCD010 & Solace123 - Hladomrak "Hladomrak"

The music on this album is pure genius. Hladomrak are a type of Russian/Swedish fusion band and are what extreme metal will sound like in the future. If a band like Temnozor, Kroda or Nokturnal Mortum were to make a cover album of Soulside Journey, Like An Everflowing Stream or Clandestine it would sound something like this. This music takes the cold, shrill and catchy tones of Slavic black metal and puts it in the framework of Swedish death metal. People have compared this stuff to bands like Khors, Dissection and Unleashed. For people who want sound over everything else this is something that is not to be missed! Released as both a pro CD or pro tape.

Sample track "The Strength Of Ice"

Solace157 - Lord Of Depression "Twenty Fucking Years.....Black Fucking Metal Of Hate"

Lord Of Depression is the long forgotten ghost of American black metal. The song "Blade Of The Mighty Ones" became an anthem for the USBM scene when it was released on the "A Tribute to Hell - Satanic Rites" compilation by Full Moon Productions in 1998. However beyond that this project simply disappeared at the dawn of the new millennium. This tape contains the long forgotten true American black metal sound for all to hear again.

Sample track "Blade Of The Mighty Ones."

Solace158 - Shades Rakshasa

There is a magic about Brazilian black metal demos that always keeps me entertained. Shades Rakshasa is the newest in a line of many great tapes from that region. Low-Fi, Putrid sounding black metal that is a nod to many extinct early South American black and death metal bands that were never known outside the region. Raw production with a focus on actually showing off the music compliments a funeral atmosphere to create a simple traditional sound that is simply unknown to many of the newer bands out there.

Sample track "Orgia Bestial."

Solace167 - Hymnorg "So The Wolf Stands Alone"
Solace168 - Hymnorg "Grim Pagan Hatred"
Solace169 - Hymnorg "Path Of The Distant River"
Solace170 - Hymnorg "The Call Of The Twilight Raven"

It would seem after all these years and all the changes here I still have got the ability to find bands with this sound. Hymnorg is a new warrior within the American black metal scene that picks up where bands like Lascowiec and Pantheon leave off. Blending their kind of majestic atmospheric black metal with more modern era traditional sounds like those from Australia or the West Coast. Two old demos, one album and a compilation of material all reissued for cassette collectors worldwide.

Sample track "The Will to Bring Them the Binding Mist."


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:49 am 

Site updated, new list of stuff from Werewolf Promotion and other labels.

New Industrial music released as well.


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 4:01 pm 

October 13th 2014

Some new releases will be out next week, some out next month sometime.

The label will be relocating in February or March to a different part of the country. As a result many items from my personal collection will be going on sale at the discogs page and some stuff is at clearance prices.

Winter Solace Discogs Store Front

For the people that don't wish to order through there (and I dislike supporting that website with my business as they have banned the type of music that this label mainly sells) please write an e-mail with the stuff you want from there. This is an ongoing process as I have a bunch of stuff to go through, however there is no time table on what will be listed or when so if you are looking for something check there frequently. Asking if I will put something there will simply get your mail deleted.

+++++ OUT NOW!/Back in Print >_> +++++

Lunar Heathen Front 001 - Strike Force 28 "Delusional Terrormachine"
Online Video of the Title Track

Anti-O.N.S.P 006 - Estonian Synagogue Destruction "Aryan Attack 1488"
The track "Golden Dawn, Iron Eagle!"

This is also back in print, I found the rest of the covers in a box here. >_>

Solace148 - Cosmic Weapon Of Thule "NS Techno"

Despite the name this is actually about 90 minutes of Trance/Sci-Fi ambient music. The guy behind this band I think still has no idea what techno music actually sounds like. Either way I still like this tape, and am glad that I found more copies to sale. The link below is a new sample video with a higher quality audio file on it. Currently CWoT is working on a new album entitled "Aryan Unity" for the Lunar Heathen Front label.

New 8 minute exerp of the 40 minute title song "NS Techno".


New Stock

Grey Skies Fallen "The Many Sides of Truth"

Little known death/doom/epic/prog metal band that has been going since 1997. This is the CD of their latest album, which is refreshing to people burnt out on bands like Katatonia or Paradise Lost. As with all atmospheric recordings you gotta sit down and put on headphones for this one but it is worth it. I only got one extra so this one is only listed on discogs, if you want it but don't order from there just e-mail me.

Sample Track: "Of The Ancients"
Discogs Listing

Heretical "Dæmonarchrist: Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs"

See this is why Italy rules. This was apparently made in a home studio and despite the massive production is full of Italian charm. This is very diverse record full of riffs, bass solos and all kinds of other absolutely amazing stuff. Belphegor and all that modern cooperate black metal garbage can fuck off, once again only bands nobody seems to pay attention know how to do this shit right.

Sample Track: Cvm Clave Diaboli


Metal Tapes

Battlecry "Today Belongs To Us" (US Power/Epic Metal/RAC) Sample Track "Skull Splitter"
- This is US style power metal with a hard right ideology, that I guess only got some support now with a recent pro tape release.

Concubia Nocte "Vlcou Krvou" Sample Track "Vlcou Krvou".
- Solid & Very well rounded pagan black metal from Slovakia. Leans more to the Symphonic side of this music, but I still dig it. Didn't get many of these, small pressing made.

Conjuración Repugnante/Aiqëhahirit ‎"Conjuración Repugnante/Aiqëhahirit" Samples: Conjuración Repugnante
- Blackend noise music on tape from a new pro tape label in Spain called Infortunio. Unlike a vast majority of the bands that play "Noise/Black Metal" this is a pretty fitting blend of both styles. Utter dark cacophony!

In The Shades "A Journey Of No Return"
- Black metal from I think Spain. These are pro tape with zero samples online (and I didn't get digital files so I can't make one), everything about this says "Antihumanist DSBM"

Murmurios Do Vento/VRT 136 "Hinos Da Gloria Ancestral" Sample video
- Black Metal + Portuguese Folk Music, some points for being original as there isn't too many black/folk bands from the Lusitanian region.

Pale Mist "Swimming Through The Sea of Worms"
- New EP from this newer Italian band, that is quickly rising in the underground. Little info exists online per request of the band, however this isn't DSBM. Pro tapes.

Black Metal CDs

Evil "Twilight And Mourning/Where The Sun Was Never Born" Sample
Evil "...To The Fallen And Free" Sample

Fornace "Pregnant Is The Night" Sample Track: A Whisper From The Dust
- Well-rounded black metal. Solid structure and riffs, if you like all this for the sake of good sounding music this is the album from you.

Hadez "Morituri Te Salutant" Sample Track: Caligula (War Metal)

Heretical "Dæmonarchrist: Dæmon Est Devs Inversvs" Sample Track: Cvm Clave Diaboli
- Wonderful symphonic black metal from Italy, one track has fiddle riffs.

Irae "To Those Who Stand.....Evil Prevails" Sample Track: In The Veins Of Satan

Silva Nigra ‎"Bible Bolestných Nářků" Sample Track: Cas Splatit Dluh

*Venedae "Venedae" Sample Track "Modia Pogana"
- Polish black metal, the self titled tape now on CD at long last thanks to Hammer of Damnation.

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November 1st 2014


Solace173 - Astral Legions/Aryan Assault "Siege: A New Platform"

Astral Legions is discussed below, however please know that the music on this tape is a wonderful continuation of their sound. Aryan Assault is back to cap off a very active year for them. Blasting Industrial/Digital hatecore music, that is once again explicit and a fist in the face of political correctness.

Sample tracks.

Astral Legions - Blood Superiority
Aryan Assault - You Gave Up Your Existence

Solace174 - Astral Legions ‎"Völkisch Weltanschauung Radicalism"

Astral Legions are a relatively new black metal band from Texas. Some may remember the split tape they made with Aryan Werewolf (and how it sold out from the Winter Solace mail order in a weeks time span) entitled anti-Semitic poetry. Winter Solace is proud to release a compilation tape of this band entitled "Volkisch Weltanschauung Radicalism" featuring the tracks from that split and ones from another split we never had in stock.

Unlike many artists in the NSBM medium Astral Legions puts production and composition over image spewing out something wrought from actual intelligence, thus earning them a home in the eccentric Winter Solace entourage. Devoid of the "I wanna be European" cos-play common among many American NS acts, this is a long overdue return to the true spirit of US black metal for the almost non-existent right wing cult of USBM.

Sample track: Ethnic Cleansing

Solace179 - The Shit Unkulunkulu "Mandela Shit Yami"

Instrumental music is often misunderstood in all of this. TSU is a new project from our industrial division, this one featuring members of popular Italian NSBM band Via Dolorosa playing improvised instrumental music with a dominant ambient/synth role and an almost Krautrock lean. Over a half hour of smooth electronic jams.

Sample exerp from the track: Abafana Uxolo...Wena Upapa?

Solace189 - Nationalistic Marshal "Nationalistic Pride"

Strange sounding Italian Fascist black metal. This is the first demo for this very young new band that I expect will accomplish great things in the Italian scene someday. The unique guitar tone/improv jam with the drum machine combo yields a very peculiar result, gloomy NSBM without the gloomy atmosphere?

Sample track: Nationalistic Pride

Solace190 - NS Ninja "Keep Facebook White!"

The return at long last of this project. NS Techno Propaganda with the same computer vocal software used in Japan to program the hologram Jpop stars. A progression from the first 3 demos from random sound collages to something with a very specific purpose.

Sample track: Intro Track (w/Strike Force 28 )


Officially Distributed/Other labels

Sava Savanovic "NS Techno Serbia!"

As the title says this tape is NS techno with a Serbian Nationalist theme, released by a different label which I am just distributing this for. Sava Savanovic is a village in the Balkins where the first Vampires are reported to have come from, the artist also openly claims to himself be a vampire and something about a pilgrimage to the Nile River in Egypt.. In the insert of the tape the band preaches about ancient Egyptian Mysticism, Atleantean Occultism, Esoteric UFO-logy and of course the NS techno lifestyle. Also included is an official release of the song Slavic Bloodlust which was originally released on bootleg cassette by the Thule Society.

Sample exerp from the track: NS Techno Serbia!

Cosmic Weapon of Thule "Aryan Unity"

This is an exerp from the hour long Cosmic Weapon of Thule song "Aryan Unity" released on tape by the Lunar Heathen Front. The tape insert is some kind of document written by the CWoT guy where he outlines more about this "NS Techno" religion. He discusses an alternative theory on how earth was created, a new origin story for the country of South Sudan, Cannibalism, the division of humans into Male and Female genders, people being able to transform into "Disc Objects", more about the spiritual racewar and the price of enlightenment upon the human spirit. As with all other CWoT releases, this music is simply not of earthly origin.

Audio Sample


Some other stuff should be out in 2 to 3 weeks. Orders places between the 5th and 9th of November will experience some delay as I will be away. The discogs store will also be closed during this time.

The sale of Thule Society titles has been banned by discogs.com, supression of free speech at it's finest.

Here is a list of the banned titles. All of these will probably attain kvlt status among idiots who've never listened to them now.

Thule-One - Racewar1488! "Keep Estonia White!" - (Out of print)
Thule-Three - Racewar1488!/Esti Synagogue Destruction - (Out of Print, ESD tracks no longer considered official)
Thule-Five - NaziSSexNoise ‎"Come Aryan Rape Incest Before Race Mixing" - (Out of print)
Thule-Six - Protocols "Demo 1" - (Out of print, one reissue affirms bands non-political stance)
Thule-Ten - Cosmic Weapon Of Thule "Kugelblitz" - (In print, however I highly doubt science fiction can be taken as offensive)
Thule-Twelve - Protocols/Divine Electron (split with long title) - (Out of print, one reissue affirms bands non-political stance)
Solace116/Thule-Twenty-Three - Racewar1448!/Lebensborn "Keep Estonia & Belaurs White!!!" (Out of print)

Solace116/Thule-Twenty-Three - Racewar1448!/Lebensborn "Keep Estonia & Belaurs White!!!" (Out of print)

Winter Solace titles

Solace101 - Rodna Zashtita/Aryan Kommando 88/Nachtkrieger "Day of the National Socialist Uprising"
Solace131 - Aryan Assault/1389 "The Rise Of Aryan Defiance"
Solace155 - Aryan Assault "American Hate Front"

- Some out of print titles have been banned as well. I will make a complete list eventually.

Distro credit will be offered to anyone who can provide authentic information about what specifically instigated this.


A mixcloud page for Winter Solace productions has been created that will allow for streaming of various WS releated titles. You can't download from there and I don't think I can make money from there, however it will allow for streaming of various Winter Solace related music. Until there is better security for bandcamp there will be no paid download options, so if people need that they will have to purchase the physical editions.

Winter Solace Mixcloud


Metal Tapes

Astral Legions/Aryan Assault "Siege: A New Platform"
Astral Legions ‎"Völkisch Weltanschauung Radicalism"
Nationalistic Marshal "Nationalistic Pride"

Non metal tapes

Cosmic Weapon of Thule "Aryan Unity" (Electronic/Experimental)
NS Ninja "Keep Facebook White!" (Electronic/Experimental)
Sava Savanovic "NS Techno Serbia!" (NS Techno/Computer Samba)
The Shit Unkulunkulu "Mandela Shit Yami" (Ambient/Jam Rock/Industrial)

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