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PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:10 pm 

After a brief hiatus, Tour de Garde is still standing in the winter mist and strikes back with strength! Nothing less than six new releases are available as of today, including some long delayed ones. All information can be found in the following lines…


AKITSA/ASH POOL "Arraché à la mort, forcé à vivre et mourir à nouveau - Ripped From Death, Forced To Live, And Die Again" LP

The split LP between AKITSA and ASH POOL is finally out. Two of the forefront figures in the true underground American Black Metal scene team up to offer a split which will surely be remembered. AKITSA offers five hymns inspired by the glory days of hateful eastern European Black Metal, along with street-punk. An obvious link can be made between this recording and the cult 2004 EP "Soleil noir". ASH POOL continues on their path to Saturn with one of their most furious recordings to date. ASH POOL reach to find a place among the best acts of their U.S. fellow men with amazingly composed and well structured tracks. ASH POOL is a fine example of U.S. hateful Black Metal brilliance. This is a co-release with Hospital Productions. The track listing is the following:

AKITSA - Arraché à la mort, forcé à vivre et mourir à nouveau

L'heure de vérité
Tour de Garde
Ne perdez jamais espoir
Arraché à la mort, forcé à vivre et mourir à nouveau
Voluptés pestilentielles

ASH POOL - Ripped From Death, Forced To Live, And Die Again

Death Has No Mother
The Ash Pool
Gemini The Winter Night
De-Stoning The Ephesus House


PAGAN HELLFIRE "On the Path to Triumph" CD

The fifth album of one of the oldest and mightiest Canadian Black Metal projects is now available on CD. PAGAN HELLFIRE "On the Path to Triumph" displays the skill and maturity of a one-man band that has been around since 1996. "On the Path to Triumph" is a monument built of epic guitar melodies, pounding drums and hate-filled screams. It's definitely an album that has to be added to any true Black Metal collection.



The reissue of the debut demo of SLÆGT on a 7" EP is out now. SLÆGT is a new Danish Black Metal project from Copenhagen who have managed to compose incredible songs of Black Metal magic, achieving to reach the cult northern sound of the mid-nineties without sounding like just another copy-cat. In fact, SLÆGT have a totally distinct sound of their own. SLÆGT needs to be heard, a sample of the demo can be heard at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLMii0Cw6Kw


APSE "Demo I" MC

The debut demo of APSE, simply entitled "Demo I" is now out of the dungeon. Performing utterly sinister, dark dungeon ambient music, APSE recalls the great days of Cold Meat Industry. A long, transcendental piece of over twenty minutes, which took years of reflection to be created. APSE will lead you into the deepest hidden corner of your mind. APSE have recorded a very interesting demo that stands beyond the usual Dark Ambient/Black Metal related demo recordings, generating one of the greater releases of the genre.


EVILFEAST "Wintermoon Enchantment" MC

Tour de Garde is proud to present the cassette version of the album "Wintermoon Enchantment" by EVILFEAST which features over an hour of haunting Polish Black Metal. EVILFEAST needs no introduction, as they are one of the best Polish hordes remaining in existence for over a decade now.


CHAOTIC SYMMETRY "Apo thn Abysso ths mavrhs mou psyxhs" MC

CHAOTIC SYMMETRY is a raw Greek Black Metal project with on his board Acheron of Darkthule. This cassette is an ode to the ancient bloodcult rituals of Hades, using keyboards to generate a darkened ambience which recalls the great days of the Greek underground Black Metal scene.

New "logo" official t-shirts are available of AKITSA and VERGLAS. You can also still get the official TOUR DE GARDE t-shirt, just check the "others" section of the site under the tab "merchandise".

We are proud to be the official American distributor for the brilliant KALEIDOSCOPE magazine. The first issue available directly from us is issue 13 featuring interviews with ASYMMETRY (the first and the last interview), SLÆGT, TOLLUND MEN, VENEROR and WITHER. American distributors can ask for wholesale prices and possible trades.

Still hot:


STORMFRONT/NECROSTRIGIS "The Forgotten Demons Of Ancient Glory" MC

We very proud to announce that the STORMFRONT/NECROSTRIGIS "The Forgotten Demons Of Ancient Glory" split MC is finally available. STORMFRONT is a cult Norwegian Black Metal that returns after a 13 years hiatus. They release a split CD with GAAHLSKAGG back in 1999 on No Colors Records. NECROSTRIGIS plays pure hateful Polish Black Metal and they feature member of VENEDAE. The split is a pure underground jewel that any connoisseurs needs.


VERGLAS "Joies funebres" MC

This is the reissue of the debut promo cassette of Verglas is now available on a nice pro-cassette. Originally released in 2009 and limited to 50 copies, this cassette was distributed for free as a promotional cassette. It contains over 65 minutes of raw and putrid material recorded between 2006 and 2009.

Also available:

UNO ACTU "Splendeurs putrides" MC
VERGLAS "Satanisme juvenile" MC
CAED DHU "Tedd Deireadh" MC
PAGAN HELLFIRE "The Will of Night" MC
PAGAN HELLFIRE "Spirit of Blood and Struggle" MC
PERINDE AC CADAVER "Exercitia spiritualia" MC
FAETHON "Imperium Solis" MC
FAETHON "Summoning the Spirits of the Past" MC
RHUITH "Darkness Moves" MC
KENAZ "Resurgence nordique" CD
KRISTALLNACHT "Blooddrenched Memorial 1994-2002" MC
ASH POOL "For Which He Plies the Lash" CD
MALHKEBRE "Prostration" MC
WODULF "...From the Corpsegates" MC
DEPARTURE CHANDELIER "The Black Crest Of Death, The Gold Wreath Of War" MC
MORKR "Graves Forgot my Name" MC
NEGATHOR "Self titled" MC
BLACK STENCH "Self titled" CD
SATANIZE "Demonic Conquest in Jerusalem" CD
EXCESSUM "Death Redemption" MC
INSIDIOUS OMEN "To Cast the Last Shadow" MC
DEATHRONER "Self titled" MC
AKITSA "Au crépuscule de l'espérance" MC
ASH POOL "World Turns on Its Hinge" CD
PAGAN HELLFIRE "A Voice from Centuries Away" CD
MARBLEBOG "Wind of Moors" CD
ASH POOL "Genital Tomb" MC
SPEARHEAD "Deathless Steel Command" MC
...and more.

For more information and to see the complete mail order update visit the Tour de Garde website at http://www.t-d-g.net/

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