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Joined: Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:38 am
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Location: Spain
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:29 pm 

1. Label update
2. Mailorder update


1. Label update

------> Our upcoming releases have already been taken to press:

CHALICE OF DOOM (Jordan) - Into Hypnagogia CD [MEMENTO-XVII] Doom/Death
SOLOTHUS (Finland) - Summoned from the Void CD [MEMENTO-XVIII] Death/Doom
MYSTIC CHARM (The Netherlands) - Shadows of the Unknown CD (reissue + bonus) [MEMENTO-XIX] Death/Doom

All three releases will be available through www.memento-mori.es/store.php later this month. Learn more about these releases at www.memento-mori.es/releases2.php and visit the bands' pages on Facebook:


------> Please welcome a new addition to Memento Mori roster: ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE, from Finland. While most bands feel more comfortable treading a safe and orthodox path, these Finns, featuring past and current members of Decaying, dare to take their influences one step beyond and offer a solid and very natural combination of old school Death/Doom heaviness and growls, and trippy, epic Stoner/Doom passages with clean vocals. Their debut full-length, entitled "Darkness Sustains the Silence", will feature 5 brand new songs + 2 re-recorded songs taken from their previous "At the Shrine of Light" EP (2012), and will be mastered by Javier Félez @ Moontower Studios (Ataraxy, Graveyard, Teitanblood, Uncoffined, Morbid Flesh...). Release date has been set for October 2013. In the meantime, go visit www.facebook.com/Aobofficial and listen to the EP on http://altarofbetelgeuze.bandcamp.com

------> We're proud to announce the re-release of a truly obscure underground gem: FERETRUM's "From Far Beyond". Originally released on tape (only 100 copies pressed!!!) in 1992, "From Far Beyond" was one of the very first Death Metal albums to be released by a Spanish band. This reissue CD will feature remastered sound by Alex Tedin, brand new artwork and layout by Cesar Valladares, a fully detailed biography compiled by David Nevado (Bleak 'zine), and liner notes supplied by a few veteran scenesters that will portray the magic of those early days in the Spanish underground scene. Release date has been set for October 2013.

------> Coming up next:

UNCOFFINED (U.K.) - Ritual Death and Funeral Rites CD [MEMENTO-XX] Death/Doom *OCTOBER 2013*
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE (Finland) - Darkness Sustains the Silence CD [MEMENTO-XXI] Death/Doom/Stoner *OCTOBER 2013*
FERETRUM (Spain) - From Far Beyond CD (reissue) [MEMENTO-XXII] Death Metal *OCTOBER 2013*

------> More stuff coming out on Memento Mori:

We'll be putting out the debut full-length CD's from several bands that we signed during 2012. This is the updated list up to this day (no exact release date has been set yet):

APOTHECARY (Denmark) - Death/Doom www.facebook.com/pages/Apothecary/165264943512059
CHURCH OF DISGUST (U.S.A.) - Death Metal www.facebook.com/churchofdisgust
DEBAUCH (U.S.A.) - Death/Doom/Crust www.facebook.com/debauchdoom
MORBO (Italy) - Death Metal www.facebook.com/morbodeathmetal
COFFINCRAFT (Finland) - Death Metal www.facebook.com/coffincraft

We'll likely get some more releases out, including some reissues that -just like stated on some previous update- we won't be announcing until they're ready to hit the pressing plant. All in all, it'll be a total of 12-14 titles to be released along the year, so stay tuned!!!


2. Mailorder update

After a few requests/suggestions, we decided to install a search engine at the online store. We hope you find it useful!!!

This is the list of stuff (new items and restocks) that arrived at www.memento-mori.es/store.php during the last 30 days. Underlined, the sub-section where you can find each title:

ABSCESS Bourbon, blood and butchery CD 9,00
AGONIZED Gods... MCD 7,00
ANATOMIA Decaying in obscurity CD 9,00
BASTARD PRIEST Ghouls of the endless night CD 10,00
BOMBS OF HADES Chambers of abomination CD 10,00
BOMBS OF HADES The serpent's redemption CD 10,00
CENOTAPH The gloomy reflections of our hidden sorrows CD 10,00
CRYPT OF KERBEROS World of myths CD (digipack) 10,00
DESULTORY Counting our scars CD (super jewel) 10,00
ERODED Engravings of a gruesome epitaph CD 10,00
FUNERAL Funeral LP 13,00
ICONS OF BRUTALITY Between glory and despair CD 10,00
KORPSE Mirror distance CD 9,00
MASACRE Cancer de nuestros dias CD 9,00
MASACRE Metal medallo attack CD 9,00
NECROCURSE Grip of the dead CD 10,00
NUNSLAUGHTER DemoSlaughter 2CD 11,00
NUNSLAUGHTER Hell's unholy fire 2CD 11,00
OMISION In the shadow of the cross CD 9,00
PUTERAEON Cult Cthulhu CD 10,00
SKINEATER Dermal harvest CD 10,00
TRIBULATION The horror CD (super jewel) 10,00
ULCER Grant us death CD 10,00
ZOMBIEFICATION At the caves of eternal CD 10,00
ZOMBIFIED Carnage slaughter and death CD 10,00

BEHERIT At the devil's studio 1990 CD 10,00
BESTIAL WARLUST Satan's fist MCD (especial packaging) 9,00
BLACK WITCHERY Inferno of sacred destruction CD + DVD 11,00
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER The III command of the absolute chaos CD 9,00
DEMONOMANCY Rites of barbaric demons MCD 7,00
HELLVETRON Death scroll of seven hells and its infernal majesties CD 9,00
KNELT ROTE Trespass CD 9,00
PSEUDOGOD Deathwomb catechesis CD 10,00
SACRIPHYX The western front CD 9,00

EVIL ARMY Evil Army CD 9,00
RAVENCULT Morbid blood CD 9,00

ACID WITCH Witchtanic hellucinations CD 9,00
ACID WITCH Stoned CD 9,00
COUNT RAVEN Storm warning CD 10,00
COUNT RAVEN Destruction of the void CD 10,00
COUNT RAVEN High on infinity CD 10,00
COUNT RAVEN Messiah of confusion CD 10,00
GODFLESH Pure/Cold world/Slavestate 3CD 12,00
IRON MONKEY Iron monkey CD 10,00
IRON MONKEY Our problem CD 10,00
OCTOBER TIDE Tunnel of no light CD 10,00
OPHIS Effigies of desolation 2CD (digipack) 12,00
SATURNUS Saturn in ascension CD 10,00

Thanks for your support and all the best.
Label / Mailorder


Joined: Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:38 am
Posts: 613
Location: Spain
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:31 pm 

Label / Mailorder


Joined: Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:38 am
Posts: 613
Location: Spain
PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:11 am 

Unbury the dead!!!
Label / Mailorder

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