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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:20 pm
Posts: 15
PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 1:42 am 

(death metal band)

We are very proud to announce our new label HELLDPROD that will release our second album called "Auguring The Dusk Of A New Era, 10 years after the release of our first album.

Here you have a teaser for our second album that will be out in November:
Youtube: show

Please visit our facebook page and click "Like"
Thanks in advance for your support!


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:20 pm
Posts: 15
PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:21 am 

NEOPLASMAH - "Auguring The Dusk Of A New Era" (Digipak 2014, Helldprod)

We have released our second album in November 22nd through Helldprod.
So far we have received very good reviews and ratings, take a look:

Metal Imperium - 9,4/10 - http://www.metalimperium.com/2014/11/neoplasmah-auguring-dusk-of-new-era.html
"Combining a greater maturity in the composition with an extreme taste for details, there is not a single weak moment here. There are eight themes that hardly tire us, even when heard in constant repetition (which is a natural consequence to the first hearing of this work) and and demonstrate the brutal evolution that the band embraces. It is definitely one of the great death metal albums of this year, is undoubtedly one of those who will remain high in history of the Portuguese metal. " [Translated from Portuguese to English]

Metalunderground - 4/5 - http://www.metalunderground.at/?p=38228
"Musically the band made a clear leap forward, is technically more adept and their songwriting is much more mature. The whole band sounds much more mature and grown up, but their songs still sound hard and leave no prisoners. Their subjects in songwriting haven’t changed, they still scream about alien themes, which differs them from most of their genre colleagues. There is no need for this band to hide. Awesome!"

Power Of Metal - 89/100 - http://www.powerofmetal.dk/reviews14/neoplasmah_review.html
"There’s ever some oriental-style chanting in the title-track...one of many ‘little’ things that enrich the album. The rest of the band members, bar none, are similarly talented. The guitars predominantly use a Black Metal style of riffing but the album also contains a wide range of guitar techniques, not all normally associated with this genre of Metal. ...“Auguring the Dusk of a New Era” is a well-produced and creative piece of work that I confidently recommend."

METALLATTORNEY - http://metallattorney.blogspot.pt/2014/11/neoplasmah-auguring-dusk-of-new-era-2014.html
"One thing I did really enjoy with this release is that, unlike a lot of progressive metal bands, Neoplasmah craft complete songs, rather than a collection of musical segments. Songwriting appears to be just as important to this band as showing off their technical skills. The band takes things one step further by being able to blend all of the songs into a complete album rather than just a collection of separate and distinct songs.
This is an album that sounds better and better with repeated listens. There is a lot going on musically that can be missed and revealed in hearing it again and again."

Metal Temple - 9/10 - http://www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/n_2/neoplasmah-auguring.htm
"The whole album is a mark, on how some bands can produce one amazing album, and you wouldn’t even have heard of them before. NEOPLASMAH have created one brilliant album, with pretty much everything on the album perfect for me. The only thing I would say needs a little more change, would be to add more clean vocals in, as the cleans worked so well in “Storm Vortices of Neoplasmah”."

In Your Eyes zine - 7,5/10 - http://www.iyezine.com/neoplasmah-auguring-dusk-new-era
"Neoplasmah is a very technical and very intense band, with difficult passages and others more melodic and pieces almost prog.
Their sound is very unique and elaborate, carrying the tradition of Portuguese metal to be something very baroque and sought, without exceeding too much.
The foot on the accelerator is impetuous but Neoplasmah don't live only by power and the production does not overlap the real sound of the band.
The result is remarkable and grab the attention of the listener with its impact resulting from a really powerful and well played death metal."

SoundZone Magazine - 8/10 - http://www.soundzonemagazine.com/2014/12/neoplasmah-auguring-dusk-new-era-review.html
"To tell the truth, this new material does not hide his close relationship with his predecessor. But all this turns out to be excusable for a band that has been on hold for so long and now they wanted to not let die these themes in the locker. It was worth it, due to the interpretive excellence of this group of musicians and to gain new packaging to recapture a space that belongs to them by right." [Translated from Portuguese to English]

We need all possible help and support from all headbangers around the world to spread our music.
If you want to buy or CD, please send us a PM in our facebook page.
Visit and "Like" our facebook page. Thanks a lot in advance!!


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:20 pm
Posts: 15
PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:35 pm 


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Jun 15, 2007 9:20 pm
Posts: 15
PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:04 am 


NEOPLASMAH - "Auguring The Dusk Of A New Era" (CD 2014, Digipak)

Release date: 22 Nov. 2014
Cat nº: HDP041
Formats: CD, Digipack
Limited: 500 Copies
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Helldprod Records
Price: 10.00€ + postage

1. Auguring the Dusk of a New Era
2. Ravishing Theatre of Chaos
3. Realm of the Lost Souls
4. Ruins of a Sham Empire
5. Stargate to Infinity
6. Storm Vortices of Neoplasmah
7. Miry Gateway Through Time
8. Absorbed in Perpetual Torture


Sofia Silva - vocals
Vitor Mendes - Lead guitars
José Marreiros - Rhythm guitars and backing vocals
Alexandre Ribeiro - Bass guitars and backing vocals
Rolando Barros - Drums

We also have copies from our 1st album, t-shirts and patches.



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