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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:41 pm 

(you can tl;dr and skip to the bottom for my questions. This is a Day in the life story about why I'm asking them in the first place.)

So, it begins when I decide to record drum tracks for my band's upcoming release of which I'm the proprietary writer and artistic director for, with a guy who we will call "Ozark." Ozark is a professional in the scene who has recorded/engineered/mixed-mastered a considerable amount extreme metal outfits in my scene. He charges a decent price for good work, I've personally known him since 2009 when he was still in school learning his trade and he recorded one of my songs on the school's time for free. Always thought of him as a great guy who will shoot with me fairly.
As an amateur audio engineer myself. I decided that even though I have a tad bit more to learn, I could successfully record and mix all other instruments and vocals by myself with my audiobox USB interface, a single 200 dollar condenser mic, Studio One, FL studio producer edition, And hell even audacity for a few things. The decision was also made due to me and my drummer being broke as shit. (I know, cry me a river right? But this is pertinent later.)
So He was wanting 120 dollars to record drums for 4 tracks on the ep. Fair enough. I was going to split it up 80/20 with my drummer who we'll call Klondyke, whatever. Everything is gravy.
Problem number one. Ozark rings me up and tells me his studio is booked for the time we agreed too (?) But he's going to bring his drum mikes and shit to his bands jam room and we're going to record there. This alone isn't a big deal. Klondyke and I get to the jam room at the time we agreed to. But Ozark is 2 fucking hours late. Fuck, I thought this guy was going to be pissed because I was 10 minutes late, due to him being known for his professionalism. Nope, 2 hours.
He finally gets there and sets up everything, and we record drums pretty smoothly. I play the scratch tracks while Klondyke records the drums. We all have headphones on and it's all pretty much standard. There is a bit of pot smoking going on, which I have a severely low tolerance to, but I can jam well while high, We're all having a good time. Ozark insists that because of how fast and professionally we knocked out our agreed upon tracks, to go ahead and knock out one more. Me and Klondyke go ahead even though that track isn't flesh out as we'd like, maybe we can throw it on the ep anyway.
So when we finally wrap things up, everyone is all cordial and smiles, and I reach for my wallet and Ozark politely declines. Klondyke reaches for his wallet, and Ozark declines again. I say "bullshit, you did a good job." I pull out the cash and put it on the table, so does Klondyke. Well he continues to insist and convinces me he's genuine. So I tell him "look. Here's 20 from me, and 20 from Klondyke." Klondyke agreed even though I was supposed to pay 90$ to his 30$. I told him "I have bills, do you have a paypal." He said yes, I told him I would double the money on that table (to a total of 80$) on payday to make it easier on me, but that he could count on it and that I wasn't going to let him walk away without taking at least half of what we agreed on. We shake on it.
Later that week Ozark posts an ad out for a guitar head he's trying to get rid of (Peavy JsX.) I was planning on borrowing a nicer head than the one I have for the EP, but Hell. I wanted something nice. So I call him up and ask him if I could run him by the 40 I intended to pay him on top of what he was charging for the amp. He said sure. So we meet up later that day and do so. I bring head carefully back to my house and set it ontop of my cabinet, where it remained untouched.
He emails us the raw drums together but fails to email the stems. (the Snare track, bass track, Overhead, etc.) So it's going to make things impossible to equalize the way I'd like. I resolve that I'll ask later after I finish the recordings I need to do.
Well my band played a show a few weeks later. Fast forward to then. all tracks except vocals are done. I've been kinda busy with life, and considering I'm not going to release the EP till early next year (protip, up and coming bands should do this.) I still haven't mentioned the drums yet to Ozark but still wasn't too concerned. Well I get an PM that day asking for quote:
"When will I receive the $60?" - "No more ultimatum. let me know when you can send me the $60 through paypal."
I'm like. "uhwat?" Not only that, but the day of the show the amp I bought from him had went to shit. I think it's nothing serious, just that the fuse cap fell out along with the fuse and I couldn't find it after i moved it from my house to the venue. Now, any seasoned guitarist knows that a Fuse cap kind of locks in place, and it shouldn't or wouldn't go anywhere unless it was unscrewed or somehow loose. Kinda fishy, I should of double checked that when I bought it. but eh... I'm more concerned about what 60 dollars he thinks I owe him.
I don't respond at first. I play my show with some other dudes head and afterword explain to Klondike the situation. He's confused aswell.

That was a week ago. And there ya have it. 'What should I do?' is not the question I'm here to ask, but if you'd like to comment on it or have some insightful or stories of similar situations that have happened to you i'd like to hear it so feel free. Here are some little facts though:
I Know damn well I don't owe him any money that large in amount, and I'm pretty sure he does too and that something fishy is going on.
Nothing is receipted out, but all our conversations are on facebook.
The drum tracks actually don't sound half bad the way I got them mixed right, but I'd still like to get the individual tracks.

here are my questions:
I just got the fuse cap in the mail and it's not the right fit. Yay! So now I have to try and find it again. Believe me I don't ask questions on the internet if I haven't tried already to answer them myself. So I come to you. I need a fuse cap for a Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature 120W Tube Guitar Amp Head. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I dont waste anymore time or money?
Is there any advice on mixing a single drum track as I described on FL STUDIO with the other instruments tracks? Maybe I should try and isolate each drum hit and go from there? Any help appreciated. I have a whole month to dick around with it so I'm open to hear any advice or tips on the post recording process with FL studio. glad to give anything a shot and happy to make it a learning experience.


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