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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 6:21 am 

Sell/trade. Write to frasca75@yahoo.it
You can find my available titles below:

81db – Impressions
Abaton – Hecate digipack
A Cloud Forest - These Mournful Days
Aeternal Seprium – Against Oblivion's Shade
Alarum - Natural Causes
Ambiguité – Light & Shade digipack
Amenra - Mass I
April Weeps – Outer Calm Pain Within digipack
Astaroth - Organic Perpetuel Hatework
Astral Sleep – Angel
Atra Hora - Lost In The Depths
Awake in Sleep – Heights digipack
Behind The Scenery – Rétroviseur
Between The Screams - Our Last Days On Earth
Beyond Grace - Monstrous digipack
Black Infinity - 666 Metal digipack
Cebren-Khal - A Mass Of Despair
Chimp Spanner* - At The Dream's Edge
Cikuta - The Golden Root Era
City Of Ships - Look What God Did To Us digipack
Coma Void - Coma Void
Cssaba - Underground Lo-Fi Songs
Darkane – Insanity
Darkmoon – Wounds
Deadend - Stain of Disgrace
Deathember Flower – Architect
Defect Noises - Pure Sickness
Def/Light – Transcendevil
Desolate Sun - S/t
Devian - Ninewinged Serpent
Devlsy - A Parade Of States
Distress of Ruin - Predators Among Us digipack
Dreams - 3Am
Dream System (3) - Traveling After Midnight
Drevo – Величие
Edenian - Rise Of The Nephilim
Elenium - Eccentric Soul's Anatomy
Eskeype - Legacy of Truth digipack
Farmakon - A Warm Glimpse
Fear of Fours - Never Heaven
Final Words of Sorrow - Reaflection of a Shadow
Firefrost – Inner Paradox
Forest Whispers – Magiczny Las
Gigan - Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes
Grey Skies Fallen - The Many Sides Of Truth
Havenless - Architecture of Plague
Heaven's Scum - It All Ends In Pain
Helel - A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh
HellLight - No God Above, No Devil Below
Helllight - …And Then, The Light Of Consciousness Became Hell…
Himinbjorg - Wyrd
Hotel Diablo - The Return To Psycho California
In Silentio Noctis - Through Fragments Of Christianity
Island - Enigma Of The Stars
I The Witch – Nagual
Kamlath - Stronger Than Frost
Katatonia – Live in Paris/Demos/Rehearsals digipack
Kausalgia – Farewell digipack
Kenòs - X-Torsion
Korn – Issues
Korn - Life Is Peachy
Kvity Znedolenykh Berehiv - Za Nebokray Mriy digipack
Labyrinthine - Ancient Obscurity
Letargy Dream – Heliopolis
Lost Conception - Paroxysm Of Despair
Mallory – 2 digipack
Martyr Lucifer - Farewell To Graveland
Memories of Pain - .Rewind
Merging With Machines - The Singularity
Moonless - Calling All Demons
Moonlyght – Shining
Morphing Into Primal - Principios de Autodestruccion
My Shameful – Hollow
Mystical Communication Service - Gypsy Spirit
Nanda Devi - Fifth Season
Negative Hate - In Cosmic Winter
Nemost - The Shadow's Trail
NeverDie - The Source Of Black Water
Nicht - Part 1 Catalepsy Sinks
Nunfuckritual - In Bondage To The Serpent digipack
Omainen – Shades of Grey
Omrade - Edari
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - Error In Evolution digipack
Phalanx - The Perpetual Myth
Phaze I - Phaze I
Preternatural – Statical
Red Hills - Pleasure Of Destruction
Restless Oblivion - Sands Of Time
Rex Mundi* - IHVH
Rosa Antica – Seven
Ruins - Front The Final Foes
Sacram - Far Away
Sacratus - The Doomed To Loneliness
Sanctus Daemoneon - Nothingless Nothingness
Schrei Aus Stein – Tsisnaasjini
She Hunts Koalas – S.H.K. digipack
Silence the Sky – Ancient digipack
Solaris - Portraits Noires
Sol Sistere – I
Somnolent - Renaissance Unraveling
Sorae – Sorae
Spatregen – Schattenwandler
Starchitect – No
S:t Erik - From Under The Tarn
Stormhold - The Lost World
Symuran - Syklus Av Helheim
Synarchy -Tear up the World
Taste Of Tears - Once Human
Tesla - Twisted Wires & The Acoustic Sessions
The Hangover - After Nightmares
The Horn – Volume 10
The Sullen Route - Madness Of My Own Design
The Sullen Route – Apocalyclinic
Tidfall – Nucleus
Tigertailz - Knives digipack
Trendkill Method - Affective Arousal
Vitales Exsequiae - A Short Lived Hope
Way To End - Desecrated Internal Journey
We All Have Day Jobs - Inflict/Emantiodromia
Wedding In Hades - Elements Of Disorder
Who Dies In Siberian Slush / My Shameful - The Symmetry Of Grief
Wrath Prophecy - Becoming the Absolute


Candies – Gulp
Crack-Up – Forsaken Dreams
E 102 – E 102
Eclisse – Dinamica I
God Crucifier – Jerusalem
Nexus – Blue Gaia
Succulento Borchia – Pure, hate & madness
The Path – Asrai Dance
Unreal – Eclipse
Untory – Holy Rites
Untory – Sudden Death

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