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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:34 am
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Location: Chile
PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2014 5:34 pm 

Greeting from Chile:
And here is my updated trade list if anyone is interested in anything.
All items do not includes postage

nieblafunebre [at] hotmail [dot] com

Motörhead - The wörld is Ours - Vol 1 (slipcase) 3CDS (1 DVD [live in Chile 2001] + 2CDS Audio) US$ 22 /$12.000
Sacrilegio - Insite evil and hate to the Sacred US$ 9 / $5000
Surrender of Divinity - Oriental Hell Rhytmics US$13 / $6000

PROTAPES: US$ 6 / $3000
Blasphemator - Insulters of the holy whore

US$ 4 / $2000 C/U

Abigail - Posesion Demoniaca (live & rehearsal)
Acta Santorum (Ecu) - Morbid Black Metal Session x3
Axapath - Emperador 666 (Reedicion 2012) x3
Beast Conjurator - The First Conjuration x6
Black Ritual - Letanias de odio y culto x4
Bömber - First & last demo x2
Catacumba - Animus Mortis x6
Cendra (Esp) - Sang, Suor i Alcohol x1
Cursed Christ - Supreme celebration of the eternal blasphemy x2
Darkest Force - S/T x2
Decapitacion - Rehearsal 2013 x4
Dominus (Chl) - Hijos del Maldito Aysen x1
Ecuador Cadaver (Ecu) - Satanic Metal of Death (Rehearsal) x11
Ecuador Cadaver (Ecu) - Unholy Triarchy of the Ancient Covenant x5
Empty of Darkness - Burn your soul in flames of Hell x1
Erlösung - Demo 1 & 2 (Funeral Doom) x2
Et Verbi Sathanus - Satan's Warlike x3
Grimsvotn - Alone Depressed & Commiting Acts of Arson x1
Howling Pain (Chl) - Vision del Caos (demo)
Lapida (Ecu) - Enemigos Lapidados x2
Llakiq (Per) - Alma Errante x1
Monumenta Sepulchrorum - Watching The Nausea x1
Morbid Goat Fornication/Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle (bra) SPLIT TAPE x3
Neckbreaker - demo x1
Neckbreaker - The killing Continues x1
Necroripper - Rehearsal from the grave x1
Nefario (arg) - Evil Metal x2
Pagan Funeral - In Silence of Perpetual Night (Compilation) x3
Qassam - MLP!! x2
Sacrilator - From Hell x1
Sangrenta - ...Sem carater... x1
Satanik Goat Ritual - God of Atomik Termination x1
SPLIT TAPE - Ave Satan (Ecu) / Barbarie en dominacion e Inquisicion de Cristo (Ecu) x4
SPLIT TAPE - Freitodt - Krankhaft - Cancer of the Larynx - Letal x1
SPLIT TAPE - Occult Sathanas - Heirdrain x1
Thaurant - Throne of Sacrifice (Demo) x5
Via Dolorosa (Ita) - Nirvana 2012 x2
Witchtrap - Nightmares of the dead x1

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