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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:40 pm 

One topic only please. See: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=94144

Spoiler: show
I Need...

13 Candles : Come Out of The Dark CD

13 Candles : Killing For Culture CD

1349 : Demonoir CD

1349 : Hellvetia Fire DVD

2 Times Terror : Equals One Sudden Death CD

3Rd Room : Frame of Mind CD

Aberrant Vascular : Actaeon CD

Aberrant Vascular : Pelopia CD

Aberrant Vascular : Thyestes CD

Abhorrence : Completely Vulgar CD

Aborted / Exhumed : Deceased In The East / Extirpated Live Emanations SPLIT CD

Aborted : The Auricular Chronicles DVD

Aborted : Coronary Reconstruction CD

Aborted : Global Flatline CD

Aborym : Dirty CD

Aborym : Psychogrotesque CD

Abyssmal Nocturne : From The Astral Abyss CD

Abyssos : Together We Summon The Dark CD

Acid Reign : The Fear CD

Acid Reign : Humanoia CD

Acid Reign : Moshkinstein CD

Acid Reign : Obnoxious CD

Admonish : Insnärjd CD

Agalloch / Nest SPLIT CD

Agalloch : Faustian Echoes CD

Agalloch : The Grey CD

Agalloch : Marrow of The Spirit CD

Agalloch : Of Stone, Wind And Pillor CD

Agalloch : Pale Folklore CD

Agalloch : The Silence of Forgotten Landscapes DVD

Agalloch : Tomorrow Will Never Come CD

Agalloch : The White CD

Age of Silence : Acceleration CD

Aiaibunch : fAfCfAfCfof"f` CD

Airdash : Hospital Hallucinations Take One CD

Airdash : Thank God It`s Monday CD

Airdash : Vengeance Through Violence CD

Alghazanth : Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity CD

Alghazanth : The Phosphorescent CD

Alghazanth : Vinum Intus CD

Alghazanth : Wreath of Thevetat CD

Alice In Darkland : Promo 2006 CD

Allegiance : Vrede CD

Altera Enigma : Alteration CD

Altithronus : The Beauty of Dying CD

Amduscias : Amduscias CD

The Amenta : Chokehold CD

The Amenta : Mictlan CD

The Amenta : Non CD

The Amenta : Vo1d CD

Amon Amarth : The Avenger CD

Amon Amarth : The Crusher CD

Amon Amarth : Deceiver of The Gods CD

Amon Amarth : Fate of Norns CD

Amon Amarth : Once Sent From The Golden Hall CD

Amon Amarth : Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds CD

Amon Amarth : Surtur Rising CD

Amon Amarth : Versus The World CD

Amon Amarth : With Oden On Our Side CD

Amon Amarth : Wrath of The Norsemen DVD

Amsvartner : Dreams CD

Amsvartner : The Trollish Mirror CD

Ancestral Legacy : Crash of Silence DVD

Ancestral Legacy : Of Magic Illusions CD

Ancestral Legacy : Trapped Within The Words CD

Ancient : God Loves The Dead CD

Ancient Ceremony : Cemetary Visions CD

Ancient Ceremony : P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all CD

Angstkrieg : Angstkrieg CD

Angtoria : Across Angry Skies CD

Angtoria : God Has A Plan For Us All CD

Anorexia Nervosa : Drudenhaus CD

Anorexia Nervosa : New Obscurantis Order CD

Anorexia Nervosa : Redemption Process CD

Anorexia Nervosa : The September CD

Antarktis Utopia : Traitors CD

Apocalyptica : 7th Symphony CD

Apocalyptica : En Vivo Desde El Auditorio Nacional DVD

Apocalyptica : The Life Burns Tour DVD

Apocalyptica : Live DVD

Apokatastasia : Shedding CD

Apokatastasia : Waiting four CD

Aptorian Demon : Angst, Jammer Og Fortvilelse CD

Arch Enemy : Black Earth CD

Arch Enemy : Burning Bridges CD

Arch Enemy : Khaos Legions CD

Arch Enemy : The Root of All Evil CD

Arch Enemy : Stigmata CD

Arch Enemy : Tyrants of The Rising Sun : Live In Japan DVD

Arch Enemy : Wages of Sin CD

Archgoat / Black Witchery : Desecration & Sodomy SPLIT CD

Archgoat : Angelcunt CD

Archgoat : The Aeon of The Angelslaying Darkness CD

Archgoat : Heavenly Vulva (Christ's Last Rites) CD

Archgoat : The Light-Devouring Darkness CD

Armageddon Holocaust : Dies Irae CD

Armageddon Holocaust : Nekrofonik CD

Armageddon Holocaust : Radioactive Zone 245 CD

Armath Sargon : 888 CD

Armath Sargon : Cyberian Inner Death CD

Armath Sargon : Love Is Life And Hate Is Death CD

Armath Sargon : Opus Apocalypsis Rex CD

Armath Sargon : Veripolku CD

Armath Sargon : Winter of Tears And Path of Blood

Arsonist Lodge : Iänkaikkinen, Pysyvä, Muuttumaton Pimeys CD

Arthemesia : ShamaNatahS CD

As I Lay Dying : Frail Worlds Collapse CD

Astarte : Demonized CD

Astarte : Doomed Dark Years CD

Astarte : Quod Superius Sicut Inferius CD

Astarte : Rise From Within CD

Atheist : Jupiter CD

Atretic Intestine : Encased CD

Atretic Intestine : Human Ravagery CD

Atrophy : Violent By Nature CD

Atrophy : Socialized Hate CD

Auringon Hauta : Muinaisia Muisteloita, Noita Syntyjä Syviä CD

Avulsed / Acid Death : Deformed Beyond Belief / Misled SPLIT CD

Avulsed : Bloodcovered CD

Avulsed : Grotesque Live 2004 DVD

Avulsed : Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation) CD

Avulsed : Reanimating Russia 2007 DVD

Avulsed : Seven Years of Decay CD

Axis of Advance : Landline CD

Axis of Advance : Purify CD

Axis of Perdition : Corridors CD

Axis of Perdition : Tenements (of The Anointed Flesh) CD

The Axis of Perdition : Urfe CD

Barathrum / Epäkristus : Unholy Conspiracy SPLIT CD

Barathrum : Anno Aspera: 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth CD

Barathrum : Black Flames And Blood CD

Barathrum : Infernal CD

Barathrum : Jetblack CD

Barathrum : Legions of Perkele CD

Barathrum : Saatana CD

Barathrum : Venomous CD

Bathory : Bathory CD

Bathory : Hammerheart CD

Bathory : Nordland 1 CD

Bathory : Nordland 2 CD

Bathory : Octagon CD

Bathory : Requiem CD

Bathory : The Return CD

Bathory : Under The Sign of The Black Mark CD

Battlelore : The Last Alliance CD

Bauda : Der Mar Al Aire CD

Beherit : At The Devil's Studio 1990 CD

Beherit : Celebrate The Dead CD

The Berzerker : Animosity CD

The Berzerker : The Berzerker CD

The Berzerker : Broken CD

The Berzerker : Full of Hate CD

The Berzerker : Inextricable Zenith CD

The Berzerker : The Principles And Practices Of The Berzerker DVD

The Berzerker : The Reawakening CD

The Berzerker : Suicide Songs CD

The Berzerker : World of Lies CD

Bestial Mockery : Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw CD

Bestial Mockery : Evoke The Desecrator CD

Bestial Mockery : Gospel of The Insane CD

Bestial Mockery : Slaying The Life CD

Biomechanical : Eight Moons CD

Bishop of Hexen : Archives of An Enchanted Philosophy CD

Bishop of Hexen : A Ceremony At The Edge of A Burning Page CD

Bishop of Hexen : The Nightmarish Compositions CD

Bishop of Hexen : Unveil The Curtain of Sanity CD

Black Crucifixion : Coronation of King Darkness CD

Black Crucifixion : Hope of Retaliation CD

Black Sabbath : Never Say Die CD

Black Sabbath : Sabotage CD

Black Sabbath : Technical Ecstasy CD

Blacklodge : Login - Satan CD

Blacklodge : Prince of Dark Cellars CD

Blacklodge : Time, 3rd Level Initiation = Chamber of Downfall CD

Blood Red Throne : Altered Genesis CD

Blood Red Throne : Brutalitarian Regime CD

Bloodline : The Citadel Of Everlasting Tyranny CD

Bloodline : Hate Procession CD

Bloodline : A Pestilence Long Forgotten CD

Blut Aus Nord / Reverence : Decorporation... SPLIT CD

Blut Aus Nord : 777 – Cosmosophy CD

Blut Aus Nord : 777 - The Desanctification CD

Blut Aus Nord : 777 - Sect(s) CD

Blut Aus Nord : Dissociated Human Junction CD

Blut Aus Nord : Memoria Vetusta II : Dialogue With The Stars CD

Blut Aus Nord : MoRT (Metamorphosis of Realistic Theories) CD

Blut Aus Nord : Odinist - The Destruction of Reason By Illumination CD

Blut Aus Nord : Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity CD

Blut Aus Nord : Ultimate Thulèe CD

Blut Aus Nord : What Once Was... Liber I CD

Blut Aus Nord : What Once Was... Liber II CD

Blut Aus Nord : The Work Which Transforms God CD

Burn The Priest : Burn The Priest CD

Burzum : Den Store Samlingen CD

Burzum : Det Som Engang Var CD

Burzum : Fallen CD

Burzum : From The Depths of Darkness CD

Burzum : Hvis Lyset Tar Oss CD

Burzum : Sôl Austan, Mâni Vestan CD

Burzum : Umskiptar CD

Cadaver : Hallucinating Anxiety CD

Cain : Triumvira CD

Callenish Circle : Drift of Empathy CD

Callenish Circle : Flesh Power Dominion CD

Callenish Circle : Graceful… Yet Forbidding

Callenish Circle : My Passion Your Pain

Callenish Circle : [Pitch.Black.Effects]

Callisto : Ordeal of The Century CD

Callisto : True Nature Unfolds CD

Cancer : Death Shall Rise CD

Cancer : To The Gory End CD

Cannibal Corpse : The Bleeding CD

Cannibal Corpse : Centuries of Torment : The First 20 Years DVD

Cannibal Corpse : Global Evisceration DVD

Cannibal Corpse : Gore Obsessed CD

Cannibal Corpse : Hammer Smashed Face CD

Cannibal Corpse : Kill CD

Cannibal Corpse : Live Cannibalism - Ultimate Edition DVD

Cannibal Corpse : Monolith Of Death DVD

Cannibal Corpse : Torture CD

Carach Angren : Death Came Through A Phantom Ship CD

Carach Angren : Ethereal Veiled Existance CD

Carach Angren : Lammendam CD

Carach Angren : Where The Corpses Sink Forever CD

Carcass : Best of Carcass CD

Carcass : Surgical Steel CD

Carcass : Tools of The Trade CD

Carnal Forge : Aren`t You Dead Yet? CD

Carnal Forge : Destroy Live DVD

Carnal Forge : Firedemon CD

Carnal Forge : The More You Suffer CD

Carnal Forge : Please…Die! CD

Carnal Forge : Testify For My Victims CD

Carnal Forge : Who`s Gonna Burn CD

Carnival In Coal : Collection Prestige CD

Carnival In Coal : Vivalavida CD

Carpathian Forest : Bloodlust And Perverssion CD

Catamenia : Bringing The Cold To Poland DVD

Catamenia : Cavalcade CD

Catamenia : Location : Cold CD

Catamenia : Rewritten Chapters CD

Catamenia : VIII: The Time Unchained CD

Ceremonial Embrace : Beyond The Oblivion CD

Chthonic : 9th Empyrean CD

Chthonic : Bu-Tik CD

Chthonic : A Decade On The Throne Live DVD

Chthonic : Deep Rising CD

Chthonic : Final Battle At Sing Ling Temple DVD

Chthonic : Freddy Vs. Jason CD

Chthonic : Mirror Of Retribution CD

Chthonic : Nightmare CD

Chthonic : Satan's Horns CD

Chthonic : Seediq Bale CD

Chthonic : Spread The Qi 1995 To 2002 DVD

Chthonic : Takasago Army CD

Chthonic : UNlimited TAIWAN CD

Chthonic : Where The Ancestors' Souls Gathered CD

Cinderella : Still Climbing CD

Circus Maximus : The 1St Chapter CD

Circus Maximus : Isolate CD

Cirith Gorgor : Unveiling The Essence CD

Citizen : Manifesto For The New Patriot CD

Coffin Birth : Disturbing The Earth CD

Coffin Birth : The Miracle of Death CD

Confessor : Condemned CD

Control Denied : The Fragile Art of Existence CD

Convulse : Inner Evil CD

Convulse : Reflections CD

Convulse : World Without God CD

The County Medical Examiners / General Surgery : SPLIT CD

The County Medical Examiners : Fetid Putrescent Whiffs CD

The County Medical Examiners : Forensic Fugues And Medicolegal Medleys CD

The County Medical Examiners : Reeking Rhapsodies For Chorale, Percussion And Strings CD

Covenant : In Times Before The Light CD

Cradle of Filth : Midnight In The Labyrinth CD

Cradle of Filth : No Time To Cry CD

Cretin : Cretanic Grind Ambush CD

Cretin : Freakery CD

Crimfall : As The Path Unfolds CD

Crimson Moon / Acherontas / Akrabu / Shibalba : Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat SPLIT CD

Crionics : Neuthrone CD

Cynic : Carbon Based Anatomy CD

Cynic : The Portal Tapes CD

Cynic : Re-Traced CD

Cynic : Traced In Air CD

D.R.I. : 4 of A Kind CD

D.R.I. : Crossover CD

D.R.I. : Dealing With It! CD

D.R.I. : Thrash Zone CD

Dark Angel : We Have Arrived CD

Dark Fortress : Eidolon CD

Dark Fortress : Seance CD

Dark Fortress : Towards Immortality CD

Dark Fortress : Ylem CD

Darkflight : Perfectly Calm CD

Darkthrone : Circle The Wagons CD

Darkthrone : Dark Essence CD

Darkthrone : Dark Thrones And Black Flags CD

Darkthrone : Frostland Tapes CD

Darkthrone : Hate Them CD

Darkthrone : A Night of Unholy Black Metal CD

Darkthrone : NWOBHM CD

Darkthrone : Panzerfaust CD

Darkthrone : Plaguewielder CD

Darkthrone : Ravishing Grimness CD

Darkthrone : Sardonic Wrath CD

Darkthrone : Sempiternal Past CD

Darkthrone : Too Old, Too Cold CD

Darkthrone : Transilvanian Hunger CD

Darkthrone : Underground Resistance CD

Dawn of Relic : Wrathcast CD

De Lirium`s Order : Termination In Surreal CD

Death : Individual Thought Patterns CD

Death : The Sound of Perseverance

Death : Symbolic CD

Deathchain / Deathbound SPLIT CD

Deathchain : Death Eternal CD

Deathchain : Death Gods CD

Deathchain : Ritual Death Metal CD

Deathlike Silence : Saturday Night Evil CD

Decapitado : Blacked CD

Defecation : Intention Surpassed CD

Deicide : Legion CD

Demonaz : March of The Norse CD

Denial of God : The Curse of The Witch CD

Denial of God : The Dawn of Aemizaez : Demos 1992-1993 CD

Denial of God : Death And The Beyond CD

Denial of God : A Night In Transylvania CD

Denial of God : The Red Terror CD

Det Hedenske Folk : Northland Rules Supreme CD

Det Hedenske Folk : United by Heathen Blood CD

Dethrone : The Decay of A Man CD

Dethrone : Let The Day Begin CD

Devastation : Signs of Life CD

Devin Townsend : Christeen CD

Devin Townsend : Christeen + 4 Demos EP CD

Devin Townsend : Devlab CD

Devin Townsend : Hummer CD

Devin Townsend : Infinity CD

Devin Townsend : Official Bootleg Video DVD

Devin Townsend : Physicist CD

Devin Townsend : Terria CD

Devin Townsend : Ziltoid The Omniscient CD

The Devin Townsend Band : Accelerated Evolution CD

The Devin Townsend Band : Synchestra CD

Devin Townsend Project : Addicted CD

Devin Townsend Project : The Calm & The Storm CD

Devin Townsend Project : Deconstruction CD

Devin Townsend Project : Epicloud CD

Devin Townsend Project : European Tour EP CD

Devin Townsend Project : Ghost CD

Devin Townsend Project : Ki CD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Der Weg CD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Dschinghis Khan CD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Friede Sei Mit Dir CD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Friede Sei Mit Dir DVD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Licht CD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Moral & Wahnsinn CD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Riders On The Storm CD

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter : Tobsucht DVD

The Dillinger Escape Plan / Drowningman SPLIT CD

The Dillinger Escape Plan / Nora SPLIT CD

The Dillinger Escape Plan : The Dillinger Escape Plan Now CD

The Dillinger Escape Plan : Irony Is A Dead Scene Epitaph CD

The Dillinger Escape Plan : Miss Machine CD

The Dillinger Escape Plan : One of Us Is The Killer CD

The Dillinger Escape Plan : Option Paralysis CD

The Dillinger Escape Plan : Plagiarism CD

Dimmu Borgir / Arcturus / Ancient / Emperor / Immortal : True Kings of Norway SPLIT CD

Dimmu Borgir : World Misanthropy CD

Disease of The Nation : Dawn of The Dead Age CD

Disease of The Nation : The Rudum CD

Disiplin : Hostis Humani Generis CD

Disiplin : Radikale Randgruppe CD

Disiplin : Wolf-Age CD

Dismal Euphony : Autumn Leaves - The Rebellion of Tides CD

Dismal Euphony : Dismal Euphony CD

Dismal Euphony : Soria Moria Slott CD

Dismember : Casket Garden CD

Dismember : Death Metal CD

Dismember : Dismember CD

Dismember : The God That Never Was CD

Dismember : Indecent And Obscene CD

Dismember : Live Blasphemies DVD

Dismember : Massive Killing Capacity CD

Dismember : Misanthropic CD

Dismember : Pieces CD

Dismember : Under Blood Red Skies DVD

Dismember : Where Ironcrosses Grow CD

Divinefire : Eye of The Storm CD

Divinefire : Farewell CD

Divinefire : Into A New Dimension CD

Drain : Freaks of Nature CD

Drain : Horror Wrestling CD

Draugnim : Horizons Low CD

Draugnim : Northwind`s Ire CD

Dream Theater : 5 Years In A Live Time DVD

Dream Theater : A Walk Beside The Band DVD

Dream Theater : Black Clouds & Silver Linings CD

Dream Theater : Bucharest, Romania 7/4/02 DVD

Dream Theater : Chaos In Motion 2007/2008 DVD

Dream Theater : Dark Side Of The Moon DVD

Dream Theater : A Dramatic Turn of Events CD

Dream Theater : Images And Words : Live In Tokyo DVD

Dream Theater : Romavarium DVD

Dream Theater : Santiago, Chile 12/6/05 DVD

Dream Theater : Score DVD

Dream Theater : Systematic Chaos CD

Dream Theater : Train of Thought CD

Dream Theater : When Dream And Day Reunite DVD

Dream Theater : When Dream And Day Unite CD

Dream Theater : Wither CD

Drottnar : Stratum CD

Dunkel:heit : Obey CD

Dublin Death Patrol : Ddp 4 Life CD

Dublin Death Patrol : Death Sentence CD

Ebonillumini : The Ebon Channel CD

Eclipse : The Act Of Degradation CD

Einherjer : Far Far North CD

Einherjer : Leve Vikingånden CD

Einherjer: Norrøn CD

Einherjer : Norwegian Native Art CD

Eisregen : Blutbahnen CD

Eisregen : Eine Erhalten CD

Eisregen : Knochenkult CD

Eisregen : Madenreich CD

Eisregen : Rostrot CD

Eisregen : Schlangensonne CD

Eisregen : Zerfall CD

Electric Void Summoner : Kosmonautilus CD

Eluveitie : Everything Remains As It Never Was CD

Eluveitie : Helvetios CD

Eluveitie : Slania CD

Elvira Madigan : Angelis Deamonae - Wiccan Aftermaht CD

Elvira Madigan : BlackArts CD

Elvira Madigan : Regent Sie CD

Elysian Fields : We…The Enlightened CD

Emperor : Live Inferno / Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 CD / DVD

The End : Elementary CD

The End : Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient CD

The End : Within Dividia CD

Ensiferum : 1997-1999 CD

Ensiferum : Burning Leaves CD

Ensiferum : Stone Cold Metal CD

Ensiferum : Unsung Heroes CD

Esoteric : The Death of Ignorance CD

Esoteric : Metamorphogenesis CD

Esoteric : Paragon of Dissonance CD

Eternity : Bringer of The Fall CD

Evemaster : III CD

Excubiae : Erämaakirkon Virret CD

Excubiae : Levyttämättömiä Biisejä CD

Exhumed / Ingrowing : Something Sickened This Way Comes / To Clone And To Enforce SPLIT CD

Exhumed : All Guts, No Glory CD

Exhumed : Anatomy Is Destiny CD

Exhumed : Gore Metal CD

Exhumed : Goregasm CD

Exhumed : Necrocracy CD

Exhumed : Parasit Bastard CD

Exhumed : Platters of Splatter CD

Exhumed : Slaughtercult CD

Extol / Antestor / Groms / Schaliach : Northern Lights - Norwegian Metal Compilation SPLIT CD

Extol : Paralysis CD

Eyes of Noctum : Inceptum CD

F / Bewitched : My Death For You On A Night of Cursed Fullmoon SPLIT CD


Falkenbach : En Their Medh Riki Fara CD

Falkenbach : Heralding – The Fireblade CD

Falkenbach : Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri CD

Falkenbach : Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty CD

Falkenbach : Tiurida CD

Farmakon : A Warm Glimpse CD

Fleurety : Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : The Cold CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : Cuatro CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : Dreams of Death CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : Drift CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : High CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : Live In Japan DVD

Flotsam & Jetsam : Live In Phoenix DVD

Flotsam & Jetsam : My God CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : No Place For Disgrace CD

Flotsam & Jetsam : Once In A Deathtime DVD

FM2000 : FM2000 CD

FM2000 : FM2000 Go Russia CD

FM2000 : Joseph`s Seven Faces CD

FM2000 : Opium Grilli CD

FM2000 : Round Cube CD

FM2000 : Ruumisvasara CD

FM2000 : Volovo CD

Folkearth : Father of Victory CD

Folkearth : Fatherland CD

Folkearth : Minstrels By The River CD

Folkearth : Rulers of The Sea CD

Folkearth : Songs of The North CD

Folkearth : Songs of Yore CD

Folkearth : Vikings Anthem CD

Folkodia : Battlecry CD

Folkodia : Battles And Myths CD

Folkodia : Forgotten Lore CD

Folkodia : In A Time of Legends CD

Folkodia : Odes From The Past CD

Forbidden : Distortion CD

Forbidden : Omega Wave CD

Frail From Inside : Broken World CD

Frail From Inside : Disease of The Nation CD

Frail From Inside : Promo 2003 CD

Frail From Inside : Soul-Alone-Fragile CD

From Ashes : Promo 2004 CD

Frost Like Ashes : Born To Pieces CD

Frost Like Ashes : Demo 2002 CD

Frost Like Ashes : Kavult CD

Frost Like Ashes : Live In Omaha DVD

Frostbitten Kingdom : Infidel Angel CD

Frostbitten Kingdom : Through Nightfall Storms And Sunless Dawns CD

Funeris Nocturnum : Code666 : Religion Syndrome Deceased CD

Funeris Nocturnum : From The Aspect of Darkly Illuminated CD

Funeris Nocturnum : Pure Satanic Blasphemy CD

Furia : Blast 'N Fuck CD

Furia : Kheros CD

Furia : La Source Noire DVD

Garm : Buried Alive CD

Garm : Fuck The Grace CD

Garm : Time To Face The Truth CD

General Surgery / Butcher Abc SPLIT CD

General Surgery / Filth : SPLIT CD

General Surgery / Machetazo SPLIT CD

General Surgery : A Collection of Depravation CD

General Surgery : Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism CD

General Surgery : Demos CD

General Surgery : Like An Ever Flying Limb CD

Genitorturers : Blackheart Revolution CD

Genitorturers : Live In Sin DVD

Genitorturers : Machine Love CD

Genitorturers : The Society of Genitorture DVD

Glittertind : Evige Asatro CD

Glittertind : Landkjenning CD

Glittertind : Til Dovre Faller CD

Gloomy Grim : Promopack 2006 DVD

Goat The Head : Doppelgängers CD

Goat The Head : Neander Tales CD

Goat The Head : Simian Supremacy CD

Goat The Head : Wicked Mimicry CD

Godflesh : Godflesh CD

Godflesh : Slavestate CD

Godgory : Resurrection CD

Godgory : Sea of Dreams CD

Godgory : Shadow`s Dance CD

Gonin-Ish : Gonin-Ish CD

Gonin-Ish : Naishikyo - Sekai CD

Gorefest : Chapter 13 CD

Gorefest : Erase CD

Gorefest : False CD

Gorefest : Fear CD

Gorefest : La Muerte CD

Gorefest : Rise To Ruin CD

Gorgasm / Nerlich / Decoherence : Embalmed Madness SPLIT CD

Gorgasm : Bleeding Profusely CD

Gorgasm : Masticate To Dominate CD

Gorgasm : Neurotripsicks CD

Gorgasm : Orgy of Murder CD

Gorguts : Colored Sands CD

Gorguts : Considered Dead CD

Gorguts : Demo Anthology CD

Gorguts : The Erosion of Sanity CD

Gorguts : Obscura CD

Gorod : Leading Vision CD

Gorod : Neurotripsicks CD

Gorod : A Perfect Absolution CD

Gorod : Process of A New Decline CD

Gorod : Transcendence CD

Gramary : As Blood Deepens The Silence CD

Gramary : Cold Hands of Death CD

Graveborne : Astride Over The Grave CD

Graveborne : Pure Negativity CD

The Great Kat : Beethoven's Guitar Shred DVD

The Great Kat : Beethoven Shreds CD

The Great Kat : Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed CD

The Great Kat : Guitar Goddess CD

Grendel : Corrupt To The Core

Grendel : Lost Beyond Retrieval CD

Gromth : The Immortal CD

The Grotesquery : The Facts And Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton – Tsathoggua Tales CD

Hades : Again Shall Be CD

Hades : The Dawn of The Dying Sun CD

Hades Almighty : Millenium Nocturne CD

Hades Almighty : The Pulse of Decay CD

Handful of Hate : Death from Above CD

Handful of Hate : Gruesome Splendour CD

Handful of Hate : Qliphothic Supremacy CD

Handful of Hate : Scorn And Conquest CD

Handful of Hate : You Will Bleed CD

Hatepulse : Core of The Soulless CD

Heaven And Hell : The Devil You Know CD

Hellbastard : Natural Order CD

Hellhammer : Apocalyptic Raids CD

Hellhammer : Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. CD

Hellveto / Hergorn : Under The Sign of Ancient Gods / Burning Kingdoms SPLIT CD

Hellveto : 966 CD

Hellveto : Damnaretis CD

Hellveto : In The Glory of Heroes CD

Hellveto : Kry CD

Hellveto : Neoheresy CD

Hellveto : Od Poludnia Na Pólnoc... CD

Hellveto : Prelude To Dying CD

Hellveto : Shadow of The Blue / My Eternal Hegemony CD

Hellveto : Stos CD

Hellveto : Wiara Nadzieja Potenpienie CD

Holy Blood : Shining Sun CD

Horde : The Day of Total Armageddon Holocaust : Alive In Oslo DVD

Horna : Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa CD

Ics Vortex : Storm Seeker CD

Ihsahn : Eremita CD

Ikuinen Kaamos : Closure CD

Ikuinen Kaamos : Fall of Icons CD

Ikuinen Kaamos : The Forlorn CD

Illnath : 4 Shades of Me CD

Illnath : Angelic Voices Calling CD

Illnath : Lead The Way CD

Illnath : Third Act In The Theatre of Madness CD

Immemoreal : Temple of Retribution CD

Immortal : Damned In Black CD

Immortal : Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism CD

Immortal : Live At BB Kings Club New Your 2003 DVD

Immortal : Sons of Northern Darkness CD

Immortal Angelica : Reminiscence CD

Immortal Souls : IV : The Requiem For The Art of Death CD

Impaled / Haemorrhage : Dementia Rex SPLIT CD

Impaled : Choice Cuts CD

Impaled : The Dead Shall Dead Remain CD

Impaled : Death After Life CD

Impaled : Digital Autopsy CD

Impaled : The Last Gasp CD

Impaled : Medical Waste CD

Impaled : Mondo Medicale CD

Impaled : Septic Vomit CD

Impaled Nazarene / Driller Killer SPLIT CD

Impaled Nazarene : 1990-2012 DVD

Impaled Nazarene : Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace CD

Impaled Nazarene : All That You Fear CD

Impaled Nazarene : Decade of Decadence CD

Impaled Nazarene : Latex Cult CD

Impaled Nazarene : Manifest CD

Impaled Nazarene : Nihil CD

Impaled Nazarene : Pro Patria Finlandia CD

Impaled Nazarene : Rapture CD

Impaled Nazarene : Road To The Octagon CD

Impaled Nazarene : Ugra-Karma CD

In Battle : In Battle CD

In Battle : Kingdom of Fear CD

In Battle : The Rage of The Northmen CD

Incubus : Beyond The Unknown CD

Incubus : Serpent Temptation CD

Indica : Ikuinen Virta CD

Indica : Kadonnut Puutarha CD

Indica : Tuuliset Tienoot CD

Indica : Valoissa CD

Indica : A Way Away CD

Infra Black : Bloodchaos CD

Infra Black : Drenian Symphonies CD

Infra Black : Immortal Realm CD

Infra Black : Light From The Deep CD

Infra Black : System CD

Infra Black : Tentacles of Armageddon CD

Insidious Disease : Shadowcast CD

Internal Suffering : Chaotic Matrix CD

Into Eternity : Buried In Oblivion CD

Into Eternity : Dead Or Dreaming CD

Into Eternity : Into Eternity CD

Into Eternity : The Incurable Tragedy CD

Iommi : Fused CD

Iommi : Iommi CD

Iommi : The 1996 DEP Sessions CD

Isäntä Meidän : Taakka CD

Isäntä Meidän : Toinen Tuleminen CD

Jarkko Martikainen : Toivo CD

The Jasser Arafats : Condemnation CD

Kadenzza : The Reality In the Phantasmagoric World CD

Kadenzza : The Second Renaissance CD

Kameleontti : Kaiken Jälkeen CD

Kameleontti : Luojan Kiitos CD

Kameleontti : Sarkaimet CD

Kameleontti : Vähitellen Vaikenee CD

Kampfar : Heimgang CD

Kampfar : Mare CD

Kampfar : Norse CD

Kastimonia : In Their Remembrance CD

Keinuva Lahna : Haaleita Kylpyjä CD

Keinuva Lahna : Runosielu CD

Kekal : 8 CD

Kekal : Audible Minority CD

Kekal : Autonomy CD

Kekal : Futuride CD

Kekal : Kekal - Road Trip To Acidity 2005 DVD

Kekal : Kekal Live In Europe DVD

Khert-Neter : Sekhmet The Destroyer CD

Khold : De Dodes Tjern CD

Khold : Hundre År Gammal CD

Kiln : Piece Of Peace CD

King Diamond : Abigail 2: The Revenge CD

King Diamond : The Dark Sides CD

King Diamond : The Eye CD

King Diamond : Give Me Your Soul... Please CD

King Diamond : The Graveyard CD

King Diamond : The Puppet Master CD

King Diamond : The Spider's Lullabye CD

King Diamond : Them CD

King Diamond : Voodoo CD

Kiss : Lick It Up CD

Kiss : Love Gun CD

Kiss : Rock And Roll Over CD

Kivimetsän Druidi : Kristallivuoren Maa CD

Kivimetsän Druidi : Mustan Valtikan Aika CD

Kivimetsän Druidi : The New Chapter CD

Kivimetsän Druidi : Taival CD

Klamydia / Die Lokalmatadore : Kipsi CD

Klamydia / Die Schwarzen Schafe : SPLIT CD

Klamydia : Arvon (lisäveron) Mekin Ansaitsemme CD

Klamydia : Klamydia Rockperry Live 2003 DVD

Klamydia : Klamytologia CD

Klamydia : Kosketus CD

Klamydia : Kujanjuoksu CD

Klamydia : Lohikäärme Puff CD

Klamydia : Neljä Nahkafagottia CD

Klamydia : Onnesta Soikeena CD

Klamydia : Pala Rauhaa CD

Klamydia : Pienen Pojan Elämää CD

Klamydia : Ryssä Mun Leipääni Syö CD

Klamydia : Saksaan CD

Klamydia : Seokset CD

Klamydia : Siittiöt Sotapolulla CD

Klamydia : Snapsin Paikka CD

Klamydia : Suomi On Sun CD

Klamydia : Urpojugend CD

Klamydia : Usvaputki DVD

Klamydia : Zulupohjalta CD

Knorkator : A CD

Knorkator : Das Nächste Album Aller Zeiten CD

Knorkator : Hasenchartbreaker CD

Knorkator : High Mud Leader - Die 1. CD

Knorkator : Ich Hasse Musik CD

Knorkator : Kinderlied CD

Knorkator : The Schlechtst of Knorkator CD

Knorkator : Tribute To Uns Selbst CD

Knorkator : Weg Nach Unten DVD

Knorkator : Zu Alt CD

Knorkator : Zu Alt DVD

The Konsortium : Preproduction '08 CD

Korgonthurus / Bloodhammer SPLIT CD

Korgonthurus / Musta Kappeli SPLIT CD

Korgonthurus : Marras CD

Korgonthurus : Ristillä Mädäntyen CD

Korgonthurus : Salvation Through Despair SPLIT CD

Korgonthurus : Tapa Itsesi CD

Korpiklaani : Karkelo CD

Korpiklaani : Manala CD

Korpiklaani : Tervaskanto CD

Korpiklaani : Ukon Wacka CD

The Kovenant : Aria Galactica CD

Kuolleet Intiaanit : 4D-Ep CD

Kuolleet Intiaanit : Mets� Puhuu Hiljaa CD

Kuolleet Intiaanit : Painajainen? CD

Lake of Tears : Black Brick Road CD

Lake of Tears : A Crimson Cosmos CD

Lake of Tears : Forever Autumn CD

Lake of Tears : Greater Art CD

Lake of Tears : Headstones CD

Lake of Tears : Illwill CD

Lake of Tears : Lady Rosenred CD

Lake of Tears : Moons And Mushrooms CD

Lake of Tears : The Neonai CD

Lamb of God : As The Palaces Burn CD

Lamb of God : Killadelphia DVD

Lamb of God : Pure American Metal CD

Lamb of God : Sacrament CD

Lamb of God : Terror And Hubris DVD

Lamb of God : Walk With Me In Hell DVD

Lamb of God : Wrath CD

Lantlos : Agape CD

Lantlôs : .Neon CD

Lantlõs : Lantlõs CD

Lawnmower Deth : Kids In America CD

Le Grand Guignol : The Great Maddening CD

Leaves`Eyes : At Heaven`s End CD

Leaves`Eyes : Elegy CD

Leaves`Eyes : Into The Light CD

Leaves`Eyes : Legend Land CD

Leaves`Eyes : Melusine CD

Leaves Eyes : Meredead CD

Leaves`Eyes : My Destiny CD

Leaves`Eyes : Njord CD

Leaves`Eyes : We Came With The Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia CD

Leaves`Eyes : We Came With The Northern Winds / En Saga I Belgia DVD

Left Hand Solution : Light Shines Black CD

Left Hand Solution : Missionary Man CD

Left Hand Solution : Shadowdance CD

Leiden : Dualite CD

Leiden : L`Aube Spirituelle CD

Lengsel : The Kiss - The Hope CD

Leuku : Mares CD

Limbonic Art : 1995-1996 CD

Limbonic Art : 1996 CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Ahmatti CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Katkeran Rauhallinen CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Laavaa CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Liekkimaja CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Magenta CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Neiti Nahkahansikas CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Taskuelokuvia 94–04 CD

Limonadi Elohopea : Trukilla Yli Vaikeuksien CD

Liv Kristine : 3AM. (RELEASED 1998) CD

Liv Kristine : Deus Ex Machina CD

Liv Kristine : Libertine CD

Liv Kristine : One Love CD

Liv Kristine : Skintight CD

Loits : Leegion Laval 12.01.07 DVD

Loits : Promo 2004 CD

Loits : Vere Kutse DVD

Lord Vampyr : Carpathian Tragedies CD

Lord Vampyr : Horror Masterpiece CD

Lord Vampyr : Vampyria CD

(Lord Vampyr`s) Shadowsreign : Bloodcity : The Forgotten Memories Part 1 CD

Lordi : Babez For Breakfast CD

Lordi : Bringing Back The Balls To Stockholm DVD

Lordi : Hard Rock Hallelujah DVD

Lordi : The Market Square Massacre DVD

Lo-Ruhamah : The Glory of God CD

Lo-Ruhamah : Lo-Ruhamah CD

Lover of Sin : Lover of Sin CD

Lumsk : Det Vilde Kor CD

Luna Ad Noctum : Lunar Endless Temptation CD

Luna Field : Close To Prime CD

Luna Field : Diva CD

Luotettava Todistus : LT 2007 DVD

M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) : Gross Misconduct CD

Maanelyst : Splitdemon Vol.1 CD

Macabre : Drill Bit Lobotomy CD

Macabre : Gloom CD

Macabre : Human Monsters CD

Macabre : Murder Metal CD

Macabre : Shit List CD

Macabre : Unabomber CD

The Machete : Untrue CD

Mactatus : Blot CD

Mactatus : The Complex Bewitchment CD

Mactatus : A Dark Journey CD

Mactatus : Provenance of Cruelty CD

Malfeitor : Incubus CD

Malfeitor : Unio Mystica Maxima CD

Månegarm : Legions of The North CD

Månegarm : Live In Moscow DVD

Månegarm : Nattväsen CD

Månegarm : Vargstenen CD

Manes : Under Ein Blodraud Maane CD

Manowar : Fighting The World CD

Mantric : The Descent CD

Massacra : Enjoy The Violence CD

Masterlast : Mastery of Self CD

Mayhem : Cult of Aggression DVD

Mayhem : Dawn of The Black Hearts CD

Mayhem : Deathcrush CD

Mayhem : From The Darkest Past CD

Mayhem : Once Upon A Time In Norway DVD

Mayhem : Out From The Dark CD

Mayhem : Pure Fucking Armageddon CD

Mayhem : Pure Fucking Mayhem Documentary DVD

The Meads of Asphodel / Old Corpse Road : The Bones of This Land Are Not Speechless / English Black Punk Metal SPLIT CD

The Meads of Asphodel / Sigh / Taake / Thus Defiled / Evo Algy : Swine of Hades SPLIT CD

The Meads of Asphodel : The Early Years CD

Medeia : Quantum Holocaust: World Domination CD

Megiddon : Covered By Blood, Burning Inside CD

Mekong Delta : Dances of Death CD

Mekong Delta : The Gnome CD

Mekong Delta : Kaleidoscope CD

Mekong Delta : Live In Frankfurt 1991 DVD

Mekong Delta : Lurking Fear CD

Mekong Delta : Mekong Delta CD

Mekong Delta : Toccata CD

Mekong Delta : Wanderer On The Edge of Time CD

Mercyful Fate : Dead Again CD

Mercyful Fate : Don't Break The Oath CD

Mercyful Fate : In The Shadows CD

Mercyful Fate : Into The Unknown CD

Mercyful Fate : Melissa CD

Mercyful Fate : Mercyful Fate CD

Mercyful Fate : Time CD

Meshuggag : Alive DVD

Meshuggag : Catch Thirtythree CD

Meshuggag : Chaosphere CD

Meshuggag : Contradictions Collapse CD

Meshuggag : Koloss CD

Meshuggag : Meshuggag CD

Meshuggah : None CD

Meshuggah : ObZen CD

Meshuggah : Selfcaged CD

Meshuggah : The True Human Design CD

Metal Duck : Auto Ducko Destructo Mondo CD

Metallica : St. Anger CD

Metsatöll : Äio CD

Metsatöll : Iivakivi CD

Metsatöll : Kõva Kont DVD

Metsatöll : Lahinguväljal Näeme, Raisk! DVD

Metsatöll : Terast Mis Hangurd Me Hinge 10218 CD

Metsatöll : Ulg CD

Metsatöll : Veelind CD

Miasma : Changes / Love Songs CD

Midnattsol : The Metamorphosis Melody CD

Midnattsol : Nordlys CD

Midnattsol : Where Twilight Dwells CD

Minas Tirith : The Art of Becoming CD

Minas Tirith : Demons Are Forever CD

Minas Tirith : Dissertation Prophetae CD

Minas Tirith : Mythology CD

Mind Riot : Inferno Gogo CD

Mind Riot : Peak CD

Mirzadeh : Ancient Rites CD

Miseration : Your Demons - Their Angels CD

Misfortune : Forsaken CD

Misfortune : Midnightenlightened CD

Mistress : In Disgust We Trust CD

Mistress : The Glory Bitches of The Doghead CD

Mock : Mock CD

Moonsorrow : V : Hävitetty CD

Moonsorrow : Kivenkantaja CD

Moonsorrow : Suden Uni CD

Moonsorrow : Tulimyrsky EP CD

Moonsorrow : Verisäkeet CD

Moonsorrow : Voimasta Ja Kunniasta CD

Moottörin Jyrinä : Moottörin Jyrinä CD

Moottörin Jyrinä : Nupit Luoteiseen CD

Morbid / Mortem : SPLIT CD

Morbid : Year of The Goat CD

Morgoth : Odium CD

Morgul : Parody of The Mass CD

Mortemia : Misere Mortem CD

Mortualia / Inmitten Des Waldes : Mortualia / Inmitten Des Waldes SPLIT CD

Mortualia / Monarque : Hymnes Funeraires Des Rois SPLIT CD

Mortualia : Blood of The Hermit CD

Mortualia : Nebelstern Des Nichts CD

Mortuary Drape : All The Witches Dance CD

Mortuary Drape : Black Flames of Blasphemy CD

Mortuary Drape : Buried In Time CD

Mortuary Drape : Into The Drape / Mourn Path CD

Mortuary Drape : Secret Sudaria CD

Mortuary Drape : Tolling 13 Knell CD

Mourning Rise : Five Ways To Illuminate Silence CD

Must Missa : Goat of Sin CD

Must Missa : Ma Ei Talu Valgust CD

Must Missa : Martyr of Wrath CD

Musta Surma / Bloodhammer / Annihilatus : Christian Genocide SPLIT CD

Musta Surma : Riena CD

Mustan Kuun Lapset / Azaghal : Uusi Suomalainen Black Metal Tulokas SPLIT CD

Mustan Kuun Lapset : Kauniinhauta CD

Mustan Kuun Lapset : Prologi CD

Mustan Kuun Lapset : Suruntuoja CD

Mustan Kuun Lapset : Talvenranta CD

Mustan Kuun Lapset : Viimeinen Laulu Kuolemasta CD

My Dying Bride : Trinity CD

Nailed God : Glorification of The Unborn CD

Napalm Death : Scum CD

Natan : Het Zicht Van De Dood CD

National Napalm Syndicate / Lycantrophy / Mengele / Morphosis : Thrashing Relics Volume 1 SPLIT CD

National Napalm Syndicate : Devolution Of Species CD

Nattefrost / Fenriz` Red Planet : Engangsgrill SPLIT CD

Nattefrost : Hell Noise And Live Terrorism CD

Necrobiosis : The Pile of Decayed Entrails CD

Necrony : Poserslaughter Classic Remasters CD

Necrophagia : 1983-1987 / 1994-1998 CD

Necrophagia : Black Blood Vomitorium CD

Necrophagia : Cannibal Holocaust CD

Necrophagia : Death Is Fun CD

Necrophagia : Deathtrip 69 CD

Necrophagia : Through Eyes of The Dead DVD

Neetzach : True Servants of Satan CD

Nicole : 120 Minuuttia DVD

Nicole : Demo CD

Nicole : Harmonia CD

Nicole : Ikuista CD

Nicole : Kun Päivästä Tulee Yö CD

Nicole : Lahja CD

Nicole : Odotus CD

Nicole : Sivu Syyttömistä CD

Nicole : Suljetut Ajatukset CD

Nicole : Tasavalta DVD

Nicole : Tuomittujen Joukkoon CD

Nicole : Valve CD

Nicole : X DVD

Nile : Amongst The Catacombs of Nephren-Ka CD

Nile : Annihilation of The Wicked CD

Nile : At The Gate of Sethu CD

Nile : Making Things That Gods Detest DVD

Nile : Those Whom The Gods Detest CD

No Man`s Band : Helmiä Sioille CD

No Man`s Band : Suolaa Haavoihin CD

Nocturnus : Thresholds CD

Norman : Yli Erämaan CD

Notre Dame : Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You, The 2nd CD

O.L.D. : Old Lady Drivers CD

Obituary : Back From The Dead CD

Obituary : Darkest Day CD

Obituary : Don`t Care CD

Obituary : The End Complete CD

Obituary : Frozen Alive DVD

Obituary : Left To Die CD

Obituary : Live Xecution - Party.San 2008 DVD

Obsidian : On The Path of Others We Feed CD

Obsidian Gate : The Vehemence CD

Obtained Enslavement : Centuries of Sorrow + Demos CD

Obtained Enslavement : Centuries of Sorrow CD

Obtained Enslavement : The Shepherd And The Hounds of Hell CD

Obtained Enslavement : Soulblight CD

Obtained Enslavement : Witchcraft CD

Octavia : Guilty CD

Officium Triste / Cold Mourning SPLIT CD

Officium Triste / Ophis : Immersed SPLIT CD

Officium Triste : Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years of Hurt CD

Officium Triste : Giving Yourself Away CD

Officium Triste : Mors Viri CD

Officium Triste : Mountains of Depressiveness CD

Officium Triste : Ne Vivam CD

Officium Triste : The Pathway CD

Officium Triste : Roses On My Grave CD

The Old Dead Tree : The Water Fields CD

Old Funeral : Our Condolences 1988-1992 CD

Opprobrium : Mandatory Evac CD

The Order of Apollyon : The Flesh CD

Ov Hell : The Underworld Regime CD

Overkill : Horrorscope CD

Overkill : Under The Influence CD

Overkill : Years of The Decay CD

Ozzy Osbourne : Bark At The Moon CD

Ozzy Osbourne : Black Rain CD

Ozzy Osbourne : Blizzard of Ozz CD

Ozzy Osbourne : Diary of A Madman CD

Ozzy Osbourne : Down To Earth CD

Ozzy Osbourne : No More Tears CD

Ozzy Osbourne : No Rest For The Wicked CD

Ozzy Osbourne : Ozzmosis CD

Ozzy Osbourne : The Ultimate Sin CD

Ozzy Osbourne : Under Cover CD

Pantheon I : Worlds I Create CD

Pantokrator : 1997-2000 CD

Pantokrator : A Decade of Thoughts 1996 -2006 CD

Pantokrator : The Initiation CD

Parade of Souls : De Profundis CD

Pestilence : Doctrine CD

Pestilence : Resurrection Macabre CD

Possessed : Possessed By Evil Hell DVD

Prestige : Attack Against Gnomes CD

Prestige : Selling The Salvation CD

Probot : Probot CD

Prong : Cleansing CD

Pyogenesis : Ignis Creatio CD

Pyorrhoea : Desire For Torment CD

Pyorrhoea : Pyorrhoea, Promo 2002 CD

Ragnarok : Arising Realm CD

Ragnarok : Blackdoor Miracle CD

Ragnarok : Collectors of The King CD

Ragnarok : Diabolical Age CD

Ragnarok : In Nomine Satanas CD

Ragnarok : Nattferd CD

The Rain : CD-EP 1996 CD

The Rain : CD-EP 2001 CD

The Rain : CheckPoint DVD

Ram-Zet : Escape CD

Ram-Zet : Freaks in Wonderland CD

Ram-Zet : Intra CD

Ram-Zet : Neutralized CD

Rauta : Haudanmaa CD

Realm : Endless War CD

Realm : Suiciety CD

Rebirth of Nefast / Slidhr : Ex-Nihilo SPLIT CD

Recidivus : Back From The Ashes CD

Red Harvest : A Greater Darkness CD

Red Harvest : Harvest Bloody Harvest DVD

Red Harvest : Mazturnation CD

Red Harvest : Nomindsland CD

Red Harvest : There`s Beauty In The Purity of Sadness CD

Repulsion : Horrified CD

Repulsion : Necrothology DVD

Righteous Pigs : Stress Related CD

Root / Atomizer : SPLIT CD

Root : Black Seal CD

Root : The Book CD

Root : Casilda CD

Root : Daemon Viam Invenient CD

Root : Deep In Root DVD

Root : Hell Symphony CD

Root : Hell Tour 2004 DVD

Root : Heritage of Satan CD

Root : Kärgeräs CD

Root : Madness of The Graves CD

Root : The Temple In The Underworld CD

Root : Zjeveni / The Revelation CD

Rytmihäiriö : Saatana On Herra CD

Rytmihäiriö : Sarvet, Sorkat, Salatieteet CD

Rytmihäiriö : Seitsemän Surman Siunausliitto CD

Rytmihäiriö : Surman Siipien Havinaa CD

Rytmihäiriö : Surmantuoja CD

S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) : 20 Years of Dysfunction DVD

S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) : Kill Yourself *The Movie* DVD

S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) : Live At The Fenix DVD

S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) : Rise of The Infidels CD

Sabnack / Drowning The Light : SPLIT CD

Sabnack : Ars Notoria CD

Sabnack : Signing of The Soul CD

Sacrecy : Promo 2005 CD

Sacred Reich : Ignorance CD

Sacred Reich : Independent CD

Sacred Reich : Surf Ignorance CD

Sacred Reich : Surf Nicaragua CD

Sadus : Elements of Anger CD

Sadus : Illusions (Chemical Exposure) CD

Sadus : Live In Santiago DVD

Saint Vitus : Born Too Late CD

Sanctus : Aeon Sky CD

Sarah Jezebel Deva : A Sign of Sublime CD

Sarcoma Inc. : Psychopathology CD

Sarcoma Inc. : The Dark Prophecy CD

Satyricon : Satyricon CD

School of Violence : We The People...? CD

Sculptured : Apollo Ends CD

Sculptured : Embodiment - Collapsing Under The Weight of God CD

Sculptured : The Spear of The Lily Is Aureoled CD

Sculptured : Suspiria CD

Sear Bliss : The Arcane Odyssey CD

Sear Bliss : Decade of Perdition DVD

Sear Bliss : Eternal Recurrence CD

Sear Bliss : Forsaken Symphony CD

Sear Bliss : Glory And Perdition CD

Sear Bliss : The Haunting CD

Sear Bliss : In The Shadow of Another World CD

Sear Bliss : Phantoms CD

Sear Bliss : Souldive CD

Sepultura : Morbid Visions CD

Shade Empire : Omega Arcane CD

Sick of It All : Scratch The Surface CD

Siebenburgen : Revelation VI CD

Sigh : The Curse of Izanagi CD

Sigh : The Eastern Force of Evil - Live 92` - 96` CD

Sigh : Evilized Japan CD

Sigh : Ghastly Funeral Theatre CD

Sigh : In Somniphobia CD

Sigh : Scenes From Hell CD

Sigh : Shadowking CD

Sigh : To Hell And Back CD

Sigh : Tragedies CD

Sigh : A Tribute To Venom CD

The Sins of Thy Beloved : Perpetual Desolation Live DVD

Sirenia : The Enigma of Life CD

Sirenia : Perils of The Deep Blue CD

Sirius : Aeons of Magick CD

Sirius : Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius CD

Six Feet Under : 13 CD

Six Feet Under : Alive And Dead CD

Six Feet Under : Bringer of Blood CD

Six Feet Under : Death Rituals CD

Six Feet Under : Double Dead DVD

Six Feet Under : Graveyard Classics CD

Six Feet Under : Graveyard Classics 3 CD

Six Feet Under : Haunted CD

Six Feet Under : Live With Full Force & Maximum Video DVD

Six Feet Under : Maximum Video DVD

Six Feet Under : True Carnage CD

Six Feet Under : Unborn CD

Six Feet Under : Undead CD

Six Feet Under : Wake The Night! Live In Germany DVD

Six Feet Under : Warpath CD

Skitliv : Amfetamin CD

Skitliv : Kristiansen And Kvarforth Swim In The Sea of Equilibrium While Waiting CD

Skitliv : Skandinavisk Misantropi CD

Slayer / Lamb of God / Children of Bodom / Mastodon / Thine Eyes Bleed : Unholy Alliance SPLIT DVD

Slayer : Diabolus In Musica CD

Slayer : Divine Intervention CD

Slayer : French Connection DVD

Slayer : God Hates Us All CD

Slayer : Show No Mercy CD

Slayer : Soundtrack To The Apocalypse CD / DVD

Slayer : Still Reigning DVD

Slayer : Undisputed Attitude CD

Slayer : World Painted Blood CD

Slechtvalk : An Era of Bloodshed CD

Slechtvalk : A Forlorn Throne CD

Slipknot : Disasterpieces DVD

Slipknot : Our Dreams Your Nightmares DVD

Slipknot : (Sic)nesses DVD

Slipknot : Vol. 3 - The Subliminal Verses CD

Slipknot : Voliminal - Inside The Nine DVD

Slipknot : Welcome To Our Neighbourhood DVD

Slumgudgeon : ...And On What Grounds? CD

Sodom : Obsessed By Cruelty CD

Sodom : Persecution Mania CD

Soilwork : A Predator`s Portrait CD

Solgrav : Pimeys Yllä Pohjolan : 2001-2006 CD

Solgrav : Pohjoisen Hämärän Sarastus CD

Sort Vokter : Folkloric Necro Metal CD

Sotajumala : Sotajumala CD

Soul Embraced : Dead Alive CD

Soul Embraced : Fleshless CD

Source of Tide : Dawn of Tides CD

Spiritus Tenebrae : Dae' Uat Tzaniis CD

Spiritus Tenebrae : Temple Of Anguis CD

Spiritus Tenebrae : Xebenu Xabesu CD

Stam1na : Brainrape CD

Stam1na : Likainen Parketti CD

Stam1na : Moulted Image CD

Stam1na : Passion Sessions CD

Stone : Colours CD

Stormlord : Curse of Medusa CD

Strapping Young Lad : C:enter:### CD

Strapping Young Lad : City CD

Strapping Young Lad : For Those Aboot to Rock (Live at the Commodore) DVD

Strapping Young Lad : Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing

Strapping Young Lad : Tour Ep CD

Subterranean Masquerade : Suspended Animation Dreams CD

Suffocation : Blood Oath CD

Suffocation : Breeding The Spawn CD

Suffocation : Effigy of The Forgotten CD

Suffocation : Human Waste CD

Suffocation : Pierced From Within CD

Suffocation : Pinnacle of Bedlam CD

Suffocation : Souls To Deny CD

Suffocation : Suffocation CD

Suicidal Tendencies : Lights ... Camera ... Revolution CD

Susperia : Attitude CD

Susperia : Illusions of Evil CD

Susperia : We Are The Ones CD

Swallow The Sun : Ghosts of Loss CD

Swallow The Sun : Hope CD

Swallow The Sun : The Morning Never Come CD

Swallow The Sun : New Moon CD

Swallow The Sun : Plague of Butterflies CD

Sympathy : Age Of Darkness CD

Sympathy : Anagogic Tyranny CD

Sympathy : Arrogance And Ignorance CD

Synestesia : Aikamme Orjat CD

Synestesia : Feeniks CD

Synestesia : Heikkojen Herralle CD

Synestesia : Ihmisen Nimeen CD

Synestesia : Talvimyrkky CD

Tankard : B-Day CD

Tankard : Beast of Bourbon CD

Tankard : The Beauty And The Beer CD

Tankard : Chemical Invasion CD

Tankard : Disco Destroyer CD

Tankard : Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live DVD

Tankard : A Girl Called Cerveza CD

Tankard : Kings of Beer CD

Tankard : The Meaning of Life CD

Tankard : Open All Night - Reloaded DVD

Tankard : Schwarz-Weib Wie Schnee CD

Tankard : Stone Cold Sober CD

Tankard : The Tankard CD

Tankard : Thirst CD

Tankard : Two Faced CD

Tankard : Vol(l)ume 14 CD

Tarharyhmä : Soitetaan Kovaa CD

Tarharyhmä : Tappopoppia CD

Teardown : Cold Rooms CD

Teardown : Drowned In Your Tears CD

Teardown : Signs of (In)Humanity CD

Terapia : Hoosianna CD

Terapia : Joona CD

Terapia : K23 CD

Terapia : Kovia Ääniä Ja Vaikeita Sanoja CD

Terapia : Single CD

Terapia : Studio 7 CD

Terapia : Uusi Levy CD

Terra Tenebrae : Breeding The Grotesque CD

Terrorizer : Hordes of Zombies CD

Testament : Dark Roots of Earth CD

Testament : Demonic CD

Testament : The Formation of Damnation CD

Testament : Live At The Independent DVD

Testament : Live At The Omni 1988 DVD

Testament : Live At The Warfield DVD

Testament : Live In Istanbul DVD

Testament : Live In London DVD

Testament : Live In Osaka Japan 1999 DVD

Testament : Live In Paris DVD

Testament : Live In Taiwan DVD

Testament : Live In Tilburg, The Netherlands DVD

Testament : Live In Tokyo Japan 1999 DVD

Testament : The New Order CD

Testament : Santa Monica Civic 1989 DVD

Tharaphita : Hundisaedus CD

Tharaphita : Iidsetel Sunkjatel Radadel CD

Tharaphita : Raev CD

Tharaphita : Tumedate Tunnete K�tkeis CD

Theatre of The Macabre : Manifesting The Sorcerers Lore CD

Theatres Des Vampires : The Addiction Tour 2006 DVD

Theatres Des Vampires : Anima Noir CD

Theatres Des Vampires : Cult of Lahmia CD

Theatres Des Vampires : Desire of Damnation CD

Theatres Des Vampires : Moonlight Waltz CD

Theatres Des Vampires : Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011 DVD

Theatres Des Vampires : Pleasure And Pain CD

Theatres Des Vampires : Rehearsal (Promo '97) CD

Theatres Des Vampires : The (Un)Official History 1993-2003 CD

Therion : Lepaca Kliffoth CD

Therion : Time Shall Tell CD

Theudho : The Blueprints For Revolution / Under the Alemannic Sun CD

Theudho : The V�lsunga Saga CD

Thokkian Vortex / Aetherius Obscuritas : The Saturnine Alliance SPLIT CD

Thorns : Embrace / Fragment CD

Thy Mesmerized : Thy Mesmerized CD

Thy Primordial : At The World of Untrodden Wonder CD

Thy Primordial : The Crowning Carnage CD

Thy Primordial : The Heresy of An Age of Reason CD

Thy Primordial : Kristallklar Vinternatt CD

Thy Primordial : Pestilence Upon Mankind CD

Thy Primordial : Under Iskall Trollmåne CD

Thy Primordial : Where Only The Seasons Mark The Paths of Time CD

Timo Rautiainen : En Oo Keittäny Enkä Myyny CD

Timo Rautiainen : Loppuun Ajettu CD

Timo Rautiainen & Neljäs Sektori : Kunnes Elämä Meidät Erottaa CD

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus : Itku Pitkästä Ilosta CD

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus : Kuilun Partaalla CD

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus : Perunkirjoitus DVD

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus : Tiernapojat CD

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus : Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus DVD

Tourniquet : Antiseptic Bloodbath CD

Tourniquet : Till Sverige Med Karlek DVD

Tormentor / Atomic / Dictàtor / Trepàn : Black And Speed Metál SPLIT CD

Tormentor : 7Th Day of Doom CD

Tormentor : Anno Domini CD

Tormentor : The Sick Years CD

Torture Killer : I Chose Death CD

Torture Killer : Phobia CD

Torture Killer : Sewers CD

Trail of Tears : Bloodstained Endurance CD

Trail of Tears : Disclosure In Red CD

Trail of Tears : Existentia CD

Trail of Tears : Free Fall Into Fear CD

Trail of Tears : A New Dimension of Might CD

Trail of Tears : Profoundemonium CD

Trelldom : Til Et Annet CD

Trelldom : Til Minne CD

Triptykon : Shatter CD

Tristania : Darkest White CD

Tristania : Rubicon CD

Tristania : Widow`s Tour DVD

Troll : Drep De Kristne CD

Troll : Neo-Satanic Supremacy CD

Troll : Trollstorms Over Nidingjuv CD

Trollfest : Brakebein CD

Trollfest : Brumlebassen CD

Trollfest : En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral CD

Trollfest : Promo CD

Trollfest : Uraltes Elemente CD

Trollfest : Villanden CD

Trollfest : Willkommen Folk Tell Drekka Fest! CD

Trollheim's Grott : Chapter I : Silent Is The Dead CD

Trollheim's Grott : Demo 1998 CD

Trollheim's Grott : Live 1999 CD

Tuho : Violence CD

Tukkanuotta / Goresoerd SPLIT CD

Tulus : Biography Obscene CD

Tulus : Cold Core Collection CD

Tulus : Evil 1999 CD

Tulus : Mysterion CD

Tulus : Pure Black Energy CD

Turisas : The Heart of Turisas CD

Turisas : Turisas2013 CD

Turmion Kätilöt : Niuva 20 CD

Turmion Kätilöt : Perstechnique CD

Turmion Kätilöt : Pirun Nyrkki CD

Turmion Kätilöt : U.S.C.H! CD

Turmion Kätilöt : Verta Ja Lihaa / Teurastaja CD

Turmion Kätilöt : Verta Ja Lihaa CD

Twilight Ophera : Promo 2001 CD

Twisted Sister : Under The Blade CD

Twisted Sister : You Can`t Stop Rock`n`Roll CD

Type O Negative : After Dark DVD

Type O Negative : Life Is Killing Me CD

Type O Negative : Slow, Deep And Hard CD

Type O Negative : Symphony For The Devil DVD

Tyr / Heidevolk / Alestorm : Black Sails Over Europe SPLIT CD

Tyr : By The Light of The Northern Star CD

Tyr : How Far To Asgaard CD

Tyr : Land CD

Tyr : The Lay of Thrym CD

Tyrant : Under The Dark Mystic Sky CD

Ulver : Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler CD

Ulver : Kveldssanger CD

Unseen Terror : Human Error CD

Usurper : Necronemesis CD

Usurper : Visions From The

Utgard : Brethren of Wolves CD

Utgard : Thrones And Dominions CD

Utgard : Utgard CD

V:28 : SoulSaviour CD

V:28 : VioLution CD

Ved Buens Ende : Coiled In Obscurity CD

Ved Buens Ende : Rehearsal July 2006 CD

Ved Buens Ende : Those Who Caress the Pale CD

Venia : Victory By Surrender CD

Verivala : Kalliolle, Kukkulalle CD

Verjnuarmu : Itkuvirsj` CD

Verjnuarmu : Laalavat Jouset CD

Verjnuarmu : Lohuton CD

Verjnuarmu : Pimmeyvven Ruhtinas CD

Verjnuarmu : Verjnuarmu CD

Verjnuarmu : Verta, Voemoo ja Viitakkeita CD

Vesania / Black Altar : Wrath Ov the Gods / Moonastray SPLIT CD

Vesania : Distractive Killusions CD

Vesania : God The Lux CD

Vesperian Sorrow : Regenesis Creation CD

Via Mistica : Under My Eyelids CD

Viikate : Kevyesti Keskellä Päivää CD

Viikate : Kuutamo, Kaiho & Katkeruus CD

Viikate : Leimu CD

Viikate : Marraskuun Lauluja 1 CD

Viikate : Marraskuun Singlet CD

Viikate : Petäjäveräjät CD

Viikate : Pohjoista Viljaa CD

Viikate : Surut Pois Ja Kukka Rintaan CD

Viikate : Sysiässä CD

Viikate : Tie CD

Viikate : Vesi Jota Pelkäät CD

Viikate : V-DVD 2 : Viikate Iltamat DVD

Viikate : Viina, Terva & Hauta CD

Viikate : Vuoden Synkin Juhla CD

Vindsval : Imperium Grotesque CD

Vintersemestre : Jääverisaatana CD

Vintersemestre : Kirkkokyrpä CD

Vintersphrost : Nights of Cold CD

Vio-Lence : Blood And Dirt DVD

Vio-Lence : Eternal Nightmare CD

Vio-Lence : Nothing To Gain CD

Vio-Lence : They Just Keep Killing CD

Vio-Lence : Torture Tactics CD

VIP : Kunnes Kuolema Erottaa CD

VIP : Palaneet Sillat CD

VIP : Unen Valta CD

Virgin Black : Sombre Romantic CD

Virus : The Black Flux CD

Virus : Carheart CD

Voivod : Angel Rat CD

Voivod : Infini CD

Voivod : Katorz CD

Voivod : Killing Technology CD

Voivod : Negatron CD

Voivod : Nothingface CD

Voivod : Phobos CD

Voivod : Target Earth CD

Voivod : Tatsumaki - Voivod In Japan DVD

Voivod : Voivod CD

Von Sirius : The Mystical Doktryn of Spiritual Accomplishment CD

W.A.S.P. : W.A.S.P. CD

Waltari : Monk Punk CD

White Zombie : Let Sleeping Corpses Lie CD

Winds : Prominence And Demise CD

Wintersun : Live At Summer Breeze 2005 DVD

Wintersun : Time I CD

Winterwolf : Cycle of The Werewolf CD

Witchery : Restless & Dead CD

Witchery : Witchburner CD

Witchery : Witchkrieg CD

Withered Beauty : Withered Beauty CD

Wormfood : Eponym CD

Wormfood : France CD

Wormfood : Posthume CD

Worms of Sabnock : Dark Harmonies CD

The Wretched End : Inroads CD

The Wretched End : Ominous CD

Xysma : Deluxe CD

Xysma : Girl On The Beach CD

Xysma : Singles CD

Y.U.P. : Helppoa Katseltavaa DVD

Y.U.P. : The Hippos From Hell & Other Oddities 1988-1990 CD

Y.U.P. : Intiaanit Ymmärtävät CD

Y.U.P. : Keppijumppaa CD

Y.U.P. : Leppymättömät CD

Y.U.P. : Maailmannäyttely CD

Y.U.P. : Normaalien Maihinnousu CD

Y.U.P. : Pahassa Paikassa CD

Y.U.P. : Tuuliajolla CD

Y.U.P. : Varjoleikit CD

Yattering : Creative Chaos DVD

Yattering : III CD

Yattering : Murder`s Concept CD

Ywolf : Dream Warrior CD

Ywolf : Night of The Werewolf CD

Ywolf : Trilogy of The Night CD

Zion : Drakula CD

The Zombi : Appetite For Flesh CD

The Zombi : The Rottening CD

Zyklon-B : Blood Must Be Shed CD

Inferno #1
Inferno #2
Inferno #3
Inferno #4
Inferno #7
Inferno #14 (12/2003-01/2004)
Inferno #16 (March 2004)
Inferno #17 (April 2004)
Miasma #21 (5/2007)
Suomi Finland Perkele 5/99 (5`99)
Suomi Finland Perkele 6/99 (6`99)

... OFFER !!! ...
... OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY TRADELIST -> viewtopic.php?t=39029


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Wow, that's one big want list, I have some of them if you're still looking?
Trade list // // Want list
Band, album, label etc names based on others


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Source of Tide : Dawn of Tides CD

Best stuff ever



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Oi jo joi


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