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Metal newbie

Joined: Mon Sep 13, 2010 4:35 pm
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:26 pm 

...I am reducing my 7" collection

I am mostly looking for VENOM stuff I don't have (vinyl), be it different pressings and signed copies....

Otherwise I am interested in old school Thrash Death Black Heavy Doom Metal on 12" vinyl. I am located in Switzerland.....

++++ Interested in bigger trades to justify robber postage costs +++ Please PM ++++

Artist Title Notes Price
Azaghal Helwettiläinen No. 278 EUR 5
Azaghal / Sael None Shall Escape... No. 347 EUR 5
Beherit Beast Of Damnation Offer
Bestial Holocaust / Nuclear Desecration Marching Towards The Nuclear Holocaust EUR 5
Bestial Holocaust / Surrender Of Divinity Deathstrike From The Abyss Offer
Beyond Enter Transcendence EUR 5
Black Magick SS Symbols Of Great Power Offer
Dark Fury After The Battle No. 251 EUR 5
Dawn Trespass Infinity EUR 5
Freitod / Unhuman Disease Freitod / Unhuman Disease EUR 5
Freitod / Wacht Freitod (4) / Wacht Clear Vinyl EUR 5
Goat Torment Into The Mouth Of The Serpent No. 188 EUR 5
Isegrim / Sanctimonious Order The Gate Of Nanna / For They Shall Be Slained EUR 5
Megiddo / Legion 666 Last Will And Testament / Outbreak Of Evil No. 6 EUR 5
Mongrel's Cross Whoresanna Black Vinyl EUR 5
Morne Morne EUR 5
Necrostrigis Blackness Fullmoon Blood EUR 5
Nuclear Magick Mutual Retaliation EUR 5
Nuclearhammer / Sickrites Abomination To The Lord EUR 5
Pagan Hellfire Spirit Of Blood And Struggle Unnumbered EUR 5
Rotting Christ Αποκαθήλωσις Offer
Sarcofago Live Slaughter 1990 Test Press Greek Bootleg Black Vinyl limited to 3 !! (normal limited to 10 copies!) Offer
Sarcofago São Paulo Live 1987 Test Press Greek Bootleg Black Vinyl limited to 3 !! (normal limited to 10 copies!) Offer
Slaughtbbath Total Warlust No. 291 EUR 5
Slayer Cult Offer
Slayer Los Angeles Live (14.11.83) unnumbered Offer
Toxic Holocaust / Midnight Toxic Holocaust / Midnight Offer
Trial Malicious Arts EUR 5
Vestiges / Caulfield Zombie / Dive EUR 5
Vikingblood Blutes Klagen No. 462 EUR 5
Wacht / Ordo Infandorum Rituum Occultus Split ltd. To 246 pieces, 100 in white, Nr. 87/246 EUR 5

+++ Good Trades/Buys done with++++

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emere vendere cambire

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:00 am 

Can you just update this thread instead: viewtopic.php?p=1720112

Also your sig is broken.
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