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Location: Canada
PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:23 am 


NECROMANTIA "Ancient Prides" TSHIRT - XL (Osmose Productions) *Unworn*


08/15 "Es war das Vaterland" CD (Wotan Records)
14 NOTHELFER "Hate N' Roll" CD (Movement Records)
ABIGAIL "Welcome All Hell Fuckers" CD (Drakkar Productions)
ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. "Electric Heavyland" CD (Alien8 Recordings)
ADORIOR "Author of Incest" CD (Agonia Records)
AGONY "L.I.F.E." CD (Self released)
ANCIENT RITES "And the Hordes Stood as One" CD (Hammerheart Records)
ANNETT "Eine Mutter Klegt an..." CD (Pühses Liste)
ARCHIVUM "Támadás" CD (Movement Records)
ARKONA "Revival" CD (Karelian Arts Productions)
ARYAN ART "..And Despite All, Bulgaria Will Survive" CD (EK Productions)
ARYOS "Maitre des dominations cérébrales" CD (D.U.K.E./Goétie Exhumation)
ATARAXIA "Mon seul désir" CD (Cruel Moon/Cold Meat Industry)
AUFMARSCH "100%" CD (Wotan Records)
AZARATH "Infernal Blasting" CD (Pagan Records)
BATTLEFIELD "Pole Bitwy" CD (Strong Survive Records)
BATTLEFIELD "Zemsta Za Zdrade" CD (Ultima Records)
BEWITCHED "Atrocities in A Minor" CD (Regain Records)
BLACK WOOD "Kill Me Satan" CD (Thou Shalt Kill! Productions)
BLUE MAX "...Von uns für Euch..." Cd (Blue-Max Records)
BÖHSE ONKELZ "Tanz der Teufel" CD (Freddy Krüger)
BÖHSE ONKELZ "Scheie des Zorns" CD (No label)
BOOTS OF HATE "Die Stimme der Staße" digi-CD (Wotan Records)
BURMESE/CADAVER EYES "Split" CD (HBC Records/New Scream Industry)
CHAOS MOON "Origin of Apparition" CD (Wraith Productions)
CHARNEL VALLEY "The Dark Archives" MCD (Paragon Records)
CHILDREN OF MAANI "The Veil of Osiris" MCD (Velvet Music International)
CIANIDE "Divide and Conquer" CD (Merciless Records)
CONSOLATION "Brave Melvin from the Southern Point" CD (Displeased Records)
CORRUPTED/NOOTHGRUSH "Split" CD (Reservoir Records)
CREEPING "Funeral Crawl" CD (Aspyxiate Recordings)
CURSE "Cursed be Thy Name" MCD (No Colours Records)
DAGAZ "De korade skall falla" CD (Valhalla records)
DARKLAND "Self titled" CD (Perverted Taste Records)
DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED "Witch-Hunts" CD (Spinefarm Records)
DAWN OF DECAY "New Hell" CD (VOD Records)
DEAD OF WINTER "At the Helm of the Abyss" CD (Profound Lore Records)
DECEASED "...The Blueprints for Madness" CD (Relapse Records)
DEUTSCHE PATRIOTEN S.A. "Totgesgte leben länger" CD (Backstreet Noise Versand)
DEMIGOD "Shadow Mechanics" CD (Spikefarm Records)
DESTRÖYER 666 "Phoenix Rising" CD (Season of Mist)
DEVIL LEE ROTH "Hellscraper/A Little Devil ain't Enough" CD (Witches Brew)
DEVIL LEE ROTH "Metal Dictator/Soldier from Hell" CD (Witches Brew)
DISCIPLES OF POWER "Invicible Enemy" CD (Power of Death Music)
ETHER "Depraving Repressed Feelings" CD (Sepulchral Productions)
EXCIDIUM "Innocent River" CD (Adipocere Records)
FOIERSTOSS "Stark im Land" CD (Wotan Records)
FOIERSTOSS "Eiserne Jugend" CD (Pühses Liste)
FOREST "Forest" CD (Iso666 Releases)
GARDENS OF GEHENNA "Mortem Saluta" CD (Shiver Records)
HAINO, KEIJI "So, Black is Myself" CD (Alien8 recordings)
HRIZG "Oaken Path of Grief" CD (Wraith productions)
IRM "Oedipus Dethroned" CD with slipcase (Cold Meat Industries)
KOLOVRAT "Blood Of Patriots" CD (Kolovrat NS Records)
KOLOVRAT "Ninth Wave of White Power" CD (Kolovrat NS Records)
KRAFTSCHLAG "Götter des Krieges" (with pin, in dvd case) CD (V7 Versand)
KRIEGSMASCHINE "Altered States Divinity" CD (Todeskult Entertainment)
LIVING IMPAIRED "World Keeps Spinning" CD (Cold Earth Records)
LOPEZ, FRANCISCO "Untitled #104" CD (Alien8 Recordings)
MAGISTER DIXIT "My Anger is an Eternal Field of Demonized Mercenaries" CD (Mankind's Demise Records)
MALVENTO "Memoriae Mali" CD (Maggot)
MELECHESH "Sphynx" CD (Osmose Productions)
MITHRAS "Forever Advancing... Legions" CD (Candlelight Records)
MOSCOW BAND "Will to Victory" CD (Masks Off Records)
MOSCOW BAND "Future Belongs to Us" CD (Masks Off Records)
MORGOTH "Cursed" CD (Century Media)
MOURNING BELOVETH "The Sollen Sulcus" CD (Grau)
MUNIN "Vergiss die treuen Toten nicht" CD (Pühses Liste)
NEBEL TORVUM "Echoes of Nature" CDR (Oisin Productions)
NEBEL TORVUM "Fallen Leaves Forgotten" CDR (God is Myth Records)
NON SERVIAN "Between Light and Darkness" CD (Black Diamond Productions/Invasion Records)
NORDMEN "Vertus Guerrières" CDR (Self released promo for their album)
NORTHMAN "Nor Rike - Unser Reich" CD (Kraftschlag Records)
ORGY OF PIGS "Where Feelings Die" CD (Dominator Records)
OSTARA "Ultima Thule" CD (Eis und Licht Verlag)
PHYCUS "Total" 2xCD-R in DVD box (Total Zero)
PORCO 69 "Sempre in mezzo ai guai" CD (Barracuda Records)
PROMONTORY "The Hill of Hope" CD (Leviathan Records)
PROTAGONIST (The) "Songs of Experience" digi-CD (Cold Meat Industry)
REPUGNANT "Epitome of Darkness" CD (Soulseller Records)
ROBOCHANMAN "Strugglediver" CD (Ground Fault Recordings)
RUPTURE "Brutal Badlands" CD (HG Fact)
SADORASS "Strength and Wisdom" CD (Christhunt Productions)
SAMAEL "Passage" (comes with XYTRAS "Passage" as bonus" DCD (Century Media)
SARCOPHAGUS "For We... Who are consumed by the Darkness" CD (Blood Fire Death)
SECRETS OF THE MOON "Stronghold of the Unviolables" CD (Cicatrix)
SIEGNUM "Vergangene Freundschaft" CD (Molokoplus Versand)
SIGH "Gallows Gallery" CD (Baphomet Records)
SKINHEADS SACHEN-ANHALT (SSA) "Der Kampf hat begonnen!" CD (V7 Versand)
SOKYRA PERUNA "The Best Of 1997-2001" CD (Eastside Records)
SPREEGESCHWADER "Bleib wie du bist" CD (Wotan Records)
SSORC "Infidel Eternal" CD (Armageddon/Obliteration Records)
STAHLKAPPEN "...unterm Krakenkreuz" CD (Scheetern Records)
STANDRECHT "Den vaderland getrouwe" CD (Groene Draeck Produkties)
STANDRECHT "Resist to Exist" CD (Groene Draeck Produkties)
STURMBRIGADE "Ewige Treue" CD (Rock-O-Rama Records)
SUICIDAL WINDS "Victims in Blood" CD (No Colours Records)
SUICIDAL WINDS "Wrath of God" CD (Agonia Records)
SVARROGH "Kukeri" CD (Heavy horses Records)
SVENSK UNGDOM "Frihetssånger" CD (Nordiska Förlaget)
SVENSK UNGDOM "Daniel Wretströms eftermäle" digi-CD (Nordiska Förlaget)
THERION "Theli" CD (Nuclear Blast America)
THY INFERNAL "Warlords of Hell" CD (Moribund Records)
TIDFALL "Circular Supremacy" CD (Nocturnal Art Productions)
TROUBLE MAKERS "Pax Americana" CD (Pit Records)
ULTIMA RATIO "Zurück in Deutschland" CD (Wotan Records)
ULTIMA RATIO "Brain Wash" CD (Wotan Records)
ULTIMA RATIO "Wir Sind..." CD (Wotan Records)
UNVEILED "Anti-God Behavior" CD (Woodcut Records)
VARIOUS ARTISTS (w/ Holy Moses, Immortalis, incubator, Jumpin' Jesus, etc) "Cries of the Unborn" CD (WVR Label)
VARIOUS ARTISTS (w/ Moss, Grief, Thee Plague of Gentlemen, etc) "Dreams of What Life Could have Been"" CD (Psychedoomelic Records)
VARIOUS ARTISTS (w/ Brigade M, Standrecht, Dietse Patriotten, etc) "Welkom in Sassem II" CD (Sassem Produkties)
VOLKSZORN "Die Gedanken sind Frei!" CD (Wotan Records)
VOLKSZORN "Skinheads" MCD (Wotan Records)
WHITELOADS "My Heart, Blood of Mine" CD (White Records)
WILDE JUNGS "Party Pur" CD (Dim Records)
WOLD "Badb" CDR (Self Released - demo before their album, comes with promo sheets)
WOLFSRUDEL "Nationaler Widerstand" CD (Pühses Liste)
ZERSTÖRER "Wem die Stunde schlägt" CD (Vincente Directori Publ.)


AC/DC "If You Want Blood You've Got It" LP (Atlantic Recording Corporation)
AGGRESSION "Forgotten Skeleton: 1986 Unreleased Album" LP (Morbid Moon Records)
ARROGANTS, The "Here Comes the Arrogants" MLP (Barracuda Records)
ATOMIZER "The Only Weapon of Choice" LP (The Ajna Offensive)
BEATLE, The "White Album" DLP (Capitol Records)
BEATLE, The "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" LP (Capitol Records)
BEATLE, The "Abbey Road" LP (Capitol Records)
BELIEVER "Sanity Obscure" LP (Roadrunner Productions)
BIERPATRIOTEN "Auf dem weg zur Hölle" LP (Nordland Records)
BIFROST "Mythistory" LP (Painkiller Records)
BLACK HAND, The "Pulling Your Strings" (red wax) 10"MLP (Scorched earth Policy)
BONE AWL "Not For Our Feet" LP (Klaxon Records)
BURNING WITCH "Towers..." LP (Slap A Ham Records)
CLOSE SHAVE "Oi! Kinnock Give Us Back Our Rose!" LP (Link Records and Music Ltd.)
CORTEGE "Pleurer les anges" MLP (Motorock Records/Crânes Blasés Records)
DEAD RAVEN CHOIR "Cask Strength Black Metal" 3xLP Box Set (Weird Forest Records)
DEEP PURPLE "Perfect Strangers" LP (Polygram Records/Thames Records)
DEEP PURPLE "Deepest Purple - the Very Best of Deep Purple" LP (Warner Bros. Records)
DELIRIUM TREMENS "Thrashing Warthogs" LP (Merciless Records)
DESCENDANTS "Milo Goes to College" LP (SST Records)
DRILLER KILLER "And the Winner is..." LP (Hardcore Holocaust Records/Osmose Productions)
DWARVES "Lick It (The Psychedelic Years: 1983-1986)" Double LP (Recess Records)
ENID "Der Tag zur Nacht sich senkt..." 10" MLP (Ketzer Distribution Germania) 110/500
EUROBOYS "Party Animal" 10"MLP (Man's Ruin Records)
EUROPE "The Final Countdown" LP (Epic/CBS Records)
EXTERMINATOR "Total Extermination" LP (Bootleg)
FU MANCHU "Daredevil" LP (Bong Load Custom Records)
GEORGES LENINGRAD, Les "Sangue Puro" (yellow wax) LP (Dare to Care Records)
GUITAR WOLF "Missile Me" LP (Matador Records)
HORNA/KERBEROS "Goatfucking Gent/Vivicomburium MMIV a.b." LP (Obsure Abhorrence Productions) 497/738
IRE "I Discern an Overtone of Tragedy in your Voice..." LP (The Mountain Cooperative)
IRE "What Seed, What Root?" LP (Scorched Earth Policy)
KORIHOR "Kult Razor" MLP (Deathrash Armageddon) 963/1000
MAN IS THE BASTARD/LOCUST "Our Earth's Blood Pt 2" 10"MLP (King of the Monsters)
MAN IS THE BASTARD "Discography" LP (Deep Six Records)
MORBID UPHEAVAL/CAPRA HIRCUS "Split" 10" MLP (Aura Mystique Productions) 239/666
OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT "Witchcraft" LP (Last Episode/Wounded Love Records)
ORPHANED LAND "Ararat" 10"MLP (Profound Lore Records)
ORPHANED LAND "Mabool" (clear wax) DLP (Profound Lore Records)
RAVEN "All for One" LP (Neat Records/Banzai Records)
RODOVEST "Here is the Russian North" LP (Soldats Inconnus) 150/270
ROLLING STONES, The "Out of our Heads" LP (Abkco Records)
RUNNING WILD "Ready for Boarding" LP (Noise International)
RUSH "Grace Under Pressure" LP (Anthem Records)
SALTUS "Slavonic Pride" LP (Breath of Night Records/Merciless Records)
SATHANAS "Thy Dark Heavens" (red) LP (Blackmetal.com) 163/500
SCORPIONS "Love at First Sting" LP (Polygram Records)
SCREECHING WEASEL "Bark like a Dog" LP (Fat Wreck Chords)
SOFT CANYON "Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings" LP (Alien8 Recordings)
SONIC YOUTH "A Thousand Leaves" Double LP (Geffen Records/My So-Called Records)
SPACESHITS, The "Misbehavin'" LP (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
SPAWN OF SATAN/BLOODSICK "Split" LP (Metal Enterprise/Hell's Headbangers)
TANKARD "Fat, Ugly and Live" LP (Noise International)
TEENGENERATE "Smash Hits!" LP (Estrus Anchovies)
TEENGENERATE "Teengenerate" 10"MLP (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
TESTAMENT "The Legacy" LP (Atlantic/Megaforce Worldwide)
UNLEASHED "Victory" PIC LP (Century Media)
VOMIT "Still Rotting" LP (Lyderhorn Records/The Past is Alive Productions)
WARFARE "Metal Anarchy" LP (Neat Records)
ZYKLON "World ov Worms" LP (Candlelight/Displeased Records)

AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL "Adam Baum" EP (Loss Control Productions)
AGATHOCLES/SHIKABANE "Just Injust" EP (Keloid Records)
CHANT OF BLASPHEMY "Revelation" EP with patch (Warfront Productions/Warcult Production) 82/500
CHENIN BLANC "Hooligan Life" EP (Working Class Records)
CRIPPLE BASTARD/WRETCHED "Choas non musica" EP (Self Released)
DAHMER/SUPPRESSION "Let's Dance/Amerikkka Transmit..." EP (Yellow Dog Records)
DAHMER/APARTMENT 213 "Split" EP (Thrashart Records)
DAHMER/I.R.F. "Split" EP (Slightly Fast Records)
DAHMER/SATURATION "Split" (comes with both first and second pressing covers) EP (Spineless Records)
DAHMER/JEANXSEBERG "Split" (comes with both first and second pressing covers) EP (Praxis/Murder)
DAHMER/DENAK "Split" EP (Spineless Records)
DAHMER "2 Songs" EP (Doomsday Machine Records)
DEATH FROM ABOVE "Self titled" (red wax) EP (Molon Lave Records)
DECOMPOSING SERENITY "Atlast the Dolls are Broken..." EP (Prolaspse Records)
END (the) "Reversed Psyche" EP (Suggestion Records)
GLOBAL HOLOCAUST/FIERCE "Split" EP (Tabacco Shit Records)
GRIMTHORN/URUK HAI "Infernal Winter 666/Schall Und Rauch" EP (CCP Records)
HELLSERMON "Brimstone, Sulphur and Blood" EP (Decius Productions) 401/500
IMPACT "Coupable" EP (Vulture Rock Records)
JUMALHÄMÄRÄ "Vanity of Humanity" EP (Northern Sound Records)
LUNATIC GODS "Cuckoo" EP (Epidemie Records/Hirax Records)
MAN IS THE BASTARD/AGATHOCLES "Throne of Appehension/Provoked Behaviour" EP (Theologian Records)
MAN IS THE BASTARD "Abundance of Guns" EP (S.O.A. Records)
MIND SNARE "Brocken Promises" EP (Terror from Hell) 77/500
MOLOKO MEN "Clockwork Ultra Violence" EP (Vulture Rock Records)
MOZ/A SONIC DETERRENT "Split" EP (Anti-Everything)
NEW CITY ROCKS "Milano 2000" EP (Barracuda Records)
OI POLLOI "Anapxh" EP (Self released)
PAX MORTIS "A World of Thieves" EP (Cursed Productions)
RENAISSANCE "Tired Blood" EP (Shiver Records)
SANHEDRIN "Answer the Call" EP (Elkfuck Productions)
SCREAMS OVER NORTHLAND "Self titled" EP (Ghoul Records)
SENSELESS APOCALYPSE/HARSH "Split" (clear wax) EP (Mink Records)
SHIKABANE "Self Titled" EP (Self released)
SLUGATHOR "Delicasies of the Cadaver" EP (Perverted Taste Records) 656/1000
SLUGATHOR "Fabric of the Multiverse" EP (Perverted Taste Records)
SPACESHITS, The "More Abuse" EP (Primitive Records)


ABHORRE "Dépression" MC (Self released) 2/30
ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE "Deceased" MC (Deaf Records)
AFTERLIFE "Surreality" MC (Grind Core International/Olympic Recordings)
ALTAR OF PERVERSION "From Dead Temples (Towards the ast'ral Path)" MC (Blutreinheit Production)
ARTES NEGRAS "Let There be Death" MC (Nekrowhoregasmic Noize)
ATROCITY "Blut" MC (Massacre Records)
BATHORY "Twilight of the Gods" MC (Black Mark Productions)
BOLT THROWER "...For Victory" MC (Earache Records)
BONE AWL "Up to Something" MC (Klaxon Records)
BRANSTOCK "Lewwer duad üs Slaav" MC (Westwall Production) 085/200
CARPATHIAN FOREST/CULTUS SANGUINE "Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods/Cultus Sanguine" MC (Morbid Noizz Productions)
CEMETARY "Sundown" MC (Black Mark Productions)
CHANT OF BLASPHEMY "Demon II" MC (Self released) 166/333
CRUCIFER "Sepration" MC (Wild Rags Records)
CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS "Crumbling of the Heavenly Kingdom" MC (Self released)
CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS "The Hammer Of Purification" MC (Self released)
CURSED "The Coldest Death Infinite..." MC (Forgotten Wisdom Productions) 335/400
DARKTHULE "Awakening of the Ancient Past" MC (Self Released) 229/300
DEATHAMIN "Mass of What" MC (Self released)
DEATHEVOKATION "Blood" MC with business card style CDR (Self Released)
DECA DEBILANE/EXCRETED ALIVE "Are You fit In?" MC (Abnormal Tapes)
DEMIURG "Szwadrony Smieerci" MC "Funeral Productions/Pagan Night Productions)
DEMON REALM "...Of Chaos Damnation and War" MC (Drakkar Productions) 68/500
DEVISER "Thy Blackest Love" MC (Stoned Music)
DÖDFÖDD "Besjärjelse För Omvänd Rekreation" MC (Orderless Evil Productions)
DUNKELHEIM "Skulpas Svarte Troner" MC (Eclipse of Live Promulgation) 129/222
EIDOMANTUM "At War with Eidomantum" MC (Witchhammer Productions) 211/500
EDGE OF SANITY "Nothing but death Remains" MC (Black Mark Production)
ENTOMBED "Clandestine" MC (Earache Records)
EVIL ARTS "Swordsmith of Dark Ages" MC (Evil Arts Music)
FIMBUL "Vinterland" MC (Self released)
FURDIDURKE/BONE AWL "Split" MC (Klaxon Records)
FURZE "Trident Autocrat" MC (Nordkult Rituals) 49/300
GEGEN "Autocoma" MC (Self released)
GERRARD, LISA "The Mirror Pool" MC (4.A.D.)
GRUNT/OUTERMOST "Stab in the Ears" MC (Cat Move)
GUILTY CONNECTOR "Sabbath Connector Sabbath" MC (HWM/Utsu Tapes)
HANGÖVER "Terrorbeer" MC (Deathstrike Records) 371/500
HERESI "Psalm I" MC (Satanic Propaganda Records)
HERMIT/JALOPAZ "Collaboration" MC (Garbage Society) 51/150
HERMIT/END OF SILENCE "Split" MC (Abnormal Tapes)
HERMIT/HIDEG RONCS "Split" MC (Abnormal Tapes)
HIVER NOIR "Alkoholik Demo Rehearsal 2004" MC (Self released) 14/150
HURUSOMA "Welcome to Hurusoma World" MC (Sombre Records)
ILDJARN "1992-1995" MC (Monstrous Star records)
ILDJARN-NIDHOGG "Self titled" MC (Monstrous Star Records)
I SHALL BECOME "Wanderings" MC (Bootleg?)
LOWLIFE "My Icecream ios for all You Young Girls" MC (Black Arts Productions) 58/69
METAL INQUISITOR "Commencement" MC (Afterlife Productions) 261/500
METALLICA "Ride the Lightening" MC (Elektra/Asylum Records)
MORBID ANGEL "Blessed are the Sick" MC (Earache Records)
MORBID UPHEAVAL "Solar Impetus" MC (self Released)
MORGOTH "Cursed" MC (Century Media Records)
MORTIFIER "Promo 96" MC (Evil Horde Metal)
MSBR/MAGMAX/WEIRD VISION/ÂMES SANGLANTES "Prototype's Sons" MC (Psychoelectronic Sounds Recordings) 43/150
NASHEIM "Undergång" MC (Intolerant Records)
NEUE MIGRENE/SIST EN 343 "Split" MC (Abnormal Tapes) 7/???
NOCTURNAL PROPHECY "Murderous Ancestral Ritual" MC (Paleur Mortelle)
NORACE "Demo 2001" MC (Sabbathid Records)
PAGAN HELLFIRE "A Voice from Centuries Away" MC (Intolerant Records)
PARRICIDE "A Future of Suffering" MC (Rancid Chicken Music)
PEDESTRIAN DEPOSIT "Median" MC (Monorail Trespassing) 92/100
PHROQ "The Bushido Way" MC (Last Station on a Railway Tapes) 8/40
PROTEST "Hatuck" MC (Ancient Nation) 11/114
RAATE "Demo I" MC (Budget Funeral Records)
RAVENBANNER "For the Might of Heathen Blood" MC (Totenkopf Propaganda)
REPARTIENDO CHUPETES/PUS "Brutal Bodeguilla" MC (Puding de Pota Records)
REYNOLDS/KURU/COCKEYED/SCAB "4 Way Tape" MC (Dedfuk Records)
RICHARD RAMIREZ/BAPTIST SKIN COMMUNITY "Collaboration" MC (Psychoelectronic Sounds Recordings)
SELBSTMORD "Some Day the Whole World..." MC Garazel Productions)
SANATORIUM "Autumn Shadows" MC (Erebos Productions)
SONIC YOUTH "Confusion is Sex" MC (Geffen Records)
SONIC YOUTH "Bad Moon Rising" MC (Geffen Records)
SPIRITUAL WINTERMOON "Nightfall in the Ancient Woods" MC (Self released)
SUICIDAL WINDS "Rareties" MC (Blutvergiessen Productions)
THORNSPAWN "Altars of the Perversed Flesh" MC (Hellspike Records/Alastor Rex Productions/Nigra Mortis Records) 124/300
TOXIKHATE "Black Dawn" MC (Self released)
UNDERDARK "The Truth that Lives" MC (Satanic Wehrmacht Inquisition)
V/A "Jesus Wept Compilation #2 (w/Akitsa, Cultus, Heretic, Vrolok, etc)" MC (Black Arts Productions)
VEIL "Dolor" MC (Terror Wolfe Productions)
VROLOK "Resurgence" MC (Total Holocaust Records)
ZAHRIM "Ultu Muxxischa" MC (Total holocaust Records) 172/500


If you are interested please send your tradelist at tdghq@yahoo.ca

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:39 pm 


ALTAR OF PERVERSION/GOATFIRE "Daemonic Lust/At the Portals of Torment" EP (Hellflame Productions)
ARGHOSLENT "Troops of Unfeigned Might" EP (Horror Records)
ARGHOSLENT/STARGAZER "Split" EP (Hellflame Productions)
AS SERENITY FADES "Lowering Sunset" MC (Self released)
BLOOD "Impulse To Destroy" CD/LP (Wild Rags Records/Morbid Records)
BLOOD "O Agios Pethane" CD/LP (1MF Records)
CHEMIN DE HAINE/GRAND BELIAL'S KEY "Le royaume maudit/Hobo Of Aramaic Tongues" EP (Painiac Records)
COMBAT "Northwind" MC (Ostatnie Tchnienie Productions)
CREMATORY "Denial" MCD/MLP (MBR Records)
DECOMPOSED "The Funeral Obsession" MLP (The Record Label)
DEMIGOD/NECRPSY "Split" LP (Seraphic Decay Records)
DEMIGOD "Slumber of Sullen Eyes" CD/LP (Drowned Productions)
GRAND BELIAL'S KEY "The Tricifixion of Swine" EP (SpikeKult/End All Life)
LUROR/ETERNITY "Triumphant - We Walk the Infernal Path" LP (Blut & Eisen)
LUROR "Lucifer's Dawn" EP (Sombre Records)
MALIGNANT ETERNAL "Tårnet" CD (Hot Records)
NECROMASS "His Eyes" EP (Carnefician Production)
NECROMASS "Bhoma" EP (Miscarraige Records)
NECROMASS "Abyss Calls Life" CD (Dracma Records)
NORTH "From The Dark Past" CD (Astral Wings Records)
PERVERTUM "Creature of Ungod" CD (Lethal Records)
PAZUZU "Awaken the Dragon" CD (Dark Matter Records)
SEPTIC FLESH "Temple of the Lost Race" MLP (Black Power Records)
WERWOLF "Zeitenwende - Only the Strong Survive..." CD (Lethal Records)

Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:18 am 


CHANT OF BLASPHEMY "Demon II" MC (Self released) 166/333
CURSED "The Coldest Death Infinite..." MC (Forgotten Wisdom Productions) 335/400
DEMON REALM "...Of Chaos Damnation and War" MC (Drakkar Productions) 68/500
DUNKELHEIM "Skulpas Svarte Troner" MC (Eclipse of Live Promulgation) 129/222
EIDOMANTUM "At War with Eidomantum" MC (Witchhammer Productions) 211/500
EVIL ARTS "Swordsmith of Dark Ages" MC (Evil Arts Music)
HANGÖVER "Terrorbeer" MC (Deathstrike Records) 371/500
HIVER NOIR "Alkoholik Demo Rehearsal 2004" MC (Self released) 14/150
NEUE MIGRENE/SIST EN 343 "Split" MC (Abnormal Tapes) 7/???
NORACE "Demo 2001" MC (Sabbathid Records)
PROTEST "Hatuck" MC (Ancient Nation) 11/114
THORNSPAWN "Altars of the Perversed Flesh" MC (Hellspike Records/Alastor Rex Productions/Nigra Mortis Records) 124/300


KORROZIA METALLA "Russian Vodka" CD+DVD (Vinland Winds Records)


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pm sent
CD TRADE LIST: http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... hp?t=42353
TRADE REFERENCES: http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... 31#1437731

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  In the Elder

  Scrolls Online, the trait number of Blacksmithing and Clothing are 112 in total,

  that is to say there are 112 traits you need to research. Though Woodworking

  accounts for low percent (only 48), it takes more than 6 Wildstar gold months of real time ..

  Read More|||Once you leave the Hall of Justice, you will access Bethany who will

  tell you the prison break in peninsula. You can get there instantly while you

  should have neverwinter nights gold and find a henchman first and purchase a

  number of supplies Read More|||The highest-ranked player of a faction which have

  control all 6 keeps in Cyrodii will be granted the title of Emperor and sit atop

  the Ruby Throne. To be an emperor is not an easy task, but if you .. Read

  More|||Evie is like the Mage in indictus game while she is able to do go further

  than mage. Evie is a Alchemy and Magic user with the ability to wield a Scythe

  or a Staff. The staff can run mighty spells like Firebolt ... Read More|||Each

  player wants to maximize DPS but minimize damage. Wildstar gold To the Dragonknight, it should

  gather abilities from different skill lines if it wants to maximize DPS and

  minimize damage. While to the Sorcerer, it needs to take some crowd control

  abilities if it doesn��t want to be defeated in combat. Read More|||Players who

  like playing Wildstar should be familiar with Nexus. Nexus is the legendary

  planet of the Eldan, there was a powerful race which owns advanced technology

  once lived there. However, more than one thousand years ago, Wildstar gold this powerful race

  ... Read More

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  The online store has been updated to allow players to purchase namechanges for for 19.Here's a quick peek at the site which has the typical WildStar flavor we've come to know and love.Source: shop.The live streams will be at www.twitch.tv/WildStar and are scheduled as follows:Nenesh will spawn AoE fire rings on the ground that deal pretty decent damage, just stay away from these. As he is about to die, hell start shooting lightning out at random party members, so its a good idea to save burst for this part of the fight.Elden Hollow Cannonreeve Oraneth Boss Guideyou can eso gold kaufen from online shop with safe transaction.

  The Paths are Soldier, Explorer, Scientist and Settler.Once again we feature Sibcoe from Red Team Gaming as he gives an excellent overview of the Path system in Wildstar. He highlights the various choices available and why it will be epic.I did not know that font could be smaller than a size 1? Did you?After my brush with greatness I sprinted over the laptops and grabbed a chair.Lets take a look at how WildStar delivers quests to players in the first fifteen levels. QuestgiversRead moreTeam WildStar has revealed the winners of their recent contest to make Vines about WildStar.Find cheapest Elder Scrolls Online gold new from us.

  Reflective Light, Venom Arrow, Binding Javelin, Magnum Shot, Power of the Light, Solar DisturbanceAedric Spear:?Puncturing Strikes (Rank I), Binding Javelin (Rank II)I asked him what was in the works (knowing I could not get specifics) to deal with the gap of conferences and reveals. Stephan said there were some really fun videos coming. In fact one he stated where the master of UI Jon Wiesman was involved.Each tab corresponds to the way the Available Runes to be crafted are sorted. There is a button at the bottom of the list that lets you Show Only Craftable (You have all the needed materials) and Show All Runes.Items with Rune Slots In the center of the Panel, has two tabs, Equipped and Inventory. Powered by Goldvk Forum ,the perfessional game raiders forum,including game raides,instance,Game Gold(Elder Scrolls Online gold), equipment, pvp,quests, etc.

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Acho pijo huevos ya !!!

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  THE WILDSTAR SOLUTIONIt's clear that there are different opinions on this matter, so today it was refreshing to see that Carbine has listened to player concerns andannouncedthat players will have the option to disable crossserverfunctionalityin the LFG tool.corner, then multiple of that alert are associated withQuest ShownWe may be on the verge of a the biggest info dump WildStar has ever released!As a fan, I'm the first Wildstar gold to admit that I wish this game was released yesterday, but as one who's experienced far too many unpolished and incomplete games, I say to Carbine: take all the time you need and we can't wait for the next reveals!

  Hopefully these will help gamers that are new to WildStar gain a better handle on what they are and how they work in the game.WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CLASS AND A PATH?Learning the RopesOne of the most resourceful guides we have for new players, is our ESO Tips & Tricks.leaving Wildstar goldyour enemy to Wile E. Coyote off the cliff while you watch in sadistic glee.Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade "The Nightblade is one of the five different classes available to play in the Elder Scrolls Online.Essentially, this is the rogue class of the game, and it focuses mainly on stealth and burst damage.

  20 for small raid and 40 for a large raid boss.ArchetypeAs a diehard Exile player, I actually felt a little guilty having so much fun playing on the Dominion side for this event. I know that Wildstar gold might sound strange, but in order to make myself feel a bit better about my faction betrayal, I had to create a circle to explain why I was playing on the Dominion side.When all four bars are full, hit the Place button to call down your beacon!SCAVENGER HUNT:

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  Picking a path is required at Character Creation; however doing the content is optional. You cant currently change your path, once selected, it is now a part of who you are.Unlike the other three classes in Elder Scrolls Online, there isnt really one race that perfectly suits the Templar. Instead, youve got a few different ones that compliment each different play-style of the Templar class.You all read WildStar Bucks because you are greedy and looking for insight on making a quick plat . its ok since it's what I like most about each of you. you can eso goldkaufen from online shop with safe transaction.

  They are strong hunters and guides, and excel in the art of stealth and thievery.Khajiit: The only non-elf race of the Aldmeri Dominion Faction in ESO are the Khajiit, which are a feline rice.Complete ESO Faction Guide"Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight "The Dragonknight Class is one of four playable classes available in Elder Scrolls Online.Main QuestCastle of the Worm: Overwhelming Power is now properly removed from you. Find cheapest Elder Scrolls Online gold new from us.

  There is no limit to the number of boxes you can earn between now and launch, but you have to log in each day of the beta if you want to be counted!Well have more details on the website in the near future about what the specific items you can earn are; until then just keep logging in to earn more Mystery Boxes! Powered by Goldvk Forum ,the perfessional game raiders forum,including game raides,instance,Game Gold(Elder Scrolls Online gold), equipment, pvp,quests, etc.
The missing "Drusera" story instances are in. These solo story instances were left out of the beta for spoiler purposes.

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  Each faction in Elder Scrolls Online has its own background and story, including different zones that are controlled by each faction and different playable races.The Daggerfall Covenant Faction in Elder Scrolls Online controls the provinces of High Rock, Orsinium, as well as Hammerfall.Here are the links I've compiled for you so far from those who have been included in the events. I'll add to this post as more Wildstar gold coverage comes out.

  These copies will behave similarly to the early zones (Northern Wilds, Everstar Grove, Crimson Isle, and Levian Bay), in that players who are grouped together will end up on the same version when transferring to it. If you group with players that are already on separate versions of the Wildstar gold continent, the ""Sync to Group"" button wil

  For a limited time there is also an option to avail and try out a trial version of the guide that doesnt cost you anything. If you are new to MMORPG or you havent use any in-game add-on before then this is an excellent option to try out the guide first hand before purchasing it.Hobbies Hobbies support the crafting system but does not have levels and talent points associated with them. You can make any Wildstar gold schematic you have in your possession and have the ingredients to make.

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  Because of the freeform targeting system and movement required, NPC involvement actually becomes a part of the strategy. For example, if you are a Warrior going up Wildstar gold
against a Spellslinger, you'll position yourself in a place where the caster's damage will aggro NPC's which will give you a numbers advantage.Here's what we can conclude: until Carbine announces a preorder and/or release date, we're still just speculating.Of course, that's part of the fun, right?

  When it comes to my attempts at streaming, Ive concluded that thereare few good reasons to subject you all to mycursing at mobs, and shoutingstatisticsat nodes when they doWildstar gold
not give me the right return on each hit. Fact:my wife once came in to check on me while I was playing, as I was arguing with an iron node that had spawned a creature and she th

  Fixed an issue where sometimes groups had trouble getting into raids.PathsAfter a crazy weekend of PAX awesomeness with WildStar and the community, I'm in the process of compiling all the great info, photos and video I was able to capture in Boston. There is plenty of good stuff from all around the WildStar communityWildstar gold
coming up over the next several days.For a limited time a risk free trial is also available to try out the demo before you actually sign up.ESO North American Servers Down 4/1 – 4/2 "April 2, 2014 By Michael Black Leave a Comment

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