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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:47 am
Posts: 27
Location: Portugal
PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:29 pm 

I'm sell some item on ebay:

http://shop.ebay.com/emperor666/m.html? ... m=&_ipg=25

Hailz!I have some cd's / demos for trade or sell. Each CD / Demo 3,00 €uro (unless noted), prices don't include postage.The cd's are all in Excellent conditions, mostly new… PM

Aetherius obscuritas-ventus-cd 2012
Arkenstone-arkenstone-cd (5 euros)(vendido)
Atanab-black magic-cd(vendido)
Bane(ser)-chaos, darkness & emptiness-cd
Battlelore(finl)-swords song-cd 03 (5 euros)(vendido)
Battlelore(finl)-where the shadows lie-cd 02(5 euros)(vendido)
Beyond the ninth wave-cd
Celtic dance/wolfthrone-split cd (selado)(10 euros)(vendido)
Curse-void above, abyss below-cd(vendido)
Decayed-shadow-land-cd (5 euros)
Demonomancy - supremacy through intolerance (the last legacy) cd
draugurinn – myrkraverk - cd
Ensepulchred-the night our rituals…-cd
Eternal chaos-dark god of the eternal-cd(vendido)
Fortid-voluspa part iii-fall of the ages-cd
Frozen dawn-the old prophecy of winterland-cd(vendido)
Iberia-heroes of the wasteland-cd (sealed)(5 euro)(vendido)
Iberia-iberia-cd (sealed)(5 euro)(vendido)
Iberia-Revolution-cd(sealed)(5 euro)(vendido)
Korium-the pendulum of sorrow-cd
Kroda/velimor-split (5 Euros)
Lament configuration-demonic incantations-cd
Leaden-monotonuos foghorns of molesting…-cd
Noktiis eterna-les larmes du tyrant-cd
Obscure torture-spilling the blood of the world-cd
Obskene sonare(austr)-todnachten-m/cd 2007
Primal dawn-zealot-cd
Quintessence mystica(ukr)-the 5th harmonic of death-cd
Svardenvyrd(cze)-obycej slunovratu-dvd box
Thoth(pol)-zamglenie -cd
Turdus merula-herbarium-cd
Tyranath/kuaathan/eingar-split cd
Veer-the measure of waste-cd
Vranorod – vranorod-cd
Winterblut-von den pflichten-cd
Wurm- aux portel de l’agonie-cd(vendido)

demo tapes

Abigail-diabolical nights of infernal destruction-7
Absurd - raubritter - 3
Abusiveness / saltus - nowa era 3
Ad noctem funeriis- of evil and torment- 3
Adragard-neverending necro void-3
Ammit-steel inferno-6
Amos-confort in trouble-2
Angels decay-victims of belief-8
Arganork- dusios- 8
Arkenstone- hymns to our fatherland-32
Ars macabra-iter in obscuritates mentis-3
Aryan art - ... I berem plodovete na nasheto nehaystvo 3
Aryan Art / Furor- Return to the Battlefield - Split Tape -3
Aryan triumph forging an iron will 1
Astarot - Raw Sensation Of Nostalgia And Nihilistic - 3
Astrofaes-the attraction: heavens and earth-4
Astrofaes-those whose past is immortal-8
Balmog/ aboriorth- split 3
Beltain -Rehearsal MMXI- 4
Berith-demo 99-6
Bestial-in perpetual tempest occult-4
Blutenstrasse/ordodo templi orientis/winter depression/moloch-split5
Bluthunde - human tape (zwaertgevegt) 3
Brandhaard - wolves head tape (zwaertgevegt) 3
Bruma obscura / heresia-split 3
Burial Mist / Sekhmet “Pure Blasphemy Till Death”3
Celtic dance-godess of a thousand knights-29
Chaosbaphomet-temple of the serpent baphomet- 4
Chimera-nothing but illusion-6
Chur – lykho 3
Chur \ oprich split 1
Craniotomy-and from flesh to bone-3
Crossodomizer-we need the ass of jesus-3
Cryfermal-raising deads, buring alives-3
Dauw - duivelswerk tape (zwaertgevegt) 3
Deadly carnage – decadenza -4
Decayed - chaos underground 3
Decayed-resurrectionem mortuorum-6
Demonlord-as bastard as god-8
Der stürmer / totenburg - si vis pacem, para bellum split tape.-3
Deranger-broken heaven-3
Der-crust falls- 3
Deviator "Uruz"3
Deviator "Voice Of The Native Blood"3
Diabolical principles- beyond the horizon…”3
Disforterror-black thoughts of the warriors-8
Disharmonical tempest-diatessaron-2
Dizziness "evocation of ancestral grandeur"3
Durthang-passage beyond the cold vales of desolation-8
echoes of emptiness & forest of illusions - split tape (achtung! Records)3
Einsamtod- grey days-3
Endlos - von sommernacht und winterfall - 3
Evil daed- fail of seraphs-4
Fallen-the curse of shadows-3
Fjord vor tru 1
Flammentod-heil deutschland-1
Flammentod-promo 2007-1
Flammersjel - the halls of starshining 1
Forest mysticism-larmes d’hivers-8
Foreverdark woods - .lost desires-3
Front beast-wicked wings of wartjalka-3
Frostmoon eclipse-death is coming-4
Funeral chant-entrance to dimension unknown-5
Funereal moon-lucifer dagger-7
Gold fur eisen-kein morgen-8
Grim destroyer-might and majesty-3
Hasserben-chants d’ automne-dt 06 4
Hellhaunt - sea of nausea (re-release with hatecraft demo as bonus) tape 3
Hellsaw-sins of might-3
Heresiarch seminary - spill the cursed wine - 3
Hermitage - Hammer of Purity – 3
Hexenwald - Nordland Okkult Mysterium- 3
Hhahda-avernal mitic black poetry-5
Highborne-the sandstorm 3
Hydrargyrum-final method of solution-4
Hyperborean-promo tape 03-3
Immortal rites-beyond the gates of pain-dt 99-2
Imperial-de fordomdas legion-4
Isolation- "hier am ende der welt" tape 8
Kabalah - vechnaya chern-3
Kamaedzitca "pyarune" limited to 300-8
Kamaedzitca “dzieci lesa” 8
Kataxu - hunger of elemets 3
Kroda – fimbulvinter 3
Kroda - live in lemberg. 3
Kroda/oprich - legend/wolfen loyalty 3
Kroda/velimor - molotom duhu ta ednistyu krovi 3
kveste - war against humanity tape (achtung! Records) 3

orbis - the war trilogy tape (achtung! Records)3
Lechia - akt woli 3
Lepra - Wounds of Past Centuries - 3
Lord of the abyss (por) - "s/t"-3
Lord satanel-black moon prophecy-3
Lúgubre eclipse-o adociado e enjoativo aroma dos cropos cremados-3
Lutomysl-the challenge-3
Lys & gurut - dawn of genocide tape (achtung! Records)3
Midnight priest-the priest is back-dt 09- 3
Midwynter - Four Seasons of Frost / Into the Well of Wyrd - 3

Karpathia / Perterricrepus / Igric "Elegies of Endless Horizons" 3
Misanthropic art-homicides-3
Moloch letalis-arkana chaosu-7
Mortal wish-dez crânios humanos em vossa oferenda-1
Morte noire (hol) "in nomine tenebrae"3
Mortuus caelum (grc) “initium novum”3
Morzhol - "morzhol" tape 8
Mumurio-over the stream of negation-3
Nameless grave - s/t - 3
Noche eterna (ecu) "reino de guerra y muerte"3
Noctiflorous thorns-symbolic uimmortality-3
Noldor - luthien - 3
Northern fog "odin's day" 8
Obskene sonare-wildes blut-1
Omission (spa) "thrash metal is violence"3
Oprich "north, the boundless"-3
Ordinul negru-poems of a rooted blade-8
Osirion- har sabbat-3
Paganblut – Rehearsal 06/02/2009 - 4
Parvati-promo 99- 3
Paymon- our burning flame…-6
Pest- vado mori-3
Pestilent grave - black majesty invoked (re-release) tape (zwaertgevegt))3
Piorun - stajemy jak ojce-3
Raggradarch “Sbor”3
Realm of carnivora - iii - noblefilth enigma3
Sabbathan-the fury of the storms-1
Selonath- light in might-3
Silberbach - inferno tape. 3
Sirin - moja otcina-3
Sombre chemin - doctrine tape.3
Sombre chemin - notre héritage ancestral tape.3
Sønn av skogen (fra) "sehnsucht nach der vergangenheit"2
Sonneilon blackmetal (prt) "diabolic war"3
Sterbend besungen-des todes..-8
Stormheit - kvenland tape 3
Stworz - po czasu kres 3
Sunwheel - monuments of the elder faith 3
Szarlem- night of blood-2
Tales of darknord-dismissed-8
Tangrycan-signing the flare up fires-7
The frost…of the forest unknown 3
The second coming-opus i -8
The true endless-live and raw-8
Thorns of evil-the pagan fire dominion-3
Thousand tribes-pagan gods-1
Tiwaz-the rune of victory-3
Tod-black vengeance-3
Todestrier-ordo draconis-3
Torture squad-a soul in hell-4
Totenburg – endzeit 3
Trollzorn- krieg…-3
Tundra (ita) "primordial"3
Ulfhethnar-beyond their mortal boundaries-8
Ulvegr-Where the icecols blood storms- 4
Unholy archangel – obsesed by war-3
Urt - saatanhark i - püha soda3
Vacrolith-throne of the altar-2
Veil – sombre-3
Vergos di noctis (fra) "vorsegus"3
Vernichtung- gewaltbereitschaft - 3
Vesano-pedaços de minha vida-3
Vorkuta/heldentod-split 8
Vranorod (ser) "from the winter so close"3
Vrt139-demo 2009-3
Vulturine-um cruel destino para tudo que respira-3
Windstorm - eternal gods forgotten 3
Wojnar - book of veles-3
Wojnar - epos o woju z krainy mrozem spowitej 3
Wojnar - z najglebszych borow piesni wam niose 3
Wolok-capul mortuum-3
Woods of belial-baxaxxaha-8
Xerion-palida morte, negra sombra-3
Zaratuska-in bleaknes-7
Zaratuska-it was a night-7

"Only death is real...."

Support the underground...

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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:47 am
Posts: 27
Location: Portugal
PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:15 pm 


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:47 am
Posts: 27
Location: Portugal
PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:00 pm 

updates with low prices.....

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Mar 16, 2007 11:47 am
Posts: 27
Location: Portugal
PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:40 am 

News itens low prices....

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