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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 8:05 am 

SNAKEPIT # 19 (Near Mint) 5€
115 pages/Copyright 201x?. Acid, Raven, Griffin, Blackout, Obsession, Watchtower, Anthrax, Baron Steele, Crypt,
Death. Excalibur, Existance, La Mort, Mantas, Marauder, Messiaxx, Powervice, Sentinel, Sexist, Slaughter,
Tenebres, Thrust, Voor, Witch Cross + Bullet Records special.

SNAKEPIT # 18 (Near Mint) 5€
107 pages/Copyright 2010. TNT, Hira, H-bomb, Artillery, Savage Grace, Cyclone Temple, Charter, Decapitator, D.D.T,
Fates Warning, Fishel's Beast, Frigid Bitch, Jag Panzer Juggernaut, Karion, Kraken, Morsure, Necropolis, Skullview,
Slayer (TX), Steel Assassin, Talisphere, Warchild, Wargod, Wehrmacht, Znöwhite + Sydney Productions special.

SNAKEPIT # 15 (Very Good+) 6€
86 pages/Copyright 2005? Hirax, Realm. Heathen, Battle Axe, Blitzkrieg, Abbattoir, Anger as Art, Attaxe, Avenger, Azaghoth,
Battalion, Bloodcum, Bloodlust, Cold Blood, Dreams of Damnation, Imagika, Lemmy's Wärt, Lonewolf, Pagan War Machine,
Poison, Ravensthorn, Redrum, R.U. Dead?, Sacrilege B.C., Satan, Toxic, Unseen Terror, Valhalla, Viron, War Cry, Wargod,
Weapon 13, + Torrid Records special.

SNAKEPIT # 14 (Good+) 4€
89 pages/Copyright 2003?. Satan, Trouble, Possessed, Deaf Dealer, Destruction, Anvil Chorus, Brats, Crystal Knight, Fate,
Cutrix, Farscape, Mercyful Fate, Mordred, Onslaught, Pariah, Slauter Xstroyes, Soldier, Strattson, Tygers of Pantang,
Zoser Mez + Megaforce Records special.

Stuff is located in Finland. Pm.

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