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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:49 am 

For trade only original cd/ dvd


Jon Anderson Olias of Sunhillow (CD) 5
Ian Anderson Divinities:12 dances with god (CD) 5
Cyril Achard In Inconstancia Constans (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Amon Ra Precarious Balance (CD) 5
Arabesque The union (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Arcangel Tamorok (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Artension New Discovery (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
At the drive in This station is non operational (CD) 3
Audioslave Out of Exile (CD) 5
Animals House of the rising sun (CD) 3
Axxis Back to the kingdom (CD) 3
Black Robot Black Robot (CD) 5
Bonfire Live...The Best (CD) 5
Boston Don't look back (CD) 3
Bunny Brunel L.a Zoo revisited (CD) 3
Glen Burtnick Retrospectacles (CD) 3
Edward Box Plectrumhead (CD) 3
Buckcherry - Timebomb 5
James Byrd Anthem (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Cheap Trick At Budokan (CD) 5
Christopher Cross Another Page (CD) 3
Collective Soul Home:A live concert with the Atlanta Orchestra 3
Contagious Red,White & slightly blue (CD) 3
Nobby Clark Going Home (CD) 3
Nobby Clark If Only (CD) 3
Danger Angel Danger Angel (CD) 4 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Deep Purple Made in Europe (CD) 5
Del Amitri Del Amitri (CD) 3
Tim Donahue - Madmen and Sinners (feat.James LaBrie) 5
Dogpound The hellbum (CD) 3
Dominoe The story is far from told (CD) 3
Dr. Feelgood Doctor's orders (CD) 3
Dream Evil United (CD) 5
Dyslesia Who Dares wins (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτό)
Eagles One of the these nights (CD) 5
Eagles The Long Run (CD) 5
Electric Sun Fire Wind (CD) 5
Elegy Principles of pain (CD) 5
Emerson,Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery (CD) 5
Fischer-Z The gold collection (CD) 3
Genius Episode 1-A human into dream's world (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Gillan Child in time (CD) 5
Gillan Double Trouble (CD) 3
Gillan Future Shock (CD) 5
Gillan Live at the Budokan (CD) 5
Gilmour,David-About Face (Pink Floyd) 5
Green Life (CD) 3 (2 cd διαθεσιμα)
Eric Gales Band That's what i am (CD) 5
Eric Gales Band The Psychedelic Underground (CD) 5
Bruce Gaitsch Nova (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Hawkwind Epochelipse-The Best of (CD) 4
Him And love said no Greatest hits (CD) 5
Him The single collection (CD) 10 (περιεχει 20 cd singles)
Him - Love Metal 5
Holy Lamb Salt of the earth (CD) 4
Hybrid Freak Division Non Conformative (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Iced Earth Framing Armagedon (CD) 7
Imperfectus Bultus Saponaceous (CD) 3
In Flames Trigger (CD) 5
Jarra Test of faith (CD) 3 (2 cd διαθεσιμα)
Greg Koch Radio Free Gristle (CD) 3
Greg Koch The grip (CD) 3
Kansas Dust in the wind-Live (CD) 5
Kick The Kangaroo Bits & pieces (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
King Of Darkness Triple Whammy (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Lacrimosa Echos (CD) 5
Lacrimosa Inferno (CD) 5
Lana Lane Covers collection (CD) 5
Limb Bizkit Eat you alive (CD) 2 cdsingle
Livgren, Kerry – Seeds of Change 12 rare solo by ex-Kansas member feat RONNIE DIO on 2 tracks
Livin' Parazite Paranoia Chaos (CD) 5
Liesegang – No strings attached (feat Glenn Hughes) 4
Magellan Impossible Figures (CD) 5
Manticora Hyperion (CD) 5
Mars Electric Fame among the vulgar (CD) free
Masi – Eternal Struggle 5
Masterplan Masterplan (CD) 5
Mattson – Another Dimension (CD) 5
Melanie Unplugged and solo power (CD) 3
Mister Kite All in time (CD) 3
Mystery Bloom Lifetime in the heart (CD) 3
Rolf Munkes No more Obscurity (CD) 3
Kim Mitchell Fill your head with rock-Greatest hits + DVD (CD) 5
Tony Macalpine Live Insanity (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Paul McCartney Run Devil Run 3 (CD)
Nickelback Silver side up (CD) 4
Robert Plant Shaken n' stirred (CD) 5
Pretenders Last of the independents (CD) 3
Project Alcazar Reasons for a decade (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Raw Silk Silk under the skin (CD) 5 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Rembrandts Lost Together (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Renaissance Prologue (CD) 5
REO Speedwagon Best Foot Forward (CD) 3
REO Speedwagon Building the bridge (CD) 5
REO Speedwagon Live: You get what you play for (CD) 5
David Lee Roth DLR Band (CD) 5
Rush Snakes & Arrows (CD) 5
Joe Satriani - The exremist
Joe Satriani Joe Satriani (CD) 5
Joe Satriani Not of this earth (CD) 5
Joe Satriani Professor (CD) 5
Joe Satriani Surfing with the alien (CD) 4 (2 cd διαθεσιμα)
Shades of Dawn From Dusk till Dawn (CD) 3
Shakespears Sister Hormonally yours (CD) 3
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery (CD) 4
Kelly Simonz's Silent Scream (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Kelly Simonz's The rule of right (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Slade Nobody's Fools (CD) 5
Slade Old,New,Borrowed and Blue (CD) 5
Slade Rock Profile (CD) 2
Slade Rogues Gallery (CD) 5
Slade Slayed (CD) 5
Slade The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome (CD) 5
Slade Till Deaf do us part (CD) 5
Slade Wall of hits (CD) 5
Slade You Boyz make big noize (CD) 5
Squealer – The Prophecy 5
Star Queen Faithbringer (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Starglow Energy Gate to Celdan (CD) 4
The Storm – The Storm 8 (rare AOR feat ex members of Journey)
Styx Caught in the act (CD) 5
Taboo Voodoo Somethings cookin (CD) 3
Tangier – Stranded 5
Taraxacum Spirit of freedom (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Taz Taylor Band Straight up (CD) 3
Ten Years After Recorded live (CD) 3
Three Dog Night the collection (CD) 3
Tiles Fly Paper (CD) 5
Tipton Entwistle and Powell Edge of the world (CD) 5
Touch Touch (CD) 5
John Jeff Touch First Touch (CD) 5 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas eve and other stories (CD) 5
Transcedence The meridian project (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Truth of Fiction Truth of Fiction (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Ufo Stragers in the night (CD) 5
Ugly kid Joe – America’s least wanted (CD) 5
Under Radio Under Radio (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Various Artists Dream Ballads (CD) free (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Various Artists Influences & connections-tribute to Mr. Big (CD) 5
Various Artists Melodic Rock vol.3 (CD 5) (2 cd διαθεσιμα)
Various Artists Mod City (CD) 5
Various Artists Shine on Pink Floyd (CD) 5
Rick wakeman Fields of Green (CD) 5
Rick wakeman G'ole/ Stella Bianca (CD) 5
Rick wakeman Lisztomania/ 1984 (CD) 3
Rick wakeman Return to the centre of the earth (CD) 3
Rick wakeman Rhapsodies (CD) 3
Rick wakeman Themes (CD) 3
Muddy Waters I got my mojo working (CD) 3
Winter Parade Midnight in paradise (CD) 3 (υπαρχει ποσοτητα απο αυτο)
Without Warning- Believe 5 (CD)
Steve Winwood Classic (CD) 3
Yes Tormato (CD) 7
Powell Young 2065 flying fingers (CD) 3


Deep Purple Come hell or high water (DVD) 5
Deep Purple Live in California 1974 (DVD) 7
Harem Scarem Raw and Rare (DVD) 5 (3 dvd διαθεσιμα)
Jimi Hendrix Jimi plays Berkeley (DVD) 5
Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock (DVD) 5
Janes Addiction Three days starring (DVD) 5
Konkurent –Live 3 (DVD)
Queensryche Mindcrime at the Moore (DVD) 5 (Region 1 USA)
Stepenwolf Most Famous Hits Live 5
Styx 20th century masters best of (DVD) 3
UFO – The misdemeanour tour 5
Various Artists Metal & Rock #1 (DVD) 3
Various Artists Metal & Rock #2 (DVD) 3
Various Artists Sweden Rock Festival 8-10 June 2006 (DVD) 5 (5dvd διαθεσιμα)

Big Want List only originals please
101 south now-u-turn 2009
adam bomb crazy m.f 2010
after hours agains the grain 2011
airey, don keyd up
airey, don a light in the sky
airey, don all out
alfonzetti here comes the night 2011
allyson avenue changes 2011
amaze me guilty as sin 2013
arabia welcome to the freakshow 2011
Atshushi Yokojeki project raid
axe axe
axe livin on the edge
axxis rediscovered 2012
axxis dooms of destiny
axxis kingdom of the night 2 (white edition)
baby tackoo first born
babylon a.d in the beginning
babylon bombs doin you nasty
babys I'll have some of that
bach,sebastian abachalypse now + dvd 2013
bach,sebastian angel down
bad habit atmosphere 2011
bad sister because rust never sleeps 2009
bai bang all around the world 2013
bai bang livin my dream 2011
ballard,russ barnet dogs
ballard,russ seer
ballard,russ book of love
ballard,russ winning
bang tango pistol whipped 2011
bangalore choir metaphor 2012
bangalore choir cadence 2010
banshee mindslave 2012
big life big life 2011
b-joe rattlesnake 2009
b-joe good time loosers
black country communion afterglow 2012
black country communion ii 2011
black rose turn on the night 2013
black sabbath eternal idol (double remastered version with r.gillen) 2012
black star riders killer instict 2cd limited
black star riders all hell breaks loose
blackmore jr voices 2011
blackmore's night secret voyage
bon jovi what about now limited 2013
bon jovi new jeresey box set 2cd + DVD
bonfire cry for help 2012
bonfire fireworks still alive 2011
bormann,micahel different 2010
boston life love hope
boulder boulder
bronz carried by the truth
bryan adams bad bones 2010
buckcherry confessions lmtd 2013
buckcherry all night long 2010
buckcherry live an loud 2009 2009
buckcherry fuck
bullet boys rocked and ripped 2011
bush,stan the ultimate
california breed california breed cd + DVD
care of night connected
chalice overseas sensation
cheap trick the latest
chickenfoot lv 2012
child\s play long way
china sky II
cole,jude jude cole
cole,jude view from 3d street
cole,jude I dont know why act this way
cole,jude falling home
cooper,alice dirty diamonds
cooper,alice flush the fashion
cooper,alice the eyes of alice cooper
cooper,alice pretties for you
cooper,alice love it to death
cooper,alice muscle of love
cooper,alice goes to hell
cooper,alice from the inside
cooper,alice zipper catches skin
cooper,alice dada
cooper,alice a fistful of Alice
cooper,alice no more mr. nice guy live
cooper,alice welcome 2 my nightmare
cooper,alice the alice cooper show
crashdiet crashdiet
crazy lixx loud nminority
crystal ball dawnbreaker
cult choice of weapon 2012
d.a.d dicniland 2011
danger danger 2015
danger angel revolutia 2013
dare calm before the storm 2 2012
dean,johana misbeheavin
dee snider dee does broadway 2012
deep purple now what limited 2013
deep purple live in graz 1975
deep purple perfect strangers live 2cd + DVD
departure hitch a ride 2012
dio the singles collection + DVD
dio at Donnigton 83-87
Dogs D'Amour Erol Flynn
Dogs D'Amour Graveyard of empty bottles
Dogs D'Amour seconds
Dogs D'Amour happy ever after
Dogs D'Amour when bastards go to hell
Dogs D'Amour let sleeping dogs
dominoe naked but dressed 2012
dreams dreams 2011
dreamtide dream and deliver
dynazty sulatans 2012
dynazty knock you down 2011
dynazty renatus
eclipse armagedonize
edge heaven knows 2013
electric boys and them boys 2011
electric boys starflight united
elevener symetry in motion 2011
ellion,john my generation 2010
enuff z nuff dissonance
europe bag of bones 2012
europe almost unplugged + DVD
europe war of kings limited
eye 2 hearts
fair warning sundancer 2013
fair warning taking ain't enough live in tokyo 2010
faster pussycat front row on the donkey show
fastway eat dog eat 2011
fate ghosts from the past 2011
fate in for the devil
fiona unbroken 2011
fm rockville 2013
fm rockville ii 2013
fm metropolis 2010
fm city lights e.p
fm futurama e.p
ford,lita the bitch is back
freak kitchen land of the freaks
frozen rain ahead of time 2012
furlong, michael use it
furlong, michael breakaway
garisson demos 2013
george robin/ glenn hughes sweet revenge
gillan one eye to morocco ltd
gillan/ iommi who cares
ginger lynn babys gonna bad
giuntini project iv
grand design idolizer 2011
grand illusion brave new world
great white 30 years 2013
gts time stood still 2012
gts tracks from the dutchself 2012
gun break the silence 2012
h.e.a.t live in london
harem scarem mood swings II
Hart,Robert Cries and Whispers (Original 1cd)
heart fanatic 2012
heart strange euphoria 2012
heartland travelling through time 2011
heartlyne no retreat no surrender 2009
heat untold story vol.1
heat untold story vol.2
heaven and earth dig 2013
heavy bones heavy bones
heerink, brett better yet
holland little monsters
house of lords anthology
houston relounch 2011
houston houston 2010
Houston II
howe,brian circus bar
impera legacy of life
impera pieces of eden
impera empire of sin
implellitteri venom
issa can't stop 2012
issa the storm 2011
jackyl best in show 2012
jackyl when moonshine and dynamite collide
jackyl stayin alive
jailhouse alive in …
jaimz,steevie my private hell
Jamison & Peterik extra moments 2010
jamison,jimi live at fire fest dvd 2012
jan hollberg project at your service 2013
jan hollberg project sense of time 2011
jan hollberg project at your service
jet red flight plan 2010
kee marcello judas kiss 2013
kee marcello redux europe 2011
keifer, tom the way 2013
kidd glove kidd glove
killer dwarfs start at one
kingdom come magnified 2009
kingdom come outlier
kings of the sun daddy was a hobbo man 2011
kings of the sun rock til ya die
kix live in baltimoore 2012
kjetyl , Bye better days
la guns holywood forever 2012
la guns covered in guns 2010
laney's legion laney's legion
last autumns dream nine lives 2011
last autumns dream a touch of heaven 2010
last autumns dream yes 2010
last autumns dream ten tangerine tales
last autumns dream level11
last temptation better later
lawton,john heartbeat 1980
Leviticus setting fire to the earth
Lima, Johny my revolution
lionville ii 2013
lionville lionville 2011
little caesar american dream 2012
little caesar redemption
little caesar this time its different
lordi deadache ltd
loverboy unfinished business
luley todays tomorrow
lynch mob sun red sun
Lynch, George orchestral mayhem 2010
magnum on the 13th day 2012
malloy,mitch shine on 2012
malloy,mitch ii 2011
Malmsteen, Yngwie relentless 2010
Malmsteen, Yngwie spellbound 2012
marcello, kee judas kiss
marchello the magic comes alive 2012
marsden,bernie shine
masi,alex tales from the north
masi,alex theory of everything
michael monroe horns and halos
michael monroe sensory overdrive
michael schenker bridge the gap
michael schenker temple of rock
million same and insanity 2011
miss crazy ressurection hard rock
Money,Eddie eddie money 1977
Money,Eddie playing for keeps 1980
Money,Eddie where's the party? 1983
Money,Eddie unplugged it in
moritz sos 2013
moritz undivided 2010
mr.mister pull 2010
nasty idols kalifornia 2012
newman another step clser live 2011
newman under southern skies 2011
newman art of balance 2010
newman siren
norum,john pkayrad blues
on the rise dreamtime
osukaru salvation 2012
osukaru gbb2la
overland breakaway
overland diamond dealer
oxido breakin down the walls
pangea retrospectacular 2010
parr,john letter to america 2011
pell ,axel rudi ballads 3
pell ,axel rudi live on fire 2cd + 2DVD 2013
pell ,axel rudi crest tour edition 2cd
pell ,axel rudi diamonds unlocked
pell ,axel rudi into the storm
peo better not forget/ man behind the face
phenomena awakening 2012
phenomena blind faith 2010
poley / rivera oly human
pretty foy floyd kiss of death 2010
pretty wild pretty wild
price,lisa priceless
promise human fire
quiet riot live at the us festival 2012
quireboys black eyed sons
quireboys beautiful curse
rage of angels dreamworld 2013
ransom better days
reckless love animal attraction 2011
reckless love Born to break your heart e.p
red dragon cartel s/t
red,white and blues shine 2011
renegade back from the dead
reo speedwagon not so silent night 2009
reo speedwagon reo speedwagon debut original 1970
reo speedwagon this time we mean it 1975 original
revolutions saints revolution saints cd + DVD
rhino bucket sunrise at senset blvd 2013
rhino bucket who's got mine 2011
rhino bucket hardest town
RIO sex crimes
rock sugar reimaginator 2010
romeos daughter rapture 2012
romeos daughter alive cd + DVD
roxy blue want some more 2013
roxy blue live at night 2013
roxy blue stripped 2013
sabu,paul bangok rules 2012
safire safire 1995
samuel,jakob past present
santa cruz anthem for the young n restless 2011
santa cruz screaming for adrenaline
saphire eyes saphire eyes
satriani,joe unstopable momentum
satriani,joe vlack swans and wormhole wizzards
saylor, david a city of angels 2012
schmidt,torben losng story short
score the good the bad and the ugly
scorpions sting in the tail
scorpions return to forever deluxe
serpentine touch of heaven
seven seven
seventh key I will survive
shakra powerplay 2013
shakra everest
shakra back on track ltd..
shameless dial for sex 2011
shameless beaytiful disaster
shameless forever ends today-e.p
shameless life's a gus-e.p
shinning line s/t
shogun 31 days
shogun shogun
shylock walking tall 2013
shylock rock buster 2010
simon says spn this
slash apocalyptic love + DVD lmtd 2012
slash world on fire
soto inside the vertigo
spiro,mark it's a beautiful life 2012
state of rock point of destiny 2010
storm sweet surrender
stranger the bell
stranger pretty angels
stratus throwing shapes
suntrike sunstrike
sweeney, mark all in 2010
sweet & lynch only to rise
talon iii
talon fire in your soul cd + DVD
tesla alive in europe 2010
thunder wonder days 2cd 2015
thunder live at donnigton cd + DVD
tnt farewell to arms 2011
toys of joy still be
trans-siberian orchestra night castle
trophy (feat M.Borman) gift of
ufo live at the bbc 2013
ufo seven deadly 2012
ufo a conspiracy of stars limited
ufo showtime
Uriah Heep look at yourself remaster 1971-2004
Uriah Heep demons and wizzards remaster 1972-2004
Uriah Heep the magician's birthday remaster 1972-2008
Uriah Heep sweet freedom remaster 1973-2004
Uriah Heep live 73 remaster 2cd 1973-2004
Uriah Heep wonderworld remaster 1974-2004
Uriah Heep innocent victim remaster 1977-2004
Uriah Heep fallen angel remaster 1978-2004
Uriah Heep conquest remaster 1980-2004
Uriah Heep abominog remaster 1982-2005
Uriah Heep live at shepperton 1974 1986
Uriah Heep Live in Europe 1979 2cd 1986-2006
Uriah Heep different world remaster 1991-2006
Uriah Heep spellbinder live 1996
Uriah Heep king biscuit flower hour 1974 1997
Uriah Heep outsider 2014
Uriah Heep into the wild 2011
Uriah Heep celebration 2009
Uriah Heep wake the sleeper 2008
Uriah Heep magic night 2004
Uriah Heep live in the usa 2003
Uriah Heep live in Armenia 2011
Uriah Heep the magician's birthday party 2002
Uriah Heep acoustically driven 2011
Uriah Heep live in Moscow remaster 1988-2004
vain enough rope 2011
vain on the line 2005
valentine, robby androgenius
valentine, robby falling down to misanthropolis
valentine, robby the queen album
vangouw passion rules
various rock aid armenia cd + DVD
waite,john the hard way
waite,john rough and tumble
warp drive somethin to believe in 2011
warrior soul destroy the mad house 2009
west of sunset west of sunset
wheels of fire holywwod rocks
white tiger white tiger
white widdow white widdow 2010
wicked sensation crystalized
wild rose hit n run
wildlife wildlife (steve overland)
wildlife burning
worlds apart clean state
x-drive get your rock on
Y&T live at the mystic 2012
zodiac mindwarp we are volsung 2010

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