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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Feb 01, 2005 5:44 pm
Posts: 21
Location: United States
PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:29 pm 

So I had a crazy idea that might be cool for the site. An area based search function!

While the city/state/country search feature is awesome, sometimes I want to find out if there are any bands in a radius of say 5 miles or 10 miles or even 20 miles or more. For example, I live in Worcester but I know there are bands that are in the area surrounding Worcester that might not appear under just a Worcester search. It could be connected to Google Maps or whatever so that say you're driving around some random place and you're like "wonder what metal bands are in this area?" you could look it up! Or you could put in coordinates and you could see what bands are in that area. Just a thought!

Lazy Wizard

Joined: Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:39 pm
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Location: United States
PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:00 pm 

I believe it has been brought up, but there are a few issues that arise with the idea.

-Requires a fair amount of coding to integrate a location database.
-Relies on another site for the feature to work.
-Could potentially add a lot more load to the server - I'm not 100% sure on this but I suspect it would.
-Band locations are often split between multiple areas. For example, your search might turn up One Master, whose location lists MA, CT, and NY.
-Search ranges could become really fuzzy with mile-range areas. I'm in Connecticut and always get stuff from Long Island in distance-based searches, and searching within 50 miles of Worcester would return every band with "New York" without a city listed, plus everything from MA/CT/RI/VT/NH/ME.
Mercelel wrote:
Hi guys, I submitted my band Mercelel couple days ago and it got rejected by Zodijackyl today. After doing multiple google researches of his name around the archives, he doesn't look like the most liked person on this site so I can't trust his opinion whatsoever.


Joined: Mon Nov 21, 2005 6:56 am
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Location: Finland
PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:16 pm 

Seems something that'd make a lot of sense as an add-on, combining the db with a map.
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