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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:35 am 

I have a fully-composed, almost-fully-recorded black metal demo almost ready to release, but I'm still looking for a session drummer of some sort. The tracks are all between two and three minutes long, and there are three of them so we're talking about maybe eight minutes of material. The drums themselves are already composed on click tracks, so you would merely need to record on top of them. In exchange for this, I can provide you with physical copies of the demo once they're released, and future releases if you're interested in those as well.

I'll have samples posted sometime in the next day or two, but (two rough-mixed songs posted here and here) if you want an idea of the music, think a vaguely bouncy, rhythmic band like Furdidurke turned extremely melodic and airy, with the flittery sensibilities of a band like Tukaaria. It wouldn't require an exceptional amount of technical skill, as the blasts are all reasonably mid-paced and there are plenty of slower sections. Recording quality isn't really a big deciding factor either; the music is reasonably raw, so as long as your setup doesn't sound like a potato exploding inside a trash can I'm not too picky there.

If you're interested in filling the role, PM me here or send me an email at evisceratorium@hotmail.com. Thanks for your time.

EDIT: Position has been filled.
Wilytank wrote:
Aeosphorus wrote:
there are post-black metal bands such as ...Sunn O.

When did we start calling Sunn O))) black metal and how soon can we stop?

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