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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:52 pm 

Many here maybe know the mobile app Simsimi, which is like Cleverbot, a bot that responds to what you say, but this application has a lot of bad reputation because usually ask personal questions or even some people say that the app can turn your front camera. I tried to see what SimSimi answers to things like band names, metal subgenres and that kind of things.

And again, sorry for my horrible english.

-Heavy Metal

Ok, it's something.

-Death Metal

-Black Metal
+Hail Burzum!

-Thrash Metal

Or thrash till death?.

-Doom Metal
+Electric Wizard is the best.

-Gothic Metal

I dind't know that gothic metal is a way to salute people.

-Power Metal

Brazilians everywhere.

-Symphonic Metal
+Best band everrrr~ i luvv it~

I dind't know there was a band called "Symphonic Metal".

-Argentinian metal

Why no one pays attention to the Argentinian metal? :(

-Swedish metal
+Filipinas are better


-Finish metal
+I have no response but i do


-Groove Metal
+Volumes is pure dirt.

-Nu Metal


-Alternative metal
+Good music

-Glam Metal
+Glam zone boutique is the place to shop



-Sludge Metal
+And she bled from every fucking hole. BREEE! BREEE! BREEE!

-Stoner metal
+Oh you mean Naya Henry? I tought it might =love, but turns out they hate each other.

This is weird.

-Progressive metal
+You should check out the band Seventh Wonder then! I hear they are good!

+Love Cerebral Bore, Dying Fetus and all the bree bre.

-Crossover Thrash
+The best yuppies gathering in Manila. Every Wed and Thu 7:30pm at 5th fl PBS bldg, UN ave.,mla.

. . .

-Rap Metal
+And you wonder why ur not asleep

+Fuck that pussy ahit. I want the old metal back.



-Sweep Pick
+With a broom

-Tremolo picking
+Yes master

-Dark Metal
+Oh wait, fuck...

-Industrial Metal
-Do you know the industrial music project Wumpscut?

-Lemmy Kilmister
-Ace of Spades

-Melodic Death Metal
-MIW, ABR, OFM&M, AILD, TDWP, SS, MMF, BMTH, AA, LMTF, Dethklok, Slipknot, Trivium, Underoath and For Today XD

Well, looks like Slipknot, Trivium and Underoath are melodic death metal now.

-Hardcore Punk
-Si rean ang hardcore!


-Guitar solo
-Lay your heart out to whats in sight

-Lemmy <<3


-Way better then Metallica.

-Folk Metal
-I wanna fuck a hoe these girl aint loyal


-Kill 'em all
-I kill em cuz i dont wanna deal wit em

-It's sad but...
-I do love you angie your the only girl in my life chikita

It's really sad but true, this app have many stupid answers.

-Angel of death
-He watches all of us


-Fuck yeah, brazilian death metal

Death metal...



-Is evilllll

-Varg Vikernes
-Burzum is the best in the world

-Yu are first kill tonight!

White Death, the first song i ever heard from Sabaton, the song that turn me into metal lml

-Wacken Open Air
-Wackööööön \m/

-Judas Priest
-Not Iron Maiden

-Iron Maiden
-Best band ever !!!!!! love them & love the song : Hallowed by Thy Name

-Its a fureakin japanese girl trio.. su-metal, yui-metal and moa-metal

-Is the best metal band

I will uninstall this app.

-Is better than Asking Alexandria

Mmmh, maybe.

-Do you like Heavy Metal
-Fuck you faggot.

hlegend wrote:
Metal bands don't do love songs.

The Mountain Man

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:18 pm 

I kill fun with words.
Lich Coldheart wrote:
I confess I genuinely love Derigin's long posts.

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