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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:50 am 

some stuff i would prefer to save for trades for my top wants, but i'd be willing to part with a few items to get a bit of quick cash. Send a PM if you're interested.

Merrimack/Sargeist Split EP 7"
Excruciate 666 – War Blood EP
Moonblood/Katharsis split 7” **
Black Metal Endsieg II w/ Decayed, Nargaroth, Godless North & Apolokia
Gestapo 666 - Satanic Gestapo lim. 300

Absurd – Thuringian Pagan madness MC (original) **
Clandestine Blaze – Below The Surface Of Cold Earth
Aryan blood - Eternal Strife demo. #194 **
Gestapo 666 – Satanic Gestapo Promo
Peste Noire - Macabre Transcendence **
Satanic Warmaster – Blood Ritual demo (original) **
Satanic Warmaster – Strength & Honor MC (orig. Blutreinheit Productions)
Sombre Chemin/Peste Noire lim. 198 **

Beherit - Beyond The gate Of Nanna Tribute (lim. #88/113)
Blut/Sonnenkreuz - United In Battle Split cd
Buchenwald Oven – S/T MCD (Mass grave records. Ltd 250)
Burzum – S/T (original DSP Pressing) ***
Der Blutharsch – When Did Wonderland End? Digi cd w/slip case & bonus cd.
Ildjarn – S/t (orig Norse 002) **
Mundzuk - Unholy Forces CD (Original Pressing)
MZ.412 – Infernal Affairs Digi (Cold Meat)
Nocturnal – Thrash With The Devil MCD (Ablaze002)
Nord - S/T #87/500
Ohtar - Woodland Descelotation (Original SAP 007 pressing)
Ohtar - When I Cut The Throat
Satanic Warmaster - Strength & Honour (Original pressing)
Satanic Warmaster/Clandestine Blaze split CD (NH 1st pressing)
Thor’s Hamer – The Fate Worse Than Death CD (NC54)
Thor’s Hammer – Three Weeds From The Same Root (ER16)
Satanic Warmaster/Gestapo666 split (Niessedrion Records)
Urfaust - Geist Ist Teufel (original Pressing) **
Wallachia – S/T EP (ltd 4000)
Watain - Rabid Deaths Curse (Original Pressing)
Wolfswinter - Der Tag Vergeht #192/250 **

Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions LP (ltd. 300)**
Annihilatus – Annihilation 10”
Atomizer – The Only Weapon of Choice (ltd. camouflage cloth bag cover. Ltd 66) **
Baptism – The Beherial Midnight LP **
Bestial Warlust – Blood & Valour LP
Bestial Warlust – Vengeance War ‘Til Death Pic.LP
Bestial Warlust - Vengeance War 'Til Death LP (lim. 500) **
Black Death – Fucking Fullmoon Foundation (Sombre records)
Burzum – Daudi Balders (orig. 1997 w/ tarot cards) **
Burzum – Burzum/Aske DLP (Misanthropy) **
Burzum – Filosofem (DLP, Back on Black)
Clandestine Blaze - Deliverers Of Faith LP (lim. 500?)
Darkthrone – Total Death LP (Original Moonfog pressing)
Deathspell Omega – Inquisitors Of Satan LP (NH. Ltd 350) ***
Det Hedenske Folk – true Northern, Northland Rules Supreme, Reverse This time to old LP (ltd. 500)
Diapsiquir – Virus STN DLP (Sealed)
Drowning The Light/Empire of Thraphtia LP(ltd. 666)
Fullmoon – United Aryan Evil LP (#220/300) **
Hirilorn - Revenge Is Near (Red Wax Lim to 300)
Horned Almighty – Black Metal Jesus LP
Ildjarn – ’93 LP (Sealed)
Impious Havoc – The great Day Of Wrath LP (Sombre Records)
Maniac Butcher – Crena Kreb LP (Sombre)
Mayhem/Morbid – A Tribute To The Black Emperors (Land Of The Rising Sun) LP **
Mayhemic Truth – R.I.P (W.T.C. not somber) Black wax
Merrimack – Ashes Of Purification PicLP (ltd 99. Goatowarex) w/patch and sticker **
Moonblood – Fullmoon Witchery
Mutiilation - Majestas Leprosus LP (lim. 666)
Mutiilation – Ten years od Depressive Destruction DLP (ltd 666)
Mutiilation – Black Millennium LP (ltd 400)
Primitive Finland Split 10”
Revenge – Infiltration.Downfall.Death (Die Hard PicLP w/ Poster)
Satanic Warmaster – Black Katharsis MLP (NH 022)
Spear Of Longinus – TYONS LP
Torgeist - Devoted To Satan LP (lim. 500)
Torgeist - Time Of The Sabbath LP (lim. 500)
Urfaust – Geist Ist Teufel LP (Original Christ Crusher press) Lim. 100 ***
Vlad Tepes/Torgeist LP (Drakkar color cover, lim. 500)
Vlad tepes – Broullions LP (ltd 99) **
Vomitor – Bleeding The Priest LP

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