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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Sun Oct 10, 2004 6:04 pm
Posts: 23
Location: France
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:06 pm 

Hey guys,
Some friend is selling his cd collection.
All cd 4 euros each (unless mentionned).
Ships out of France.
Any question ? feel free to ask ;)

ABORTED The archaic abattoir listenable records
AHUMADO GRANUJO Chemical holocaust khaaranus prod
AMPUTATED Pussy plundering porno grind sevared records
AMPUTATED GENITAL Human meat gluttony gore and blood prod
ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE Human hunting season goregiastic records
ANNIHILATOR All for you & the one (digi) afm records
ANNOTATION OF AN AUTOPSY The reign of darkness nuclear blast records
ARCH ENEMY Antems of rebelion century media records
ARCH ENEMY Doomsday machine century media records
AVULSED Gorespattered suicide metal age prod
AVULSED Reanimations xtreem records
AVULSED Seven years of decay + Bloodcovered metal age prod
AVULSED Yearing for the grotesque metal age prod
BENEATH THE MASSACRE Mechanics of dysfunction prosthetic records
BESTIAL DEVASTATION Your vagina is sick meat5000records
BRUJERIA Raza odiada roadrunner records
CANNIBAL CORPSE Vile metal blade records
CANNIBAL CORPSE Tomb of mutilated 'digi' metal blade records
CANNIBAL CORPSE Bloodthirst 'uncensored version' black box metal blade records
CARCASS Swansong earache records
CATAMENIA Chaos born massacre records
CEMETERY Detriment image sevared records
CEPHALOTRIPSY Uterovaginal insertion of extirpated anomalies amputated vein records
CHILDREN OF BODOM Are you dead yet spinefarm records
CIENTOS DE LOS HERMANOS GRING Los cantipuercos meat5000records
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN Human harvest displeased records
CRADLE OF FILTH Midians 'digi cuir' 15 euros
CRADLE OF FILTH Lovecraft & witch hearts music for nations
CRADLE OF FILTH From the cradle to enslaved e.p music for nations
CRADLE OF FILTH Vampire or dark faerytales…. nuclear blast records
CRISTALIUM Diktat omega adipocere records
CRYPTOPSY None so vile displeased records
CRYPTOPSY Once was not century media records
CRYPTOPSY Blasphemy made flesh displeased records
DARKTHRONE Evil past moofag
DATURA Impulse 80 coyote records
DEAD INFECTION Brain corrosion obliteration records
DEAD INFECTION Surgical disembowelment mad lion records
DEAMON Descend dethrone cdn records
DEAMON Synopsis of sin ghetto blaster recordings
DEATH Together as one mondogon cannibale records
DEATH Spiritual healing century media records
DEATH Scream bloddy gore century media records
DEATH Leprosy century media records
DEATH Human century media records
DEBODIFIED Utopia in the eyes of a beast comatose music
DECAPITATED The negation earache records
DECAPITATED R.P (Philippines) Hacked to death premonition of records
DECREPIT BIRTH And time begins unique leader records
DEEDS OF FLESH Path of the weakening erebos production
DEEDS OF FLESH Crown of souls unique leader records
DEICIDE Amon : feasting the beast roadrunner records
DEICIDE The strench of redemption earache records
DEICIDE Scars of crucifix earache records
DESPISE Fragments of reprisal lacerated enemy records
DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL GARLANG Sealing off the vagina by sewer lid bizarre leprous productions
DETONATION An epic defiance osmose productions
DEVILIUM Pagan at war criminal records
DEVOURMENT 1.3.8. unmached brutality records
DIMMU BORGIR Death cult armageddon nuclear blast records
DISDAINED We all reek filthy records
DISGORGE (mex) Chronic corpa infest american line prods
DISGORGE (mex) Gore blessed to the worms xtreem records
DISGORGE (mex) Necrholocaust xtreem records
DOMINATION THROUGH IMPURITY Essence of brutality comatose music
EARDELETE Zombielogy obscene prod
ENMITY Vomit forth intestinal excrement amputated vein records
ETERNAL RUIN Decomposing Salvation amputated vein records
FEASTEM Fear in concrete scrotum jus records
FLESH GRINDER Anatomy & surgery demise records
GLOOMY GRIM Reborn through hate 2964/3000 holy records
GODLESS TRUTH Arrogance of supreme power amputated vein records
GOLDEN DAWN Masquerade (digi) napalm records
GOREROTTED A new dawn for the dead metal blade records
GORGASM (fr) Neurotripsicks dead sun records
GRAVEWORM Engraved in black (digi) nuclear blast records
GRIND INC. Inhale the violence morbid records
HACRIDE Amoeba listenable records
HARMONY DIES Impact morbid records
HATE Awakening of the LIAR listenable records
HATE ETERNAL Conquering the throne wicked world
HATE ETERNAL King of all kings earache records
HOUR OF PENANCE Disturbance xtreem records
HOUSWITSER Rage inside the womb osmose productions
HOUWITSER Embrace damnation dis.order
HYPOCRISY Hypocrisy nuclear blast records
HYPOCRISY The arrival nuclear blast records
HYPOCRISY Virus + dvd nuclear blast records
IMMOLATION Harnessing ruin 'digipak' listenable records
IMMURED Demo(n) collection sevared records
IMPERCATORY Mortal intesting decay sevared records
IMPERIAL SODOMY Tormenting the pacifist criminal records
IMPURE In disrespect to mankind civilian death network
INFERNAL REVULSION Devastate under hallucination goregiastic records
INGROWING Decameron of grind symphonic blast prod
INTERNAL SUFFERING Supreme knowledge domain displeased records
INTERNAL SUFFERING Chaotic matrix displeased records
INTERNAL SUFFERING Awakening of the rebel unique leader records
INTERNAL SUFFERING Choronzonic force domination displeased records
INVERACITY Extermination of millions unique leader records
IRATE ARCHITECT Born blood portrait third alliance records
JIG AI Jig Ai bizarre leprous productions
JIG AI Katana orgy bizarre leprous productions
KATAKLYSM Nothern hyper blast - victims of the fallen words hypnpotic records
KATAKLYSM Serenity in fire nuclear blast records
KATAPLEXIA Catastrophic scenes xtreem records
KREATOR Violent revolution spv
KRONOS Hellenic terror xtreem records
LENG TCH'E Manmadepredator the spew records
LEUKORRHEA Breeding salvation primitiverecords
LEVAL BLESSING Barbarian records barbarian records
LIVIDITY Used abused and left for dead epitomite productions
MALEVOLENTE CREATION Eternal pavement music inc
MALLEUS MALEFICARUM Des bibles, des hymnes, des icones 'digi 614/999' adipocere records
MELECHESH The epigenesis nuclear blast records
MISERTY INDEX Dissent anarchos records
MISERTY INDEX Discordia relapse records
MONSTROSITY Rise to power metal blade records
MORBID ANGEL Covenant giant records
MORBID ANGEL Heretic earache records
MORTICIAN Domination of death relapse records
MUCOPUS Undimensional nice to eat you
NAPALM DEATH The code is red…. 'digipak' century media records
NEGLIGENT COLLATERAL COLLAPSE Paranormal nanodivision obscene prod
NEVERMORE This godless endeavor 'digipak' century media records
NEVERMORE Enemies of reality century media records
NILE Amongst the catacombs of nephren ka relapse records
NILE Black seed of vengeance relapse records
NILE Ithyphallic nuclear blast records
NILE In the darkened shriness relapse records
NOTRE DAME Coming soon to a near you 'digi' osmose productions
ODIOUS SANCTION No motivation to live unique leader records
OMINOUS Intercorpse rotting corpse records
OPETH Still life (digi) peace ville
OPETH Blackwater park sony
PANDEMIA Riven metal age prod
PATHOLOGY Surgically hacked amputated vein records
PERVERSE Blunt of stench eclipse records
PHAZM Hate a first seed cosmose productions
PILLORY No lifeguard at the gene pool unique leader records
PSYCROPTIC The isle of disenchantement no label
PUSTULATED Haematoma goregiastic records
PUTREFUKATION Vortex of zombifled mortuary procedures despise the sun records
PUTRID PILE Collection of butchery united guttural records
PUTRID PILE The pleasure in suffering goregiastic records
PYREXIA Age of the wicked unique leader records
REINFECTION Peace through killing goregiastic records
ROMPEPROP Menstrual stomphulk bizarre leprous productions
SAPROGENIC The wet sound of flesh on concrete deep send records
SCARVE Irradiant listenable records
SINISTER Creative killings karmageddon media
SOILWORK Stabbing the drama nuclear blast records
SPAWN OF POSSESSION Noctambulant neurotic records
SPLIT DYSENTERY/GUTROT Excruciatingly euphoric torment amputated vein records
SPLIT FUCKTHEFACTS / SERGENTSLAUGHTER Overseasconnection meat5000records
SPLIT SAYWHY / LYCANTHROPHY Digi dédicacé lecter music agency
STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Alien century media records
SUTURE Morbid sculture-demo(n)ology amputated vein records
THE ARSON PROJECT Blood and locusts power it up records
TOXOCARA Imminent reoulsion sevared records
VADER Impression in blood regain records
VADER The beast ' digi' metal blade records
VADER The art of war regain records
VILE The new age of chaos listenable records
VIRAL LOAD Backwoods bludgeoning amputated vein records
VIRAL LOAD Brutalized beyond belief amputated vein records
VISCERA INFEST Demo single 2005 sick records
VITAL REMAINS Dechristianize century media records
VOMIT REMNANTS Indefensible vehemence macabre mementos records
VOMIT REMNANTS Supreme vehemence 'disco 05' macabre mementos records
WORMED Planisferium macabre mementos records
YATTERING Genocide candlelight records
YOUR SHAPLESS BEAUTY My swan song adipocere records

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:39 pm
Posts: 2
PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:01 am 


Want to buy some stuff, but I don't know how I can send PM here :(

CANNIBAL CORPSE Vile metal blade records
CANNIBAL CORPSE Tomb of mutilated 'digi' metal blade records
CANNIBAL CORPSE Bloodthirst 'uncensored version' black box metal blade records
DEVOURMENT 1.3.8. unmached brutality records
GORGASM (fr) Neurotripsicks dead sun records
NILE Amongst the catacombs of nephren ka relapse records
NILE Black seed of vengeance relapse records
NILE Ithyphallic nuclear blast records
NILE In the darkened shriness relapse records
VOMIT REMNANTS Indefensible vehemence macabre mementos records
VOMIT REMNANTS Supreme vehemence 'disco 05' macabre mementos records

How much for shipping to Russia and what about condition?

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