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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:07 am 

... even if it's only in digital format, but for this I'll make an exception to my policy of demanding physical media.


A band that doesn't really sound like any other but that features some shading of the melodic death coming out of Sweden in the mid 90s, Epoch of Unlight, of Memphis, Tennessee, materialized as part of The End Records' first wave of inimitable, inspired bands, alongside Agalloch, Mental Home, Nokturnal Mortum, Scholomance, and Sculptured. Blackened atmosphere, hyperactive and often thrashy riffs, literate lyrics akin to H.P. Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard (but specifically Brian Lumley), an absorbing but open ended narrative fueling every album, and of course artwork that beckoned you into their carefully crafted universe: all these elements coalesced into the kind of magic that to this day occupies a space for me that few other bands get near. Yes, there are your Emperors and Immortals and Enslaveds, all capable through the evocative nature of their music of drafting the listener into a cosmic war against ageless entities, but Epoch of Unlight came out of Tennessee, far from the crags and fjords of Norway but just as deft at conjuring up the massive and the mysterious, the otherworldly and the occult.

From the debut:

I have become
What is now and ever shall be
The whisper of the timorous
The Scarlet hue of the blood

Once upon an ancient time
When still I searched for truth
I chanced to view a mortal's death
Upon a cross a of wood

Now as crest is to wave
So time and time has passed…
And brought an end to my quest
Within this foreign land

Years within the light
Are now dispatched with swollen eyes
And gaze towards blackened bliss

Be for me and only me… All that can forever be
A midnight cloak in ravens' black… To steal the jewels of night
The lens through which as willed to be… The scenes of all Infinity
Scroll through Chapter, line, and verse… And falls upon the page

(No More) Traveling through Space and Time
The spectrum collect lays at rest
Stasis again now restored
The day that the light was destroyed

While I prefer their first two releases, What Will Be Has Been and Caught in the Unlight, to their third, The Continuum Hypothesis, all three find regular playback in my listening. For whatever reason, maybe the reorganized lineup, TCH didn't give me that feeling of dropping into a fantasy horror novel like the preceding two. The point here however is that Epoch of Unlight seemed to vanish after that third release.

I must have stopped checking for updates from their camp at some point because only the other night did I discover live footage of some new tunes and a lyric video for one of them. The former were recorded with abysmal quality but the lone studio track, "The Mobius Path (Numerus Bicallis!)," in all its properly produced glory, grabbed me by the throat and dragged me right back to where this band left off -- and with their original vocalist returned to the front of the stage, to boot. I can't even express how amped I am for the return of a band I'd assumed long departed, but here they are, animated once again, with five new tracks that sound goddamned amazing. As much as I dig this band, even I'm surprised just how immediately recognizable their sound is. Their riffs have their own syntax, almost unchanged all these years later. I can't say that the drumming is as pronounced as in the past, but if you've heard Tino LoSicco's insane hammering on What Will Be Has Been, you'll know that it might not be possible to top it. Still though, it's really nice to welcome these guys back.

As disparate as some of these seem, if you like God Dethroned, Immortal, The Crown, Angelcorpse, the aforementioned Swedish scene of the mid 90s, and if you like some dark fantasy in your lyrics, give Epoch of Unlight a shot. (One warning: they load their songs with lyrics, to the point where the music has almost no room to breathe. Despite this being a pet peeve of mine, I've managed to accept it. As I said, the lyrics are pretty engrossing anyway.)

(Lastly, no I have nothing to do with this band.)

Here's that link again. It's one of those pay-what-you-will deals:


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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:55 am 

Glad to hear this, always liked these guys and wondered what had happened to them. I know they credited their lack of scene to being detrimental to the band's existence but I would love to see them be more active since they're basically a regional band to me.
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