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Tyger Tyger

Country of origin:
United States
Tampa, Florida
Formed in:
Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Retrospect Records
Years active:
Tony Lee Wise was the vocalist of Beowulf, the band that would become Crimson Glory.

Other Release :
"Live Cuts" - 1991, live demo, recorded on July 27, 1991 at The Ahepa Center in Tarpon Springs, Florida
Rene Rojas Bass
See also: ex-Doctor Butcher, ex-Walk the Chalk
Ronnie Miller Drums
Chad Robinson Guitars
Tony Lee Wise Vocals
(R.I.P. 2012) See also: ex-Beowulf, ex-Pierced Arrow
Jeff Vitolo Guitars (1991-1994)
See also: The Dive Bar Stalkers, ex-Headshock, ex-Intice, ex-Roxx Gang, ex-The Mojo Gurus
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