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The Supremacy

Country of origin:
Brazil / United States / United Kingdom / Holland
Formed in:
Melodic Power Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
Formed when Bill Hudson and Fernando Giovannetti were hired to play with Japanese singers Hyronobu Kageyama and Akira Kushida in 2003. They began recording ideas in Bill's home studio soon afterwards and later recruited well-known international musicians to record a two track demo that ended up being their only serious activity.
Fernando Giovannetti Bass
See also: Wizards, ex-Aquaria, ex-Uirapuru, Mad Old Lady, ex-Glory Opera, ex-Karma
Mark Cross Drums
See also: God's Army A.D., Rezident Ex, Tainted Nation, ex-At Vance, ex-Firewind, ex-Helloween, ex-Nightfall, ex-Outloud, ex-Spitfire, ex-Tank, ex-Winters Bane, ex-Scorpions (live), ex-Metalium, ex-Magna Carta
Bill Hudson Guitars
See also: Circle II Circle, Jon Oliva's Pain, Stardust Reverie, Consortium Project (live), Emphatic, The Westfield Massacre, ex-Avian, ex-Cellador, ex-Ian Parry, ex-Nightrage (live), ex-Savatage (live), ex-Vital Remains (live), ex-Epicurean (live), ex-Aquaria, ex-Power Quest, ex-Written in Blood
Joost van den Broek Keyboards
See also: Sphere of Souls, The Gentle Storm (live), Star One, ex-After Forever, ex-HDK, ex-Sun Caged
Rafael Gubert Vocals
See also: ex-Akashic, ex-Paulo Barros, ex-Chimaera, ex-Divisível Por Três
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