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Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine

Country of origin:
England / United States
Formed in:
Drone/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Drugs, Sex, Insanity, Hatred
Last label:
Southern Lord Recordings
Years active:
The band's name is taken from the second track on the album 2 by Earth.
Greg Anderson Bass
See also: Ascend, Goatsnake, Sunn O))), Probot (live), ex-Burial Chamber Trio, ex-Pentemple, ex-Thorr's Hammer, ex-Burning Witch, ex-Brotherhood, ex-Engine Kid, ex-False Liberty, ex-Inner Strength
Justin Greaves Drums
See also: ex-Iron Monkey, Crippled Black Phoenix, ex-Electric Wizard, ex-Borknagar (live), ex-Khang, ex-Armour of God, ex-Earthtone9, ex-Hard to Swallow, ex-Silver Ginger 5, ex-The Varukers
Stephen O'Malley Guitars
See also: Äänipää, Ginnungagap, Grave Temple, KTL, Magistral, Sunn O))), Æthenor, ex-Burning Witch, ex-Khanate, ex-Lotus Eaters, ex-Fungal Hex, ex-Pentemple, ex-Thorr's Hammer, Ensemble Pearl, Nazoranai, ex-House of Low Culture, ex-Sarin
Lee Dorrian Vocals
See also: Septic Tank, ex-Cathedral, With the Dead, ex-Napalm Death, ex-Armed Revolutionary Faction, ex-Pig Disease
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