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Tank Genocide

Country of origin:
Neuilly-le-Réal, Auvergne
Formed in:
Raw Black Metal/Noise
Lyrical themes:
National Socialism, Terrorism, Supremacy, War, Satanism, Sex, Provocative themes
Current label:
Depressive Illusions Records
Years active:
2007-2012, 2013-present
Additional Discography:
- "Aeterman Inferni" (Demo)

Compilation Appearances:
- "The Voice of Revolt" on "Hammerstorm vol.1" (CD, Barbatos Productions. Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies)
Razor All instruments, Vocals (2007-present)
See also: Abject 666, Angoisse Vice & Râle, Le Diable Blanc, Silence de Lame, Tatzelwurm, MG42, Nergal 6666, ex-General Bulldog, ex-Sans Relache
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