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Soul Reclusion

Country of origin:
United States
Nashville, Tennessee
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Darkness, Death, Sorrow
Last label:
Negative Earth
Years active:
Participated in the Negative Earth Records compilation in 2004.

After splitting up, some members formed a band called Imbrued Deceit.

Photo L-R: Jack, Mark, Ian, Steven
Mark Summerall Bass
See also: ex-Sans Seraph
Jack Blackburn Drums
See also: Accursed Aeons, Esoterica, Inferi, Lithotome, ex-In Ruins (live), Imbrued Deceit, ex-Chaos Moon, ex-Enfold Darkness, ex-Manetheren, ex-Vital Remains
Steven Blackburn Guitars, Vocals
See also: Accursed Aeons, Esoterica, Lithotome, Imbrued Deceit, Ninth Day Sin, ex-Benighted in Sodom, ex-Heimnar, ex-Chaos Moon (live), ex-In Ruins
Ian McKinney Vocals
See also: Wormreich, ex-Hecatomb, ex-In Ruins, ex-Firth of Damnation, Imbrued Deceit, Viidron, ex-Armament
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