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Country of origin:
New Zealand
Changed name
Formed in:
Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Black 13
Years active:
?-2007 (as Evernight), ? (as D'Maskus), 1998-2001 (as Masochrist), 2001
Formerly known as Masochrist. Later changed their name to D'Maskus, then Evernight. The band eventually went inactive some time before 2007.
Matt Bulldozer Bass
Dane Bailey Drums
See also: Open Tomb, ex-Enshrine, ex-Intorment, ex-Azazel, ex-Gore Story, ex-Masochrist, ex-Animosity, ex-Deep Six, ex-F.I.C., ex-Hell to Pay, ex-Sinfeeder
Julian Baddie Guitars
See also: ex-Masochrist, ex-Deep Six, ex-Hell to Pay, ex-Swamp Goblin, ex-The Baddies, ex-Thunder Monkey
Phil Vocals, Guitars
See also: ex-Masochrist, ex-Churchburner, ex-Hell to Pay, ex-The Crowbar Effect
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