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Ritual Steel

Country of origin:
Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Battles, Fantasy, Metal
Current label:
Killer Metal Records
Years active:
After drummer Martin Zellmer's departure from the band, the rights to the name were lost, so the four remaining members changed the band's name to Titan Steele. Before this, the band was on hiatus while individual members persued other projects.

Martin Zellmer revived the band with a completely new line-up to create the album Invincible Warriors.

Contributed two songs to the Killer Metal ...
Martin Zellmer Drums
See also: Steel Maid, Z-Iron, ex-Red Fire Rain, ex-A.C.E., ex-Crystal Shark, ex-Isen Torr, ex-Runesword
Sven Böge Guitars, Bass
See also: Ivory Tower, Z-Iron
John Cason Vocals
See also: Exiled, Z-Iron
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