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Ras Algethi

Country of origin:
Milan, Lombardy
Formed in:
Atmospheric Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Personal Darkness, Sorrow
Last label:
Wounded Love Records
Years active:
"Images of a Lost Love" unreleased track (05/1994).

Ras Algethi is Arabic for "Head of the Kneeler." This is the name Arab astronomers gave for the star that is now called Alpha Herculis.
Silvio Drums
See also: Enoch, ex-Rostau
Matteo Risi Guitars
See also: Neronoia, ex-Canaan
Huldus Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Distruzione di Massa, ex-Enoch
Mauro Berchi Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
See also: Canaan, Neronoia, Weltschmerz, ex-Cultus Sanguine
Luca Risi Keyboards
See also: Neronoia, ex-Canaan
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