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Profane Grace

Country of origin:
United States
Atlanta, Georgia
Formed in:
Dark Ambient
Lyrical themes:
Anti-Christianity, Death
Current label:
Ewers Tonkunst
Years active:
Drathrul Keyboards
See also: Anu, Chains, Mountain of Judgement, Olde, The Sabbathian, ex-Hanging Rotten, ex-Hour of 13, ex-Set, ex-Seven Foot Spleen, ex-Goatworship, Davis, Draath, Romannis Mötte, Subklinik, Tasha-Yar, ex-Demoncy, ex-Father Befouled, ex-Agrabatti, ex-Deimos Lab / D-LAB, ex-Mortuor, ex-Ravensbrück, ex-Torturecide, ex-U.S. Christmas
Ixithra Keyboards, Synthesizers (1990-present)
See also: Demoncy, Mysterian, Raven's Bane, ex-Anu, ex-Crimson Moon, ex-Incursus, ex-Profanatica, ex-Tenebrous (live)
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