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Country of origin:
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes
Formed in:
Melodic Dark Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Years active:
2003 (as Pleasure of Mordor), 2003-?
Originally formed in 2003 as Pleasure of Mordor. The band at the beginning was a trio made up by Sylveriel (Fursy Teyssier), Adulcir (Laurent) and Adams. After some line-up changemets Dums (Neige) and Julien joined the band as permanent members and later they changed name to Phest.

More informations about Pleasure of Mordor and Phest can be found in the interview in the link section.

Pleasure ...
Stéphane Bass (2003-?)
See also: Alcest, Empyrium (live), Forgotten Woods, ex-Amesoeurs, ex-Old Silver Key, ex-Dor Daedeloth, Zero, ex-Glaciation, ex-Lantlôs, ex-Mortifera, ex-Peste Noire, ex-Celestia (live), ex-Pleasure of Mordor, ex-Valfunde, ex-Emma Ruth Rundle (live), ex-Les Discrets (live)
Laurent Drums (2003-?)
See also: ex-Pleasure of Mordor
Fursy Teyssier Guitars (lead) (2003-?)
See also: Empyrium (live), The Vision Bleak (live), ex-Amesoeurs, Les Discrets, ex-Alcest (live), ex-Pleasure of Mordor, ex-Sainpaul
Julien Guitars (rhythm) (2003-?)
See also: ex-Pleasure of Mordor
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