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Old Silver Key

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Lyrical themes:
Nostalgia, Romanticism
Last label:
Season of Mist
Years active:
Short lived side-project featuring the entire line-up of Drudkh with Neige on vocals.

Andy Marshall of Falloch was announced as an official member of Old Silver Key in the role of second vocalist in 2012, unfortunately the collaboration was very short and for this reason he didn't record anything with the band.

Split-up in June 2013.
Krechet Bass (2011-2013)
See also: Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Pragmatik, Rattenfänger, ex-Astrofaes
Vlad Drums, Keyboards, Piano (2011-2013)
See also: Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Pragmatik, Rattenfänger, ex-Dark Ages
Thurios Guitars (2011-2013)
See also: Astrofaes, Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Kladovest, Rattenfänger, ex-Hate Forest
Roman Guitars (2011-2013)
See also: Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Rattenfänger, ex-Dark Ages, ex-Hate Forest
Neige Vocals (2011-2013)
See also: Alcest, Empyrium (live), Forgotten Woods, ex-Amesoeurs, ex-Phest, ex-Dor Daedeloth, Zero, ex-Glaciation, ex-Lantlôs, ex-Mortifera, ex-Peste Noire, ex-Celestia (live), ex-Pleasure of Mordor, ex-Valfunde, ex-Les Discrets (live)
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