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Country of origin:
Saint Petersburg
Changed name
Formed in:
Melodic Doom/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Dark romance, Life
Last label:
Years active:
2008, 2008-present (as Inner Missing)
The band was founded in the spring 2008. Originally it was concieved as a studio one man band, but after Alexander (alto-viola) and Cosmic Drone (keyboards) joined, the band was decided to become a live one. The founder and the leader of the band is Sigmund (bass - vocals).

Not to be confused with Odium from Moscow and Odium from Stavropol.
Albina Drums (2008)
Vitaliy Guitars (2008)
See also: ex-Inner Missing
Ilya Guitars (2008)
Cosmic Drone Keyboards (2008)
Alexander Viola (2008)
See also: ex-Inner Missing
Sigmund Vocals, Bass (2008)
See also: Inner Missing, ex-Karma Rassa
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