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Neil Turbin

Country of origin:
United States
Redondo Beach, California
Formed in:
Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Society, Relationships
Last label:
Metal Mayhem Music
Years active:
The debut album was recorded with a variety of musicians. After the release of the album, Neil Turbin left this project and created DeathRiders.
Sandy K. Vasquez Bass, Guitars (2001-2003)
See also: Bloodlust, ex-Last Rites, primal, ex-DeathRiders
Niki Lane Drums (2001-2003)
See also: The Delphines
Vernon Anderson Guitars (2001-2003)
See also: Invicta
Roger Bueno Guitars, Bass (2001-2003)
Neil Turbin Vocals (2001-2003)
See also: Bleed the Hunger, DeathRiders, ex-Anthrax, ex-Onslaught (live), ex-AMRA, ex-Bad Apples, ex-Claude Schnell, ex-Great Gildersleeves, ex-Kurt James Band, ex-New Race, ex-School Of Hard Knocks, ex-Turbin, ex-Voodoo Rhythm Devil's Project, ex-Wrecking Crew
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