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Country of origin:
Irapuato, Guanajuato
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Darkness, Solitude, Despair
Current label:
Dark Recollections Productions
Years active:
Necroccultus as also participed to the compilation "Bestial Necromancy vol. 1" on Black Vomit Records with Sargatanas, Nerkroth, Blaspherian, Grave Desecrator, Tyrants Blood, Nocturnal Graves, Amok, Blasphemophagher, Dead to This World, Almighty Sathanas, Nekysia, Black Torment, Crucifiction, Nocturnal Vomit, Hekseri, Istidraj, Godemiché.

Contributed an exclusive song called "Deathrone's ...
Homero Tienda Bass
See also: ex-Beyond Sanctorum, ex-Doomortalis
Mauricio Pérez Bass, Drums
See also: April Morning, Lust, The Zephyr, ex-Genocide, ex-In Obscurity Revealed, ex-Profanator, ex-R'lyeh (live), ex-Deadblood, ex-Untheme
Nextor Guitars
See also: Doomortalis, ex-Leper Messiah
Dreggen Guitars
See also: Black Hole Generator, ex-Cult of Catharsis, ex-Deathcon, ex-Lidskjalv, ex-Paraplegic, ex-Aeternus, ex-Sworn, ex-Taake, ex-Gravdal (live), ex-Grimfist (live), ex-Slavia, ex-Viðr
Isaías Huerta Vocals
See also: Doomortalis, ex-Denial, ex-Supplicium, ex-A Perpetual Dying Mirror
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