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Country of origin:
United States
Valencia, California
Changed name
Formed in:
Grindcore/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Horror Movies, Jokes, Death, Life
Last label:
Clovenhoof Productions
Years active:
Jonathan changed the name of the band to Mortuary Media after the release of the demo "Media Massacre".

Not to be confused with:
Mortuary - Death Metal from Kingston, Pennsylvania
Mortuary - Death Metal band from Plaistow, New Hampshire
Mortuary - Thrash Metal from Cameron Park, California
Mortuary - Death Metal from Baldwin Park, California
Mortuary - Death Metal from New Jersey
Jonathan "Bubba" All instruments, Vocals
See also: Tomhet, ex-Countess Bathory, ex-Mortuary Media, Autumn Reflections, Forever's Impossible, Nostalgic Twilight, ex-Verfallen
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