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Mental Distortion

Country of origin:
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Sopafira Records
Years active:
1996 (as No Class), 1996-?
After some rehearsals they played in a well-known place for heavy metal concerts in Argentina called Cemento (now closed), under the name "No Class". Afterwards, they changed their name to Mental Distortion.
Lars Rosenberg Bass
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Gustavo Quiroga Drums
See also: Bloodfiend, Infernal Curse, Xenotaph, ex-DevastaciĆ³n, ex-Agarchus, ex-Vehementer
Fernando Sarmiento Guitars
See also: ex-Raptor, Riffianes, ex-Dagger
Alexander van Leeuwen Guitars, Vocals
See also: ex-Nomad, ex-The Bleeding, ex-Desecrate, ex-Sad Whisperings, ex-Sanguinary
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