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Country of origin:
United Kingdom
London, England
Formed in:
Doom Metal/Psychedelic Rock
Lyrical themes:
Current label:
Iron Bonehead Productions
Years active:
The band takes its name from the West Flemish word for landscape. Bassist/guitarist Frederic Caure originally hails from West Flanders.
Frederic Caure Bass, Guitars (rhythm)
See also: Serpentcult, ex-Death Anos, ex-Secundo Flumine, ex-Bellator, ex-Bunkur, ex-Pantheist, ex-Rhymes of Destruction, ex-Thee Plague of Gentlemen, ex-Dune, ex-Firma
Paul Westwood Drums
See also: Fen, Indesinence, ex-Skaldic Curse, ex-De Profundis, ex-Rogue Male, ex-To-Mera, ex-Foe
George Pan Guitars (lead)
See also: Father Sun, ex-Dead Man's Band
Kostas Panagiotou Keyboards, Organ
See also: Clouds, Pantheist, ex-Wijlen Wij, Ereipia, ex-Aphonic Threnody, ex-Bellator, ex-Crippled Black Phoenix
Jake Harding Vocals
See also: Dead Existence, ex-Centurions Ghost, ex-Damnas
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