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Country of origin:
United States
Seattle, Washington
Formed in:
Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Gore, Occultism, Sadism, Sex
Last label:
Moribund Records
Years active:
1991-1992 (as Threnodist), 1992-?
The band isn't related to any NS beliefs nor to NSBM (this is falsely asserted on some webpages).
Todd Stevenson Bass (1992-?)
See also: ex-Threnodist, ex-Meat Shits
Dario J. Derna Drums (1992-?)
See also: Krohm, Ritual Chamber, Vetus Obscurum, ex-Mephitium, ex-Threnodist, ex-Abazagorath, ex-Drawn and Quartered, ex-Evoken, ex-Funebrarum, ex-Meat Shits
Jason Oliver Vocals, Guitars (1992-?)
See also: ex-Threnodist, ex-Meat Shits
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