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Hildr Valkyrie

Country of origin:
Athens, Attica
Formed in:
Folk/Viking Metal
Lyrical themes:
Norse Sagas, Norse Mythology
Current label:
Stygian Crypt Productions
Years active:
The Valkyrjar (Old Icelandic for "Those who choose the slain") are, according to the Poetic Edda, supernatural female warriors that do the biding of the Norse god Óðinn on the battlefield by either influencing the outcome of a fight or bringing a dead warrior's soul to Óðinn in Valhalla.

In Several Eddic and Skaldic lays, Hildr is named as one of the Valkyrjar. In later Sagas, the name Hildr ...
Hildr Valkyrie Vocals, Keyboards, Drum programming (2003-present)
See also: Folkearth, Karkav, Ego Drama, Morgan the Bard, ex-Folkodia, ex-Lloth, ex-Nocternity, ex-Worship, ex-Beyond the Forests
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