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Country of origin:
United States
Boston, Massachusetts
Formed in:
Technical/Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Perversion, Sick Humour
Current label:
Amputated Vein Records
Years active:
2000-present, 2016-present
Goratory's original lineup was a 6-member outfit with Max on bass, Nick and Adam on vocals, Dana and Alan on guitar and Jay on drums. The youngest members at the time were 14.
Zac Pappas Bass
See also: Sexcrement (live)
Jay Blaisdell Drums
See also: Abnormality, ex-Compost Pile, ex-Teratism
Dana Santello Guitars
See also: ex-Excruciate, ex-Lecherous, ex-Compost Pile
Nick Parente Vocals
See also: Fuckfest, Vinculum Terminatii, ex-Botulism, ex-Excruciate, ex-Lecherous, ex-Procession of Mourning, ex-10,000 Chads, ex-Shitfist
Joe Peck Vocals
See also: ex-Twisted Sacrifice
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