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Forced Entry

Country of origin:
United States
Seattle, Washington
Formed in:
Thrash Metal (early), Groove Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:
Politics, Society, Insanity, Humor, Corruption, Life and Death, Pain, Angst
Last label:
Morning Wood
Years active:
1983-1986 (as Critical Condition), 1986-1995, 2002
Forced Entry perhaps got its earliest start as early as 1983, when Tony Benjamins and Brad Hull formed a local band called Critical Condition. The band was drumless until 1984, when they hired Colin Mattson. Critical Condition suddenly changed their name to Forced Entry in 1986.

The band officially split up around 1995 without any official releases since the early 90's. That same year saw the ...
Colin Mattson Drums (1986-1995, 2002)
See also: ex-Critical Condition
Brad Hull Guitars, Vocals (1986-1995, 2002)
See also: Blistered Earth, ex-Sanctuary, ex-L.S. Diablo, ex-Critical Condition, ex-Sac Lunch, ex-Soblivios, ex-THUG
Tony Benjamins Vocals, Bass (1986-1995, 2002)
See also: ex-Critical Condition
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