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Exiled from Light

Country of origin:
New Zealand
Formed in:
Depressive Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Death, Solice, Suicide, Solitude
Last label:
Hypnotic Dirge Records
Years active:
There is a leaked version of "There Is No Beauty Left Here..." all over the internet which is NOT the real album. The leaked version of the album states that the album was self-released in 2008. This is not true. All that the leaked "album" is, is a random collection of songs ripped from Myspace in Myspace quality.

Also contributed the track "We Writhe as Worms" to the V/A compilation ...
Mort Everything (2007-?)
See also: Balthazar, ex-Nekrofrost, ex-When Mine Eyes Blacken, ex-Winds of Sorrow, ex-Beyond Light, ex-Einsamkeit, ex-Funereal, ex-Nystagmus, ex-Schizophrenia, ex-Serpenthrone
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