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Elsewhere Shine

Country of origin:
Formed in:
Gothic/Doom Metal
Lyrical themes:
Empathy, Introspection, Love
Current label:
Depressive Illusions Records
Years active:
Elsewhere Shine is a musical project led by Marko Sinadinović, metal journalist and multi-instrumentalist from Prokuplje (Serbia) formerly known for his critically acclaimed international ambient projects Venefica and Postema Venefica and theatrical soundtracks.
Musically and lyrically, Elsewhere Shine can be considered as a very warm band, emotional and introspective on a mission to blend ...
Milan Šuput Bass
See also: Rain Delay, ex-Consecration, ex-Draconic, ex-Sacramental Blood
Bojan Vukoman Bass, Guitars (lead, rhythm, acoustic)
See also: Paimonia, Khargash (live), Zloslut (live), ex-Bane, ex-DreamEpic
Marko Sinadinović Keyboards, Piano, Bass (fretless), Guitars (classical)
See also: ex-Abadon, ex-Anachronox, ex-Overnight Downpour, ex-Postema Venefica, ex-Venefica
Bojana Panovska Vocals
Miodrag Fodora Vocals
See also: Claymorean, Sinophia, ex-Сварун
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